Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain

If you’ve ever played a Metal Gear game, you’ll know that the plot is utterly bonkers and near impossible to explain.  If you haven’t played one, the plot is utterly bonkers and I’m not going to try to explain it.  In short, Snake/Boss (they’re the same person with different names, don’t ask) is out for revenge after being hospitalised for 9 years when his military unit was attacked.  Cue about 30 hours of whales made of fire, psychic gas mask children, invisible teleporting soldiers and giant nuclear powered death bots.  Oh, and Snake has a robotic arm.  That’s probably important.


The game looks absolutely gorgeous.

Plot lunacy aside, this game is great fun to play.  You play mostly from a third person perspective with stealth in mind.  So you can grab, stun or tranquilize enemy soldiers, or just go nuts with a rocket launcher.  Sneaking around, interrogating soldiers whilst listening to 80s music (the era it’s set in) is tremendous.  Throwing out a smoke grenade to hide your movements from the enemy soldiers whilst listening to She Blinded Me With  Science has yet to get old.  There’s a very open world to play in normally with a lot of options to approach your objectives.  More options are given when you can choose a buddy to take with you on the mission, from Quiet the half naked sniper (she’s bloody noisy for someone called Quiet) to DD the magic ninja dog.


DD!  You rescue him as a puppy and train his up to go on missions with you.

The main missions are really entertaining and varied, but there’s a lot of fluff in between which got in the way of some of the enjoyment for me.  You need to manage your military group by kidnapping (by attaching balloons to them!) and assigning enemy soldiers to jobs on your base which you have to keep expanding.  It gets a little tedious after a while and I just wanted to get back into the story and adventuring around the large environments.  When it lets you get on with scouting enemy encampments, sneaking in, and horribly screwing up resulting in a massive shootout though, there aren’t many games that are more engaging.  It’s a very satisfying game!


You go from mission to mission in a helicopter that you can call in at any time.

Metal Gear Solid V was developed by Kojima Productions and published by Konami.  I played the game on Playstation 4 and would recommend it to pretty much anyone that enjoys games!

8 thoughts on “Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain

      1. Since I heard about psycho mantis battle,I have ps4 but my buddy has a ps2,so I play it by him and it was fun and frustrating.The way he can actually read your tactics is amazing and is my favourite battle so far.

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