Charity Stream Wrap Up – What is sleep and where can I buy some?

Well after 24 hours of gaming from 10AM Tuesday to 10AM Wednesday, we managed to raise over £250 (thanks to a very generous late donation!) with more to come in.  Somehow I survived, and its thanks in no small part to those lovely people who who joined the stream either to chat, play or just watch.  Thank you to you all, and an extra special thank you to those who donated to Special Effect who were running the event.  There are bigger streamers with more followers raising greater sums of money in this event, but I wouldn’t change it for the world.

16 hours in meant I did not do very well here!  Thank god the team carried me to victory!

Some highlights and clips of the day (and night).  Starting quietly with 5 hours of the insanely difficult Nioh almost ruined me.  The chat was pretty quiet for the first 8 hours or so (although it was nice to have Later Levels join me early on to offer support) but picked up later on.  An attempt at Valley backfired due to the sound not coming through well at all.  Instead I moved onto the free PS+ game Not A Hero, a very violent, pretty challenging platformer for a few hours.

Eugene’s play by play commentary as F.A.N.G takes on Ryu is just stunning.  So much quality!

Around this time, friends Eugene, Josh and Emma arrived and things got a little more entertaining!  Cue an hour of Street Fighter V, 15 minutes of Starwhal and about 3 hours of Fibbage, Bidiots, and Quiplash resulting in a lot of hilarity and stream viewers joining in the games.  They headed home (some people don’t have all the sweet, sweet time off I get!) and Twitch chat and I agreed on playing Rocket League together, but due to download and update problems we settled on an hour of Tricky Towers first, which is a competitive tower building game in the style of Tetris.  Once Rocket League finally kicked off (PUN!) I was joined by Ben and Paul who had been watching for most of the evening for a couple of hours of car based football and basketball.  The lovely Hungry Goriya and Shelby Steiner joined us to inform us just how great we were at the game!

Taking on the Umi-Bozu.  Not much talking here because I spent so much time on this stage.  YorkshireGames feels my pain.

After much success (seriously, I can’t believe how many we won), Ben and I worked through the remake of Gauntlet, in which I died repeatedly due to the Valkyrie being terrible and the Wizard being insanely overpowered.  Anyway, Ben eventually headed for sleep (I miss sleep) and I finished up with the Street Fighter V story mode (terrible) and some more Not A Hero (I’m terrible) before being rejoined by Ben and Paul, along with Nick and Tom for a final hour of Gauntlet.  10AM reached and I gave up gaming forever (or at least for the next 24 hours anyway).

Don’t watch this if you’re easily offended.  Or if you find my laugh annoying.  I had no idea it was that bad!

Again, thank you if you were involved in any way, or even if you just read the initial post or this one.  Any support for charity is a good thing in my books.  If any of you guys do a charity live steam (and I know some of you are soon), please let me know and I’ll join in however I can.  Who knows, next year maybe I’ll do my 4th run and break £300!  Finally, an enormous thank you to my wife and daughter for allowing me to do this and supporting throughout.  Love to you both!

The final game of the stream.  Good to know my tiredness utterly scuppered my sense of direction.

17 thoughts on “Charity Stream Wrap Up – What is sleep and where can I buy some?

  1. It was very fun hanging out with you folks for your charity stream. I think one of my favourite parts was where you might have said bollocks in an angry way, which isn’t a thing I’ve heard very often! It put a smile on my face for the night!

    I’m so glad to hear that you surpassed your fundraising goal! The charity you raised for seems really worthwhile. I’m so glad that you decided to do it again this year, and I’m looking forward to the next one already, though I’m sure your body isn’t ready for another 24 hour stream for at least that long!

    And for the record, I think your laugh is pretty charming. It’s wonderful knowing that people enjoy the games they play!

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    1. Thank you for joining us for it! It’s always nice to have people enjoying watching and even more so when they join in the conversation. Head over to the UK and you’ll hear bollocks pretty much anywhere you go though 😉

      Liked by 2 people

  2. I’m sorry I missed it! I wound up having to work a lot longer than I thought and it was completely out of my head by the time I got home and had dinner… I’ll have to make a donation in your name to make up for it 🙂 Looks like it was a fun time!!

    Liked by 1 person

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