I’m Rob, and Here’s What I’ve Been Playing – 10/09/17

I’m struggling to get motivated to write up individual games that I have finished in the last few weeks, so instead here’s a quick look at what I’ve been playing this week!

Gotta have memes. Does this count as memes?

Year Walk – iOS 

Year Walk
Year Walk (2013)

This was on sale for £1 a couple of weeks ago and I’ve been intending to try it for a while due to it’s interesting art style and supposedly creepy atmosphere. I’ve racked up a whole 20 minutes so far and would consider it a modernised point and click adventure. It makes good use of touch controls but I feel mechanics are under explained. I had no idea I could spin a dolls head around to make it dance to give me a clue. Standard point and click moon logic.

Year Walk
I don’t know what this is!

I’m going to persevere with this one though. I like the atmosphere, and the sound is excellent. I’m sure there’s a story too but it’s quite unclear right now. I can always pop open a guide to get an idea of what to do next if I’m stuck too. Not bad so far!

Destiny – Xbox One

Destiny (2014)

Yep, the first one.  Not that new fangled fancy one with all the graphics and whatnot.  A friend of mine happened to have a spare disc of the base game and gave it to me which I’m very grateful for.  So far I’ve reached level 16 as a Warlock.  It was fairly easy to start with but some of the Strikes can get rather overwhelming with the sheer volume of enemies.

A promo shot, yes. But a pretty one nonetheless.

I’m enjoying it all the same.  The combat is pretty satisfying for the most part and the ever increasing power of item drops is as addictive as ever.  The bosses are a bit bullet spongy for my liking, taking far longer to put down than I’d like, but I’m having fun with it for now!

Redout – Xbox One

Redout: Lightspeed Edition (2017)

Big thanks to B3 for providing me with the review code for this one (keep an eye out there for the review popping up).  I reviewed this last week and found it to be ludicrously fast.  It’s somewhat like Wipeout and other anti-gravity racers, but with the speed turned up to infinity.

This is the fastest racing game I’ve played bar none. Still a really fun time though!

In addition to the speed, it’s also insanely hard.  I reached Class 3 (of 4) before finding it a little too hard to finish races anywhere above last due to my feeble old man reactions not being up to snuff.  Thankfully the quick restart times meant I could plug away at it for a while without sitting around on a loading screen.  It’s incredibly polished but some might consider it to be (cliché alert!) the Dark Souls of anti-grav racers.

Yep. There was no way I was missing an opportunity to include this.

Elder Sign – PC

Elder Sign: omens
Elder Sign: Omens (2011)

It may surprise you to learn that I like board games rather a lot.  The difficulty is sometimes getting a group together to play, but also the setup and tear down times (Marvel Legendary is great fun but now takes about 20 minutes to set up thanks to all the expansions).  For this reason, I like that digital versions of great board games are available.  Elder Sign: Omens is based on the board game of the (almost) same name and involves dice rolls being assigned to events to earn the titular elder signs with the goal of preventing ancient gods of Lovecraft’s stories from devouring the world!

Elder Sign: Omens
A lot of the game is spent here, deciding on your current characters move before chucking those dice!

As a digital version, it sticks to the board game rather well, with plenty of different challenges and characters to choose from.  BUT.  Where is the multiplayer?!  Yes, I suppose you could play it locally by hot seating, but there is no online whatsoever.  Considering you could play and finish a game of this in around 20 minutes, an online co-op mode would fit right in.  Throw in a chat box and you have a pretty complete system.  I have no idea why this would be omitted.  Still, it’s fun to play here and there as it is.

So how about you?  What are you playing?  Anything good?  Something terrible?  Let me know below, and happy gaming!


44 thoughts on “I’m Rob, and Here’s What I’ve Been Playing – 10/09/17

  1. Nice choices – Meanwhile here in Gloucester, I’ve been on Tekken 7. Non-stop. It just won’t end!

    Oh and Aura Kingdom >_>; And Alice: Madness Returns, for some “nostalgia” from 6 years ago haha

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    1. For the price I think it’ll end up being worthwhile. HLTB has it down as about and hour and a half which seems pretty fair for the cost of a loaf of bread.

      Wasn’t CastleVania 64 meant to be terrible or am I getting mixed up with another one?


  2. Lately, I’ve been playing through Uncharted: The Lost Legacy. It’s pretty good so far. I don’t think it would get someone who wasn’t already on board with the series interested in it, but for what it’s worth, it’s pretty entertaining.

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      1. Yeah, that’s the vibe I’m getting too. There is one point where the game is surprisingly non-linear, but other than that, it’s more of the same. I’d say Uncharted 2 was a case where that happened; the series didn’t really have much presence until its sophomore installment. I seem to remember that the first Uncharted’s reception was a lot more mixed when it came out.

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  3. I went through Year Walk myself on PC earlier this year and loved it. Definitely has that point and click feel. I would 100% recommend reading all of the extra lore bits and journal entries in one of the options menus. They and a lot to the overall narrative.


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  4. I tried to play Year Walk when it was released a few years ago. Ultimately I just found myself getting frustrated with what I felt was a very confusing navigation mechanic. It looks fantastic and I’m sure there’s some very cool puzzles, but I quickly fell away from it.

    As for Destiny. What a game that is.

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    1. The puzzles are very cool but trying to work out how the game wants you to solve them is a bit of a pain. I’ve been hopping into guides if I can’t figure anything out. The atmosphere is great though!


  5. Everyone keeps asking me if I am playing Destiny at the moment and I kind of missed the boat on the first one but I’ve been wondering about starting it. I’ll keep an eye out for more posts from you about it (if you’re going to do more) and see if it appeals!

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  6. I never got the chance to play destiny. But i always wanted to try that game. I’m pretty sure my PC cant handle that much graphics and i can’t even buy that because they are too darn expensive.
    please share your experience playing destiny

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      1. I played that a number of years ago and found it a bit weak. The campaign was short and didn’t have much to it. The original Most Wanted back in the late 90s (I think) was fantastic. I quite liked High Stakes back then too.

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      2. Favourite racer? NFS: High Stakes was my favourite back in the day, but recently I really enjoy the Forza Horizon series. I know they’re very much on the arcade-y side, but they’re packed with more fun than their simulation focused main series releases.

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  7. Awesome list. My only rant is Destiny man. It feels like same like the old destiny. I played the beta and basically its just the same as the old one but with new map and content. Feels like bungie is just milking it. Like how they came out with new ‘addons’ every 3 months.

    But destiny rant aside, Yes I love warlock too. Especially in PVP capture the flag. Love it when I get 3-4 campers and I nuke em with my ulti 😉

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    1. I’m enjoying it for the loot grind to be fair. The core combat is enjoyable, although the bosses are a bit too sponge-y for my liking. I’ll try the sequel out once my new PC is delivered. Thanks for reading!


  8. But what if video games CAN be used for science and medicine ahhhh. That’s all I have to add. It’s ludicrously late over here, and I’m only up because I’m on vacay and can afford idleness and sleeping late.

    It’s strange how difficult and time consuming it is to keep up with gaming writing. My husband is playing Destiny 2. I know the original had a bunch of updates so I’m not sure what advanced in D2 besides the graphics. It does look pretty stellar from what I’ve seen, but he still has glitch problems.

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  9. I weirdly just bought Destiny (The Collection) on PS4. I mostly play the game on my XB1 but I’ve had friends on the PS4 asking for me to convert for a while now and so knowing I can’t start at 2 (I could but my brain won’t let me) I’m going to rerun the game on PS4 as well. But while I wait for that to show up, I’ve been playing Destiny 2 on XB1 and really liking it.

    Additionally I’ve been playing Mario + Rabbids, The Disney Afternoon Collection, and Monster Hunter Stories (among other games). All have been great.

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