The Overwatch Beta

If you remember from my Rainbow Six: Siege write up, multiplayer shooters are something I enjoy but am utterly dreadful at.  So, I went into the Overwatch beta expecting to be terrible but have fun at the same time.  I was half right.  You see, with Rainbow Six there were different characters, but at the end of the day if you weren’t brilliant at shooting the other players you were going to do really badly.  In Overwatch though, the characters are all so different that even if you’re awful with the guns, there’s still a character you can play as to make a positive contribution to the team.


This is Reinhardt.  You don’t need to worry about shooting with him.  Just hitting things with a massive hammer and protecting your team with a shield.  I like him.

Because I’m such a bad shot, I found myself drawn more to support characters such as the healers.  I actually had a lot of successful games playing this role.  Am I suddenly good at team based shooters?  No.  Not at all.  But this game plays in such a different way that I found myself being useful.  I often played as Symmetra who shields her team mates and sets up turrets to harass attacking players on the opposing team.  Direct confrontations tend to end badly though.


This is a direct confrontation about to end badly.

The way the game plays prevents you from sticking with the same character throughout a match though.  Depending on how your opponents are playing, you may need to change to something more aggressive (I like to go for Reaper personally, with a pair of shotguns and the ability to teleport) or defensive.  The large variety of characters with differing playstyles means you’ll almost certainly find a few to suit you.


Using Reaper’s shotguns.  Over long range.  Because I’m smart like that.

Now, I played this on a PC.  A 4 year old PC.  A 4 year old laptop to be precise.  And it played exactly as well as that makes it sound.  On minimum settings I had a pretty shaky framerate so if I were to get the full version of the game I may well go for a console copy.  That’s certainly more a problem with my hardware than the game though.  Running at full clip I could really enjoy this game.  My only worry is a concern I often have with these types of games: longevity.  I can get fairly bored of multiplayer only shooters, even ones as varied as this.  A single player component can alleviate that, but I don’t think that’s likely to appear anytime soon.  It’s something of a shame as Blizzard have built an interesting world full of entertaining characters.  It would be nice to have a campaign that explores that.


I’m the pretty lady on the right.  Obviously.

Overwatch is developed and published by Blizzard Entertainment.  I played the game on PC and would normally write a recommendation here!  I won’t this time though as this isn’t a full release.  The beta is still going on for a little while after I post this, so you might want to give it go whilst you can!

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