I’m Rob, and Here’s What I’ve Been Playing – 26/11/17

Everything in gaming has to be the Dark Souls of something right now, but Ruiner really did remind me of the series. It’s closer to Bloodborne really, as it’s very fast paced, has a huge reliance on stamina management (you have limited dodges), and the bosses are brutally tough.  Even the standard enemies can destroy you if you’re careless.  You really have to learn the bosses tells and set up your build carefully to have a chance.  I found it a little frustrating at times but I absolutely loved the experience.  The final battle was intense and thrilling and made those earlier frustrations melt away.  I finished it on normal mode and it was just on the wrong side of difficult for my liking, but I really enjoyed it.

I couldn’t get any screenshots of when it was all going crazy as you cam’t lose concentration for a split second.

XCOM 2 continues to fill up my PC gaming time.  You can catch up on the ever continuing campaign here if you’re so inclined.  The War of the Chosen expansion really does add a lot of content, with new enemies and different factions changing how you might approach a certain situation.  These changes really compound the challenge of the main game in which you have too many options and not enough time.  Still, more XCOM is always a good thing to my mind.

XCOM 2 Logo
Haven’t seen this image in at least 4 days.

I finished >Observer_ not so long ago.  Coming from the team that made Layers of Fear meant that I had pretty high expectations for this one.  It had certain things in common with it (the controls, the changing environments, and the shonky framerate) but it didn’t have nearly the same impact for some reason.  The story surrounds your character searching for his son in a locked down appartment complex.  You can enter the memories of different characters which leads to some genuinely interesting environments to explore, some of which were very unsettling.  I found the “real world” uninteresting to explore though, and often found myself feeling a little bit lost if only for a short while which broke up the pace for me.  It’s good, just not quite what I’d hoped for.

I also had a go at some of the “free” console games that have come out over the past couple of months.  Trackmania Turbo was fine, although the single player mode in it held very little interest.  There were some interesting tracks to download but I doubt it’ll hold my attention for long.  The same could be said of Just Cause 3.  I’m not a huge fan of open world games that have tons of filler content, and that’s exactly what this was.  Do a race, liberate a town, take over an outpost.  There were some great moments in which I would set off explosives to destroy EVERYTHING whilst escaping using a wing suit.  But with floaty controls, repetative content, and characters I couldn’t give a damn about, I was left with a game I doubt I’ll return to.

TM Turbo
It’s bright and colourful with a good sense of speed. I just didn’t care all that much.

I picked up The Evil Within 2 on the XBox Black Friday deals.  Surprisingly cheap for a game that’s been out barely a month.  I made my feelings on the original game fairly clear but I’ve heard that the follow up addresses most of the problems I had with it.  It’s not a huge loss if I don’t enjoy it, but time will tell on that front.  Here’s hoping for a good, solid, horror experience.

Evil Within 2
Well this looks like a nice friendly game.

Was I wrong about any of these?  More importantly, what have you been playing?  Something awesome no doubt.  Tell me about it!

22 thoughts on “I’m Rob, and Here’s What I’ve Been Playing – 26/11/17

  1. I’m currently playing through Grim Dawn with my wife. We want to experience the expansion and try out the new classes. When I’m not gaming with her I’m playing Assassin’s Creed Origins (which is surprisingly good btw) and I just finished Nioh yesterday and wrote a review on it.

    If I’m not playing any of those I’m on Fire Emblem Warriors on the Switch while I wait for Xenoblade 2 to release :).

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      1. I enjoyed it. I’m still enjoying it while I try to get a full set of green gear. I just don’t love it like I do Dark Souls or even The Surge. AC:Origins is the best AC game imo

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      2. Oooh now I did like The Surge quite a bit. The slower more deliberate combat was right up my street. I found the bosses a bit dull though. At least a few of the ones in Nioh were creative (the final 2 in particular.)

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      3. The feel the complete opposite lol. I found most of the bosses in Nioh to be quite dull in comparison and I only disliked one boss in The Surge. The last boss in Nioh looked cool, but was a really stupid fight to me and when I went up against the boss before him it was just another human boss. Nothing memorable there imo.

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      4. The final boss was quite cheap at times, but I liked the battle all the same. The electric god was pretty cool, and I liked the big demonic woman (in the snowy area, can’t remember what it was called. Ogress?).


  2. Nowadays I am playing Nioh on PC, it is the same as how you describe Ruiner, hard enemies and chance to die at every encounter. Story seems exciting and there is samurai flavour. Other than that spending time on Diablo III season, been farming in Torrent XIII Rift. Gimme a call if you wanna team up

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    1. I enjoyed Nioh when I played it. I loved the stance system that forced you to adapt to the enemy you were facing. I may go back to it in the new year if there’s nothing else of interest at the time.


  3. Observer (don’t remember all the little shenanigans) sounds interesting. I was all about scary/thriller games around Halloween. I might have to check out a Let’s Play. I’ve been downloading and playing tons of demos; the two that stand out right now are Etrian Odyssey V, which is harder than I thought and/or I didn’t set up a good initial party (might GameFAQ it) and Piczle just became available for download. Both me and my husband like it, so I’ll probably end up buy it. I also purchased Theatrhythm: Curtain Call, which I absolutely love.

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      1. Mario! Couldn’t resist. I’m also going to pick up Sonic. I’ve look at Piczle and realise what sort of game it is. I used to play loads of games like that, and they can range from light and fun to downright infuriating! I may give it a go all the same.

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      2. If you’re only going to have one game than Mario is it! It’s fun. I can’t deny it isn’t, and I think it was around $10 the last time I looked. The demo is also really long, so you could potentially just play through the first chapter there and be done with it. I can see the potential for it to be more challenging, so I think I’m going to buy the full version at some point.

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