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Lots of games look great these days.  The amount of power in modern PCs is unbelievable compared to even 5 years ago.  Even modern consoles can throw around some realistic looking environments (at the expense of framerate sometimes).  The Forza series is well known for looking beautiful, Battlefield has often had exceptional environments and just look at The Witcher 3Look at it!

I wish I had a PC powerful enough to run this in 4K.  Also, I wish I had Scrooge McDuck’s money.

The thing is, there’s a difference between great graphics and a great art style.  The Battlefield series often looks great, but it looks like any other military shooter only a little prettier.  The same with racing games, which seem to have hit something of a peak where the only thing they can do now is make slight graphical improvements for each new iteration.  To my mind, a great art style is something different.  It’s taking your game in a brave graphical direction, altering the game that was going to look photo-realistic and changing it to something outlandish and exciting.  Here are my thoughts on 5 games with great art styles.  As ever, these are my opinions only.  And I’m not really known for my art appreciation, so approach with that in mind!

The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker

The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker (2002)

I’m going to start with a less than popular art style.  Coming off the back of the darker, moodier style of Ocarina of Time and Majora’s Mask, Wind Waker was quite a departure with it’s bright colours and cartoon style.  I can fully understand people coming from the N64 games into this one and finding the change quite jarring.  I, on the other hand, find it utterly gorgeous.

The bright colours make character details stand out in every scene.

The almost cell shaded style makes the whole world look inviting, from the crisp looking waves on the ocean to islands covered in forests, everything begs to be explored.  The colours being so strong means that unexplored lands in the distance will stand out, drawing you in.  Characters look fantastic too, with simplistic facial expressions giving you everything you need to know about the tone of the scene.  I feel the art style has something of a child-like quality to it, which is somewhat fitting with the tone of the game: a young boy out on an adventure, still with a belief that the world is full of excitement and wonder.  I adore the look of this game, which is part of the reason that it’s my second favourite Zelda game.  But more on that another time!


Superhot (2016)

This is a very recent one.  So recent in fact that I wrote about it here a couple of months ago.  Superhot has one hell of a unique look, with stark white backgrounds punctuated by bright red enemies.  Your focus is never anywhere apart from exactly where it needs to be.  Your targets stand out clearly and their bullets and weapons are clear against the environment.  Which makes failures even more infuriating, because “I didn’t notice it” is no longer a valid excuse.

Somehow a game with basically only 3 colours looks utterly fantastic.

The fact that your opponents and their gunfire only moves when you do makes everything even more striking.  Seeing a bullet gradually glide past your head, alerting you to an enemy to your right is quite a moment, one that probably wouldn’t be nearly as impressive in Generic Military Shooter 2017.  Superhot’s action meets puzzle gameplay style is brilliant and its start art style complements it excellently.

Thomas Was Alone

Thomas Was Alone (2012)

From one brave art style to another.  A puzzle platform game (you know, that genre that I hate?) with genuine heart.  The style of this game could not be more simple, with every character being a slightly different rectangle.  The object of the game is simple, get each rectangle to their respective exit portal by using their abilities in combination.  In the hands of a less talented designer, this game could have been a bland PC puzzle game, but Mike Bithell, and later the team at Bossa Studios, created something genuinely beautiful.

Somehow, each shape has its own distinct personality.

The narrator, Danny Wallace, imbues each shape with so much personality thanks to the writing.  The fact that you can feel empathy for a rectangle is a testament to how well written this game is and I don’t think the impact would be nearly as powerful if you were in control of a humanoid character.  The environments are very simple, just being black lines, a stretch of water or a white button which keep your attention on the narration and the characters you will doubtless be invested in.  Thomas was Alone is a hard one to write about in terms of how it looks and why it works (more fool me for trying!), but it is a genuinely beautiful game when it’s in motion.  If you haven’t given it a try, I would encourage you to check it out.


Guacamelee (2013)

A Metroid-Vania game based on the Mexican Day of the Dead.  To be honest when I first heard the premise for this game I had no idea what to expect beyond it being a comedy game (and I only based that on the title).  But I looked into it and found a gorgeous game featuring an undead luchador punching his way through the forces of the underworld in a brawler style.  Solid mechanics, amusing characters, and a great art direction.

The game has a fairly fun sense of humour to go with those visuals.

I’m not too familiar with the Day of the Dead celebration.  I know that it has some cool looking skulls and that’s about the extent of my knowledge.  This game seems to base its whole art style around cartoon versions of those skulls.  This is probably the closest a game has come, in my mind, to looking like a Saturday morning cartoon without making it obvious that that’s what it’s going for (I’m looking at you Awesomenauts).  Everything looks absolutely fantastic, with bright colours punctuating every strike your Mexican wrestler hero lands.  As you switch between the world of the living and the land of the dead, the colours take a stark turn, going from yellows and reds and purples and greens to highlight the changes between the realms.  A fantastic looking game with fun combat.  Lucky for me I picked it up for free on Games with Gold!


Madworld (2009)

Right, so the game was alright at best.  A fairly solid 3D brawler that would get stale after a while.  If it looked like a standard game, I suspect no-one would really remember it let alone allow it a semi-sequel in the same universe (Anarchy Reigns).  What makes this a memorable game is almost certainly its art style.

It’s a very striking graphical style, especially when you consider this was a Nintendo exclusive.

The whole game is in black and white, making it look somewhat like a stylised comic book, with bright splashes of crimson to highlight blood when you dispatch an enemy.  Sound effects would appear on the screen as words as bodies are thrown against spikes to really emphasise the violence going on.  It really looks like nothing I’d seen before; the comic book style really worked.  Unfortunately it wasn’t perfect, as the monochrome style meant that sometimes it would be difficult to see what was happening.  This can be a bit of a problem in a 3D brawler like this where awareness of enemy placement can be a matter of success or failure.  Still, it’s a hell of a brave style.

Some honourable mentions!  Limbo is extremely striking with its use of light and shadow to highlight your character and the world around you.  It looks great but I decided against listing it as I wrote about the equally gorgeous Inside by the same developer recently.  The same is true of Oxenfree, which also has a good look to it, with its muted colour palette across the whole island.  Valiant Hearts also springs to mind, with its hand drawn almost cardboard cutout animation style conveying a huge amount of emotion with what could be argued is a crude art direction.  I had a lot of others in mind, but I think that’s quite enough for one post!

How about you?

Are there any games that you think look especially good and stand out from the crowd?  Let me know, I’ll even tell you if they were one of my shortlisted games!  Happy gaming!


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