I’m Rob, and here’s what I’ve been playing – 08/10/17

One of my all time favourite games is Baldur’s Gate II.  I played an unbelievable amount of it over the years after it released.  And whilst I tried a number of other games set in the same world, even made with the same engine, I couldn’t find anything that hit me in the same way.  With recently releases like Tyranny and Pillars of Eternity bringing back those classic CRPGs, I decided to give one of them a try (and a thank you to my wife for buying it for me).

Baldur's Gate 2
I haven’t played the Enhanced Edition, but any enhancement on perfection can only be a good thing.

So Torment: Tides of Numenera turned out to be pretty damn great.  The main plot and side stories were engaging, the characters were varied and interesting, and the gameplay allowed you to deal with situations in a lot of different ways.  Pity about the bugs and the occasional difficulty spikes.  Still, there was a world full of different (and often very creative) things to discover and I enjoyed my time there.

Torment is pretty great. I haven’t played the original so I don’t know how it ties in.

My wife bought me Nier: Automata for my birthday.  This is a game I’ve been wanting to play since release and now I might finally get around to it.  Pretty much anything made by Platinum grabs my interest by the simple virtue of my having never played a game made by them that I didn’t immediately adore.  Metal Gear Rising anyone?  I’ll get onto this one pretty soon I think.

Nier Automata
I’ve been very keen to give this one a try. Platinum tend to make very good character action games and I’ve yet to play one that’s disappointed me.

Another birthday present I received that I’m very keen to try is Pandemic: Reign of Cthulhu.  Our family would play Pandemic a lot, so any opportunity to play more of it is welcome.  I had heard of this one but didn’t know anything about it.  Having read the instructions, I’m quite excited to give it a try as this feels like more than a simple reskin.  The game plays in mostly the same way but with some significant twists, such as Old Ones rising and altering the game’s rules in place of epidemics.  Plus the board looks gorgeous which certainly helps.


Fear great Cthulhu! And my carpet.

I picked up Marvel Vs. Capcom Infinite at the weekend ago on a whim.  I enjoy playing Street Fighter V with my daughter and figured something with Marvel characters in might be fun.  We’ve enjoyed playing it together (although I regret playing as Dormamu at one point as he seemed to scare her a bit), but I haven’t touched the story mode yet.  Personally I find the gameplay a little too…floaty?  I don’t think that’s the right word.  But I feel like none of the attacks really have any impact.  I do enjoy fighting games, in spite of being terrible at them, but this one’s moment to moment action hasn’t grabbed me as well as I’d hoped.

Still don’t want to get into a fist fight with this chap.

My new PC finally arrived, ready to take on some games that need a GPU more powerful than a cheese sandwich.  I’ve yet to really try anything particularly taxing on it, but I didn pick up the XCOM 2 expansion and I’m keen to give it a play.  Any opportunity to hop back into that game is one I happily take.

XCOM 2 Faceless
Hopefully my new computer will be able to run this at more than 30 FPS

Oh, and I downloaded and played Final Fantasy: All the Bravest.  But more on that another time…

So what about you?  Have you started up anything new and/or fun recently?  Something freshly released?  Or maybe back to the backlog or a classic that you’re returning to?  Let me know!

24 thoughts on “I’m Rob, and here’s what I’ve been playing – 08/10/17

  1. I’m intrigued by Torment: Tides of Numenera, mostly because the pen-and-paper version of Numenera has been on my list of games I want to play for awhile. Of course, now the second edition is on Kickstarter so I’ll probably just wait to see what that’s like. I really enjoyed the first Baldur’s Gate but never got my mitts on the second game – that’s another one I’ll have to try to figure out how to play someday.

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    1. Well BG2 had the “Enhanced Edition” released on Steam last year so it’s fairly easy to get hold of. Torment was good! I managed to play through the whole game with maybe 5 battles total (I was trying to avoid them) so I appreciate the variety of play styles it offers. The Effort system was an interesting was of increasing your odds in conversation or a fight.

      I knew that Torment was a pen and paper game but I didn’t realise Numenera was one specifically. Hope you manage to get hold of it and have a play!

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  2. I remember my time with Nier well enough, but I can’t shake the feeling that as I get further from the game, it loses some of its appeal. At the time I was willing to overlook the rather repetitive gameplay and underdeveloped world in favour of its story and characters, but as I’m beginning to put together GOTY lists, I’m not sure it hangs.

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      1. I’m usually right there with you, but in this one I wish it was a little linear.

        Also as for the ‘multiple endings’ thing, ignore that. Or at least, think of them less as ‘endings’ and more as parts or chapters of a larger story.

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  3. While Automata is different in structure to their typical action games, I got similar enjoyment out of its combat and boss fights even if I don’t think that stuff is quite on the same level overall as say the Bayonetta games. They also do a really good job mixing the arcade stuff in with the more typical combat to make for some really exhilarating sequences. Pretty cool game.

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      1. I got to the big “reveal” and stabbed that bugger to death. Now I have no motivation to play it, as I reloaded and am playing it as a skeptic on the Institute and keep telling them they’re shit. But they still keep trying to bring me in to the fold.

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  4. Was playing Skyrim remastered for a while, now switched to Fallout 4. Looking forward for Middle-Earth: Shadow of War, really liked the first game and lore, believe the new one will be a great follow up. Was playing World of Warcraft for months, gave it a break after holiday, now got more time to play single player stuff.

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  5. I read this yesterday, and then as if by magic, a friend of mine recommended Torment: Tides of Numenera to me this morning. I’d never heard of it before tbh, but I think this coincidence suggests I must try it! I’ve wanted to play Nier since it came out. From everything I’ve read about it previously it looks like a great combination of action and weirdness, and as you say, Platinum just win!

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    1. Torment is pretty interesting. It’s more of a book than anything else for most of the game (in fact there are some sections similar to the old Choose Your Own Adventure books) but the story is great. Hope you enjoy it!


      1. Sounds interesting certainly! I’ve Never played/read any Choose Your Own Adventures, got stacks of Fighting Fantasy books kicking around somewhere though, I’m guessing its a similar idea.

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  6. Congratulations on the new PC. My work has been going well lately so I treated myself to a Switch and an XBox One S to go along with my PS4. I also picked up a new 4K HDR tv. Yeah – Christmas has come early!

    But huge problem now is that I’ve got way too much to watch and play!

    NiER was one of my favourite games of last few years. I love Japan and Anime etc. so I guess stylistically it really fit well with me. I enjoyed the game up until about 75% and then I got a bit bored with the mechanics. But nevertheless it was cool and hope you enjoy it. I went down a youtube rabbit hole on the lore etc. which was a bit interesting.

    I’ve been playing Forza – that’s the main reason I picked up the Xbox, I don’t know if you are into driving games. I got Horizon with the Xbox, but I was getting annoyed at all the special events and challenges and driving across the map (I just want to race lol), so last night I picked up Forza 7 on the way home and played the first cup, I was super impressed by the weather, the feel and the behaviour of the AI, so looks like I am going to enjoy this.

    I have a scary amount of stuff still to play – FFXV, finish Persona, Re-play Stardew valley on Switch, Gunvolt on Switch and I am scared to even look at my PS4 library.

    it looks like there are so many other things coming out.

    I definitely think we are in the edge of way to much entertainment to pick from! One of the things I miss is the feeling of being stuck with one game and working really hard at it as you wait for XMAS releases etc.

    Haha – but I shouldn’t complain about how good gaming has become!

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    1. Yeah, it’s tough narrowing down what to play in the time we have free!

      I do like Forza, but I’m leaning more and more towards the Horizon games recently as they’re much lighter.

      I finished the MvC:I story yesterday, it was fun but I still feel it lacks impact. Going from Street Fighter V and Injustice 2 to this feels like a step back.

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  7. I downloaded a few demos on my Switch, Disgaea 5, Voez, and Puyo Puyo Tetris have been playing them a bit every evening. Disgaea is comical and silly, pretty different from Final Fantasy’s usually serious stakes, and I like the grid fighting system. Tetris is always amazing, and Voez is like DDR for your fingers. These games are going to bankrupt me.

    I may download this point-and-click horror rec by Cheap Boss Attack The Missing Parts of Maria Gwodzek, which is free on this Steam-like platform. Trading body parts for wishes seems like a good Halloween game.

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