A New Lapel Pin – I think I may have a problem.

I have a rather…large collection of gaming themed pin badges.  Every week at work I wear a different one, and more often than not the kids there will question me on it.  Seeing as kids these days almost all play video games they tend to be quite interested in what game they’re from.  Some are obvious ones they know (Overwatch and Sonic) whilst others are ones they may not recognise or have heard of but want to find out about (Rainbow 6 and Bioshock).  It’s quite nice that they take an interest and may find an older game that they end up trying out.

Pin badges
How many games can you name?

Anyway, I often find myself scouring etsy and other craft sites for people who make these sort of things to expand my collection.  Very few game developers/publishers make them.  Pinny Arcade have a few good ones, and it was nice to see that Elite Dangerous had a few official ones, but these are rare and more often than not I need to rely on people online having already made them.  I was very pleasantly surprised when someone from Tzar Jewellery asked if I would like a custom made pin for material cost.  Obviously I snapped their hand off (figuratively) and set about thinking what I would like.

Ashbringer World of Warcraft
I’m pretty sure a few of you know what this is.

I wanted something different to the many pins I already had, but one that represented something significant in terms of my gaming life so far.  After some thought I settled on the Ashbringer weapon from World of Warcraft, a game I spent a significant amount of time playing during my university years.  If you aren’t aware, back in the vanilla days of WoW Ashbringer was a legendary sword often hinted at existing but could never actually be acquired by legitimate means.  I understand that players can get hold of it these days, but that’s beside the point!

I was kept up to date with pictures of how the production was coming along.

Once I had decided on the design I consulted with the maker over how it should look, the size of the pin, and any detailing.  He seemed very happy to set it up exactly how I would like it and asked for a number of different high-res pictures to ensure everything was to the correct scale.  Where I was unsure (such as what to do with detailing on the hilt) he was ready with suggestions.  We went with silver for the bulk of the sword, the gems are both eSl1 (which I think is good!) diamonds (one coloured to appear black), and the circle is made from mother of pearl.

Warcraft jewellery
It was interesting to see how it came together over time.

During production I was kept up to date with pictures of how it was coming along at various stages.  It was really interesting to see what looked like a small chunk of metal turn into something really quite impressive over the course of its construction.  I won’t pretend to know anything about metalwork, but I’m sure making something that looks this good takes quite a bit of talent.  Once it was all put together, the pin was hallmarked and given to me when the maker and I had a chance to meet in person.

Here it is, completed and on my work jacket. Apologies for my low quality camera skills!

It looks excellent and I’m really very happy with how it looks.  The pupils at work have asked about it, and whilst none of them know exactly what it is, they’ve all heard of the game that it comes from.  It’s certainly one of my favourites in my collection and I’d like to thank Tzar Jewellery for making this for me.  It really is an excellent piece of work.

Warcraft jewellery
The finished product

22 thoughts on “A New Lapel Pin – I think I may have a problem.

  1. Wow, that’s super cool!

    I have a few gaming pins, but nothing on your collection! Where did you grab the display cases from? That’s a brilliant storage idea.

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  2. Definitely an awesome collection! My personal favorite from the pic is Mega-Man X but they all look really good. I imagine it’s definitely quite a task to keep on getting new ones, but you can’t deny that collector spirit within you. I think we all have something that we end up collecting and as the years go by, your collection will only get even more impressive

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  3. This is amazing! As an obsessive collector of things, and a former WoW addict, I love this post, haha. You have a spectacular collection.

    Oh and if you think you have a problem, you should see the state of my Amiibo collection…

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  4. I think you might have shared your problem. I had no idea these were a thing and I definitely want some did FFVII 😱 I wear a one wing pin all the time now, but it’s not specifically associated with FFVII/Sephiroth. Any recommendations for Etsyers I should check out?

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    1. I really like Warcrafter, but they tend to do Warhammer related ones. LevelUpStudio are pretty good too. A lot of the ones I follow have closed down sadly, probably because they make and sell trademarked material!

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      1. Ugh, that’s the rub. I remember seeing a Buster Sword at the local Ren Faire, but then Squeenix laid down the hammer. You can still find Masamunes since those are a type of sword known as a nodachi, so they can just sell them like that, but anything that’s unique to their games were nixed.

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      2. It’s understandable. It’s their IP and they need to protect their trademarks. I wish that if they do that they then produce the product themselves. There’s obviously a market for it!

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      3. I understand that they have to protect their trademarks. I wish that if they do shut someone down that they would then produce the product themselves. There’s obviously a market for it!

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      4. I understand that they have to protect their copyright, it’s just a shame that once they do issue a C&D that they don’t try to produce something like it themselves. There’s clearly a market for it!

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      5. Exactly. They won’t allow others to do it. Fine; I get that. Copyright et al,. Then make the product yourself! Even if it’s wildly expensive (which we know it will be) rabid fans will still buy it. It’s so weird though because certain things they’ll allow…or they can’t quite keep up with, though there are the fair use laws, but that kind of stuff is really tricky. I don’t know why if it applies to artwork, it wouldn’t apply to swords, which could be considered under the same umbrella, but I don’t know all the legal intricacies.

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      6. I think it’s if it’s done for profit it becomes and issue. Things like a Let’s Plays and fan art are a transformative work, as the player/artist puts their own spin on it, whilst replicas for sale are direct copies. I’m no expert but that would be my guess.

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      7. I think Nintendo was going after Let’s Plays! Like attempting to police or shut down certain ones for newer games. Someone had an article about that a little while ago.

        I think you’re right about fan art. I wish the same lens was used for fanfiction, since that’s also transformative, but you have to have permission of the original creator to publish/sell. Larger franchises have allowed that (Star Trek, Star Wars before Disney), but visual art falls under fair use that stories don’t.

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