The X-COM War Logs – Part 1

So we begin, as many stories do, with an attempt to break into an alien controlled lab to rescue our incarcerated commander.  How many great tales have begun that way I wonder…

Anyway, for those of you that don’t know, XCOM 2 is the follow up to XCOM.  The alien invaders win the war in the first game, and in the sequel we work as an underground resistance, trying to take back our world.  This is done via an overarching strategy as well as ground based tactical encounters played out in a turn based style.  It’s also hard, meaning soldiers get killed (permanently) on a regular basis.  So obviously you name them after your friends and send them off to die!  This is a log of their exploits.  And their ends.

Our biggest early encounters were a trip to a human encampment under attack, an attack on an alien VIP, meeting up with two factions in an abandoned city, and a daring rescue into an alien internment camp.

XCOM 2 War of the Chosen
I’m sure she will be friendly and absolutely won’t be a pain in the backside later on.
The defence of the human camp involved Rob (a grenadier nicknamed “Wildchild”.  Also is me), Heather (a ranger) and her bond mate Stuart (a specialist with a magic robot), and Pat (a sniper).  A fairly simple affair of taking out alien attack squads decended into bedlam as one of the humans turned out to be a monsterous alien shapeshifter right in front of Stuart’s face.  With luck, his bond mate Heather was close enough to charge into danger and utterly destroy it with her shotgun.  We escaped unscathed, but sadly a number of the civilians didn’t make it.

XCOM 2 War of the Chosen
Heather faces down this melted flesh monster. A dramatic encounter that she escapes from unscathed.
Later we were sent on a mission to meet up with two factions to settle a dispute and bring them into our war with the aliens.  We took Rob, Andy (a ranger), Kerry (a sniper), and Rhodri (another grenadier).  Rob and Andy faced down a zombie horde as they pressed forward to meet the first faction, with Andy blowing away zombies that were closing in on Rob.  Later, Rhodri and Kerry came under attack from a seperate horder.  Kerry came under a sustained attack and suffered significant injury before being rescued by a grenade barrage from Rhodri.  The mission ended with our confronting an extremely powerful alien who kidnapped a new soldier.  More on them later though…

XCOM 2 War of the Chosen
Andy proves his accuracy is good enough to protect Rob without blowing his arm off.
In the meantime, we were sent to take out a significant member of the alien army.  For this job Heather, Stuart, Emma (a specialist), Josh (a Reaper who likes to be called “Outrider”), and Rhodri were sent out to kill some of those damn aliens.  This went very much by the numbers, with an impressive sset of moves from Josh setting up the VIP to be caught in a series of explosions set off by remote.  Emma set of a very successful series of events by firing upon the VIP’s bodyguards (for all the good it did him!) causing them to scatter right into the firing line of the rest of the squad.  It took a matter of moments for Heather, Stuart and Rhodri to defeat them.

XCOM 2 War of the Chosen
A zombie looking for a tasty bit of Kerry to chew on.
Our final mission of significance involved a daring3-soldier rescue of our kidnapped comrade.  Rob, Bobbilyann (another sniper), and Stuart snuck into the encampment without being spotted.  Setting up shop by the detention centre entrance, Bobbilyann hacked the cell door…only to set off all the alarms in the camp!  She deftly grabbed our unconcious friend and made a run for the dropship.  But we were quickly met by enemy reinforcements flooding in.  After taking significant fire, we decided to make a break for it, as fighting would be futile against such a force.  A couple of hits landed, injuring everyone involved, but somehow we all made it out alive.  Tiago (a Skirmisher known as “Mox”) was the rescued soldier who will doubtless make more than a couple of appearances in future.

XCOM 2 War of the Chosen
Andy, Rob, and Josh hang out around a alien BBQ. Delicious.
A successful set of early exchanges!  With luck we will continue to survive, but I’m sure we’ll end up with other, more challenging encounters in the coming days.  Below is the current squad.  Maybe more will be added over the coming days.  Time will tell!

Heather – Ranger (Bond: Stuart)

Rob “Wildchild” – Grenadier

Stuart – Specialist (Bond: Heather)

Kerry – Sniper

Andrew – Ranger

Rhodri – Grenedier

Emma – Specialist

Pat – Sniper

Josh “Outrider” – Reaper

Bobbilyann – Sniper

Tiago “Mox” – Skirmisher

Did you enjoy this?  I hope so, because you can expect more to come as the war continues!

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