1 Year (and a bit) of Blogging – 12 months of this drivel

I’ve spent 12 months (and a couple of weeks, I didn’t keep track well enough) writing about games.  12 months (and a bit).  52 weeks (and a bit).  365 days (and a…I’ll stop).  I wasn’t sure I’d spend a single month doing this, but I’ve enjoyed it and found a lovely community of like minded people to share my tripe with.  And some of you read it.  And some of you even seem to enjoy it!  Madness!

Celebration Balloons
Balloons. For celebrating. Which is what I’m doing!

In that time I have:

  • Posted 57 blogs.
  • Had 3500(ish) people read this rubbish, which will seem like loads to some and next to nothing to others.
  • Had 185 (or so) people follow this nonsense.  Thank you to you all for your charity!
  • Received 475(ish) comments on this crap (excluding my responses), with The Shameful Narcissist, Vahrkalla, Defy The Majority, Lightning Ellen and Athena being the main culprits!
  • Been signed up to write for Big Boss Battle who are lovely and write lots of lovely words!  You should read them too!
  • Completed a 24-hour charity gaming marathon raising nearly £300 (thank you to everyone who contributed either money, time, or even just attention).
  • And other things that aren’t blogging related.  Like work stuff.  And family things.
  • And it all started with this poorly written tosh: Rainbow Six: Siege.
Mission Successful is right, screenshot!

This is shorter than most of my posts, but thank you to anyone who has spent even 5 minutes looking at this random collection of words at any point in the past year.  Knowing that even one person has read it is a lovely feeling, and you should all know that I fully intend to keep on writing combinations of words for your eyeholes to absorb.  Sorry about that!

The Surge
Expect a post on this at some point this year. Dark Souls with robots?! Sign me up!

And to you fine people, keep on writing too!  I love reading what you have to say and I want to carry on reading!  Enjoy what you’re doing, because I enjoy it too.  Here’s to another 12 months (or so).

34 thoughts on “1 Year (and a bit) of Blogging – 12 months of this drivel

    1. I think it was more to do with getting fed up of going from game to game. I felt that I’d get more out of the experiences by writing about them after than just playing yet another game. I think it’s helped with that. Thank you for reading and commenting 🙂

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      1. It’s a nice way to help video games feel a bit more productive – and to make them a little more social, too. Have you become more confident in your writing since you started?

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  1. Congrats on one year of blogging! And I am happy to be among one of your main culprits when it comes to commenting! 😉 I love your blog and can’t wait to see what you write about next! Keep up the great work!

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  2. Happy anniversary! Good luck in the coming year and looking forward as always to reading your (in your words) “rubbish,” “nonsense,” and “crap” lol 🙂 Great work!

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  3. Congrats on your first year! I really enjoy reading and commenting on your awesome posts. It’s going to take a lot to get rid of me *evil laugh*

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  4. Mwahaha, I never shut up! It seems I’m the culprit on many a blog. I’ve enjoyed your tripe, which is funny to say as I absolutely hate it as a dish (yuck!). People keep posting about their anniversaries. I wonder when the heck I starting filling the blogosphere with my own nonsense :p

    Congrats on reaching a year (or so).

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      1. Real wisdom there. I heard this yesterday and I’ve been chewing on it: “you may not be the smartest person in the room but you can be the hardest working.” That makes me want to try harder daily.

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