2016’s Gaming Stats – Because we all really love numbers!

It’s 2017 now! That means that everything will be better now and my gym will be packed for the next 6 weeks or so. But before piling into the new year, here are a few statistics from my 2016 in gaming.

I know how you all love numbers.

Games completed – 48

Not my best year for completions, but certainly not my worst. My daughter gets ever older meaning less time for gaming (not that I’m complaining, I love spending time with her, and even at the age of 3 she wants to play video games with me!) but I balanced that with playing a number of shorter games such as Firewatch and Oxenfree. I suspect as gamers get older and start having their own families that we’ll see a larger number of these cheaper, shorter games. I would very much welcome this.

First game completed in 2016 Bloodborne on January 7th

I started on this one early December but it took me about a month to finish it (with a time of around 32 hours) due to it being the Christmas a New Year season. Absolutely loved it though. A gothic/Lovecraftian horror inspired Dark Souls game with fast paced combat? Yes please!

Last game completed in 2016Deathtrap on December 17th

I’m not going to say too much about this one here as I’m going to do a post on it soon. I will say I was annoyed to find out this was a free Games with Gold game in January as I paid real money for it a few months earlier! Anyway, just over 6 hours this took me during December over the course of a handful of days.

Most time spent on a single gameXCOM 2 (35 hours)

It should come as no surprise to some of you that this is here. I love this series, right back to playing the original as a kid. Anyway, played this through on normal, suffering a few casualties. It was just the right difficulty level to play through on, though I may return to it on a harder setting for a blog series. Perhaps I’ll even name soldiers after you, dear readers!

Biggest pain in the backside to finishThe Witness

I’m not sure if I can say I’ve finished this or not really. I did enough of the lasers to open the final challenge and complete it, but then it just reset the game. At any rate, I counted it. I played this on a charity stream early in the year and it was such a pain to play. If you don’t know how to solve a puzzle you end up sitting there for ages looking stupid. Thankfully, the chat helped me out with some of them and I made progress. Interesting game, pain to play.

Game I should have finished in 2016, but didn’t – 999: The Novel

I’ve been playing this on and off on my phone for months. I’ve seen all the endings bar the “true ending” which I think I’m approaching. The story of 9 people trapped on a sinking ship in a Saw-like game has been interesting, although the novel version features limited interaction. Anyway, it’s not a hugely long game and I feel I should have finished it by now, but mobile gaming tends to happen in short bursts and it’s resulted in this one not getting done. It should be in the next few days though with any luck!

Most read blog post in 2016 – Top Games of 2016

This doesn’t surprise me too much, people seem to love game of the year lists! I know I do and I’ve gladly read any and all game of the year posts I’ve been directed to. Maybe it’s in the hope that others agree with my humble opinion, or maybe it’s to find a gem that I missed. Either way I, and seemingly you fine folks, like a game of the year post.

Least read blog post in 2016 – Dark Souls 3

Go on, click the link. You know you want to see what you missed. It seems Dark Souls wasn’t all that popular in terms of reading. Perhaps because it’s a rather niche game, or maybe that the series is a little long in the tooth. At any rate, I love the game!

Oh, and finally:

Games in the backlog – 79

The ever growing backlog is larger now than it was at the start of 2016.  I intend to get through a good few of them in the coming weeks though!  Have a look here if you’d like to see what in the pipeline!

And that’s a little wrap up of 2016! Expect more write ups and lists in this, the newest of years. I’m also intending to drop a few board games in here and there as I do have a love of those too. If you have read even one of my posts in 2016, then thank you so much for giving up even that short amount of time. It truly does mean a lot to me that you people take time out of your busy lives for my simple words. Here’s to a great 2017!


33 thoughts on “2016’s Gaming Stats – Because we all really love numbers!

  1. Very nice stats and games. I’m a father of 4 so I’m all for completing smaller games :). Have you tried Salt and Sanctuary? It’s a amazing little game that has local co op. My top 10 game list got a lot of views too, buy my most viewed post this year was Skyrim Special Edition – Sexy Edition. It got a little over 27,000 views.

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    1. That’s a hell of a lot of view for Sexy Skyrim! I’ve heard of S&S, and of those things most of what I’ve heard are good! It’s likely disappeared into the back of my mind though. I may well give it a go when I have time. We do like a bit of local co-op here!

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  2. Awesome stats! I’m glad to see that you’ve been working steadily through your games, which isn’t something I can say for myself! I wish you the best in 2017 as you continue on your quest and make new memories with your little one!

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  3. That’s a healthy amount of completions, I’d say! Almost one a week is nothing to scoff at. I think I’m going to keep track of my completions this year as well, updating a static post as I work my way through them. I did just resub to WoW to hit 110 before winter break is over, so I’m sure that’ll eat in to a lot of my game time for the next month or so.

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      1. Yeah, whenever I’m looking for a shorter game to crank out during my down time I use that site. It’s been a godsend.

        I just hit 110 on my Mage last night, so my first 2017 goal was met on January 1st. That feels pretty good, haha. I usually level a bunch of alts, but I’d rather not do that this time around so I’m more inclined to play my console games instead of spending every ounce of my free time on WoW.

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      2. Yeah, I was watching a Kinda Funny video where Colin Moriarty came to that realization and it just made sense. There are too many games to play and it just doesn’t make sense to make time for the mediocre ones.

        I did that last year with the new Star Ocean. The part of me that hates leaving games unfinished wanted to keep pressing on, but it was just soooo bad. Around the 12 hour mark I just said no, uninstalled it before I had a chance to second guess myself, and never looked back. It’s okay to not finish things, but it’s just a new concept to some of us lol.

        The mental problem I run in to is that I see the massive stack of games I want to play through, but I’d rather complete and scratch off 5 smaller ones than play one lengthier RPG in the same amount of time. I’d probably enjoy the RPG more, since that’s the most appealing genre, but I’m trying to get out of that mindset and just play what I’m in the mood for.

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      3. I do that a lot. Starting a huge game is quite intimidating, which is why I put off fallout 4 for so long, in favour of smaller indie games (although some of those were amazing).
        I came to the conclusion I should just stop in games that have become tiresome whilst playing Warriors Orochi 3. I finished the story (skipping a lot of extra missions) in around 26 hours. Whilst I like the mousu (spelling?) games, I had to ask myself why I was still playing it when it had become so monotonous. So no more! Games need to hold my attention or they won’t get finished now!


  4. I instantly thought of a Homer Simpson quote: “Aw, you can come up with statistics to prove anything, Kent. Forty percent of all people know that.” lol

    You had a really productive 2016. I’m jealous… 🙂 I look forward to reading your posts this year!

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  5. I love stats. I’ll admit it. I’m a numbers dork. Even though I totally fell into my day job of control accountant, I still have to admit I enjoy it. Also Excel spreadsheets. They’re the best.

    I’d say that’s a pretty healthy completion list! Like 48 times more games than I completed so yeah. Though you’re only in competition with yourself so I understand. I’d like to complete twice as many games this year or maybe (dare I say it?) three times as many as I did last year.

    I’ve noticed that “Top X” posts tend to do well in general! It might be the variety or it might be the fact that people will have an idea what’s worth their while to investigate.

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    1. You have your rule of only playing one game/franchise at a time don’t you? I tend to have a couple on the go on different systems so something always gets done. Plus some of the ones I finished this year only too about half an hour!

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      1. Not really! It’s more of a time constraints thing. I just happen to be playing one franchise right now, and the next ones planned are for the same franchise, but there are some smaller games like Flow, ABZU, and Flower that aren’t in that franchise. It’s really just that I have the major Final Fantasy project and then I got sucked into the World of Final Fantasy, while I happened to be in the midst of that. I didn’t plan it!

        If I played shorter games, I could definitely pad my completed log. RPGs, especially JRPGs, especially Final Fantasy take up a ton of time.

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  6. I wish my completion stats looked like yours! I definitely lost some gaming time in 2016 because of carpal tunnel- for a couple months there all I could do was play simple games that were either really slow paced or you could just play one-handed. I also have a bad habit of buying like 50 games before I complete 1. Ah, maybe this year will be better! 😉

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