Video Game Inspired Art – Talented People Making Things I Never Could

I’m a little behind on my games at the moment.  The backlog is growing and I think I may die before getting through it.  To give me a little time to catch up and have a game I actually want to write about, I’ve been having a look at gaming art and decided to let you, dear reader, know about something I found interesting.  Is this filler content?  Maybe!

Anyway, I like art based on gaming (I even looked at game art styles recently), preferably pieces that aren’t too obvious.  Having a painting of Mario stands out a little too much for my tastes.  Something more subtle is what I’d be looking for.  And whilst I like finding interesting pieces, most of the time they aren’t ones that I could put in my house.  They just wouldn’t fit in.

Legend of Zelda
This is in my daughter’s play room along with some Disney ones in a similar design. It’s clearly Legend of Zelda but without being as in your face as Link shoving the Master Sword into Ganondorf’s face.

Anyway, I recently came across a company, Ukiyoe Heroes, that takes video game characters and redesigns them in the style of old fashioned Japanese art (I would say traditional, but I don’t know if that’s totally accurate).  All the artwork takes a different approach to the game in question, in some cases not being immediately clear as to what game was the inspiration.  I love all the pieces they’ve made here.  My house isn’t suited to the style they have here, but maybe yours is!  Take a look and see what you think.

Donkey Kong Art Print
Starting with a classic. I’m sure you can work out what this game is!
Waking the Mountain
This Shadow of the Colossus print is fantastic. The little details on the Colossus really add a lot to the piece.
Swift Kill
Sonic and Tails with swords is a bit of a shift for the series, but it certainly works within the aesthetic.

They are some really interesting takes on classic games.  The images either come in 12 x 17 inch prints ($40, around £30) or 7 x 9 inch handmade wood block prints (a lot more!).  I’ve seen lots of different art inspired by video games, but none like this before.

Rickshaw Kart
Bowser tries to slow Mario down with squid ink. That’s one determined looking Kooper Trooper!
The Queen
I think this one’s a really creative interpretation.
Battle in the Bath House
This is by far my favourite. Also the most expensive. You know how Christmas is coming up…

They also do some original prints too if that sort of thing takes your fancy.  Have a look at what else they do, I’m sure you’ll find something to get me for Christmas…I mean something you like!

Have you found anywhere that does interesting video game inspired art work?  Let me know, I’d love to check it out and support the artists!

17 thoughts on “Video Game Inspired Art – Talented People Making Things I Never Could

  1. Great find, this is a cool concept, the idea of taking game characters / scenes etc and doing then in a different art style is realty interesting , something to think about , what games might look good in what style … how about classic horror movie poster style for dark souls ?


    1. Dark Souls could be really interesting for this designer due to there being some Japanese inspiration in some of the character design.

      Or how about mixing genres that shouldn’t go together. A horror themed Mario picture or a chibi Resident Evil. So many options!

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  2. I’m definitely on the same page with you and the backlog. I just keep adding games. Between that and my TBR book list, and I’ll need several lifetimes. These prints are amazing. I’m a fan of creative fan art, too. The interpretations some artists come up with are amazing.

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  3. These are great! I always love discovering what artists are able to do with video game characters, especially when they incorporate unexpected art styles. I saw some art by Astor Alexander (I didn’t put a link because I’m not sure if WordPress marks that as spam), and he has a few prints of Twilight Princess in a renaissance art style (among other works, of course!). They’re great.

    Also, if your friend Alexander does experiment with this kind of art, I will happily be a customer, as well!

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