The XCOM War Logs – Part 5

After our successful takedown of the assassin, we head off to capture some alien stuff.  Vague I know.  Lorna, Tiago (“Mox”), Eugene (“Gunner”), Catherine, Pat, and Danny suit up for the task at hand.  We came across some psychic aliens that caused Lorna to totally lose her shit.  Couldn’t keep her down for long though, as she quickly recovered and started hunting the aliens down.  Other than a few knocks to Eugene‘s armour, everything here went quite well!  We’re pretty damn tough now it seems.  Tiago and Danny seemed to get on very well here and are now bond mates.  Cute!

Catherine lines up what will certainly be a deadly shot.

Heather (“Boomstick”), Karl (“Lightning”) and Rhodri (“Papa Bear”) were trying to hunt down the Chosen warlock’s house, but found themselves being hunted when they were ambushed.  A very small team against a very large enemy seems like a bad situation to be in.  Early exchanges go our way as we make a mad dash towards safety.  Things were looking good right up until we approached the extraction point and came across a horde of reanimated corpses and an alien mech.  Heather left herself dangerously exposed, so Karl charged forward to deal with the zombies.  He and Rhodri effortlessly put down the zombies whilst Heather dispatches the mech with ease.  For an ambush, this didn’t prove to be much of a challenge.

Zombie go boom!

Next, we are sent off to destroy an alien relay station.  Emma (“Warden”), Josh (“Outrider”), Tiago (“Mox”), Paul (“Solo”), Lorna (now known as “Ice”), and Danny (nicknamed “Boom Boom”) handle this one.  A careless mistake by Emma reveals our location causing the aliens to close in on us early on.  Josh makes a quick decision to blow up a car close to the alien team moving in, taking out 2 of them quickly.  Lorna finds herself flanked and suffers some serious wounds, but Paul manages to rescue her before she is overwhelmed.  Lorna then piles forward to destroy the relay just as alien reinforcements arrive.  Tiago finds himself in a lot of trouble, confronted by two alien brutes.  In spite of Paul charging into the fray to rescue him, it proves too much and Tiago falls in battle causing Danny, his bond mate, to go psychotic and charge madly towards the surviving alien.  He dispatches him quickly, allowing the team to return home.

We break into the Warlock hideout. Subtle as ever.

We’ve finally found out where the Chosen warlock is hiding thanks to our recent covert operations.  Australia obviously.  We send in Stuart (“Cyber”), his bond mate Heather (“Boomstick”), Emma (“Warden”), and her bond mate Josh (“Outrider”), Rhodri (“Papa Bear”), and Kerry (“Hollywood”) for what will likely be a tough encounter.  Early confrontations with poisoners spider monsters go well, with little realy threat posed.  Rhodri made a mad charge into a room only to be faced with a mech and a number of soldiers.  Emma suffered minor injuries rescuing him from the predicament.  In clearing them out, Heather becomes poisoned and also ends up on fire, which I imagine is a bad combination.  At any rate, we move on and arrive at the warlock’s chamber.  Having little in the way of additional forces, taking down the warlock himself was not a huge challenge considering everything else we’d come through.  There was no way we should have all come back in one piece!

Josh puts down some alien scum.

The team as it stands:

Heather “Boomstick” – Ranger (Bond: Stuart)

Rob “Wildchild” – Grenadier

Stuart “Cyber” – Specialist (Bond: Heather)

Kerry “Hollywood” – Sniper

Andrew “Terminator” – Ranger (Bond: Bobbilyann)

Rhodri “Papa Bear” – Grenedier

Emma “Warden” – Specialist (Bond: Josh)

Lorna “Ice” – Ranger

Pat – Sniper

Danny “Boom Boom” – Genadier (Bond: Tiago)

Karl “Lightning” – Specialist

Eugene “Gunner” – Grenedier

Catherine – Sharpshooter

Josh “Outrider” – Reaper (Bond: Emma)

Bobbilyann “Shooter” – Sniper (Bond: Andrew)

Tiago “Mox” – Skirmisher (Bond: Danny) *DECEASED* – 3 missions/14 kills

Caroline “Sentinel” – Specialist

Paul – Ranger

Saf “Witch” – Templar *DECEASED* – 2 missions/2 kills

Dave “Ether” – Templar

7 thoughts on “The XCOM War Logs – Part 5

    1. Glad you’re enjoying it! It’s a hell of a good game if you like turn based strategy. The first remake should be fairly cheap these days if you wanted to check it out. It’s pretty damn hard on anything above normal difficulty though.

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