Gameblast 17 – 24 Hour Charity Gaming Marathon!

For the past couple of years I’ve done a 24 hour gaming stream for Special Effect, a charity that develops gaming systems for people with physical disabilities to allow them to take part in this fantastic hobby.  Seriously, click that link and take a look at some of the stuff they do.  The charity designates a weekend for people and groups of all sizes to take part in a 24 hour game-a-thon to raise money for this cause and I’ve been more than happy to take part!

People join in on the stream, and friends come around to join in the games and have a few drinks in the evening.  Some people are even kind enough to donate to the charity, resulting in around £600 being raised by my streams alone.  Last year Special Effect brought in over £70,000 thanks to participants and wonderful people willing to give a little money.

Rocket League logo
I bought this especially for the stream after some people suggested we play it. I was not good.

Why am I telling you all this?  Well, I’d love for you to take part in some way!  I’ll be running a 24 hour stream on 21st February (yes, a Tuesday, but it’s the only time I can do it!) at 7AM GMT and it would be great to have some of you join the stream either watching, chatting or joining in.  Last year we had games of Rocket League with the stream viewers, co-op games of Helldivers and groups of people yelling at me to stop sucking at The Witness.  We had Transformers and drunken attempts to play Layers of Fear and hopefully this year we should carry on having a bunch of fun and raise some money too.

The Witness square puzzles
No. No! I am not doing this again!

If you would like to watch and join in in any capacity, the stream will be found here: Twitch And if you’re feeling really generous, you could even donate as much or as little as you’d like to a worthy cause here: Just Giving  Please don’t feel you have to donate or even watch a second of it, but if you are willing to it would be fantastic and I’d be honoured to have you giving up even a moment of your day for this.

Special Effect Logo
They’ve raised more and more money each year. Hopefully this year they’ll be able to breach £100,000!

Do you have any suggestions for games?  Early in the day it tends to just be me playing single player games, with some online multiplayer with chat later on followed by some local gaming in the evening.  Any suggestions would very much be welcome though, especially if they’re ones you’d want to play too!  Thanks for reading and please join me when the time comes for laughing at just how bad I am at games.

30 thoughts on “Gameblast 17 – 24 Hour Charity Gaming Marathon!

      1. I hear that. The hype seems to come and go in waves, especially during massive events like Limit Break and the GDQs. The overnight events are definitely not nearly as fun as the peak hours.

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      1. Most of mine have just been me, with friends turning up later so I don’t have many technical issues luckily. Glad of the PS4 and X1 Twitch integration, plus OBS works well enough for Steam games! I’ll have to check out your marathon when the time comes!


      2. Our first GameBlast was pre-PS4 and we had some terrible XSplit-technical-issues, so I feel the same about the integration! I’ll make sure I stop by on the 21st and see how you’re getting on. 🙂

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  1. I’ll definitely catch some of this, and I’ll try to donate, too! I have a massive hole in my memory so I’m going to save this email lest I forget, and the time differential may work in my favor (ah I just checked that’s 2AM, but it’s 24 hours so I’m sure to catch some of it!) My husband does a gaming charity thing every year in November. I love that this is catching on.

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  2. I saw this when my wife posted it. I have been doing a similar event for the past 4 years called ExtraLife. It is for the Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals. So, I support what you have done and will continue to do. I will have to check this out. Congrats and best of Luck!

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      1. This would be my husband’s post 🙂 We’ll definitely collaborate when it gets closer to the time, and I’m much more active on Twitter now than I was even those few months ago (in October/November). This is one of the reasons I do love technology.

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