Rainbow Six: Siege

I like multiplayer shooters, in spite of being terrible at them.  Bad.  Just plain awful.  My Counter-Strike record will attest to that.  Rainbow Six: Siege is just that, a multiplayer shooter that I’m bad at.  2 teams of 5 face off against each other to either attack or defend an objective.  Attackers will scout the area and plan their offense, whilst defenders will lock down the objective with blockades and traps.  Best of 5 rounds.


Attackers scout the area ahead of rounds using drones to find weak points.

So far, so simple.  The real fun comes in with the different operators, selectable characters with specific skills.  Counter-terrorists have Thatcher with EMP grenades to destroy enemy traps, and Sledge with a hammer to break down barricades quickly.  Terrorists have Mute who shuts down drones and Smoke with remote traps.  There are a total of 22 operators so far.  These really add a lot to the game and differentiates it from most team based shooters.


Being really bad at this game means I rarely see this screen.

The weapons feel powerful and there’s a good variety of different levels and objectives to keep things fresh making this good fun to play in a group.  Trying to play with random players though opens you up to running into griefers, and this game has its fair share which can spoil an otherwise enjoyable game.  To many matches have been spoiled by team killers and quitters.  No fun!  Still, when it goes right, it’s tremendous fun, regardless of how terrible at it you are!


Action tends to be in sudden, quick bursts as team members run into enemies.

Rainbow Six: Siege is developed and published by Ubisoft.  I played the game on XBox One and would recommend it if you have a group to play with.

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