The XCOM War Logs – Part 6

There’s only one Chosen left now.  A hunter apparently.  I reckon he’s friendly deep down, and just needs a hug.

First up, a quick job to rescue a Templar from some no good aliens.  Catherine (“Longshot”), Eugene (“Gunner”), Rob (“Wildchild”), Pat (“Hat Trick”), Andrew (“Terminator”), and Bobbilyann (“Shooter”) head off to do some shooting.  So 3 snipers then.   It didn’t proove to be too much of a problem though.  Catherine took some nasty injuries after being smacked in the face with a big stick, but that was about all the trouble we had.  We reached the VIP only to find an ambush waiting!  Such threat!  Things started to get a bit hairy, so we beat a hasty retreat to escape with no more harm coming to us.  Success once more!

Catherine faces down a charging alien with nothing but a pistol and a set of badass aviators.

Time to go and “Neutralize a target”.  A nice vague way to say kill some aliens I’d say!  Emma (“Warden”), Josh (“Outrider”), Kerry (“Hollywood”), Rob (“Wildchild”), Ben, and Rich head on out.  With guns.  It seems this target is pretty important as there’s a good number of enemies protecting it when we arrive.  Emma takes some early wounds but we press on!  it’s at this point the aliens decide to deploy the prototype of their most powerful weapon.  The Avatar (not a blue cat person sadly) is a very powerful psychic that could mess us up.  Thankfully, Emma, Josh, and Ben were in positions that allowed us to get the drop on him and force a retreat.  Kerry blows a hole in the side of a building to get to our target, knocks him unconcious and carries him out towards the evac point!  Just as reinforcements arrive and things start to look a little bad for us, Ben throws out an overwatch shot that detonates an alien flame-thrower unit, detonating it and wiping out the whole enemy squad!  In spite of some serious injuries (Josh nearly burned to death), we make it out in one piece.  Rich gets promoted to Ranger whilst Ben becomes a Sharpshooter.

Well that’s pretty damn anime.

We’ve found the location of an alien forge.  Which sounds imposrtant so we’d better go and shoot some stuff.  Bobbilyann (“Shooter”), Heather (“Boomstick”), Stuart (“Cyber”), Eugene (“Gunner”), Dave (“Ether”), and Nick head out to do just that!  We find ourselves up against a Sectopod – a huge alien mech that quickly sets about wounding everyone.  Stuart and Bobbilyann take some serious damage in the battle.  Dave uses his psychic powers to find a weakness in its armour allowing the rest of the team to cause more damage to it, which is all the opening our expert soldiers need to put it out of comission.  Getting closer to the facility, we find small patrols to deal with, but nothing as dangerous as the Sectopod.  We find a pod (not of the secto variety) with a humanoid inside it, so obviously it needs stealing.  Dave picks it up and we make a run for the evac.  Nick misses a crucial shot leading to him being mind controlled by an alien.  He starts taking shots at our own team, but Heather manages to disable the controlling alien, freeing Nick.  After a run through enemy fire, everyone boards the evac ship and makes it out to treat those wounds.

Eugene looks to lay down some serious pain on whatever the hell that thing is.

Up next, hacking a workstation on a alien train!  Because aliens use public transport now.  Leanne, Tom, Ben, Caroline (“Sentinel”), Catherine (“Longshot”), and Paul (“Solo”) suit up for action.  Turns out the whole place was crawling with zombies as well as aliens.  A careless dash forward from Catherine revealed our location and lead to a full on fire fight.  Ben empties an entire magazine to hold off the horde and keep the aliens from advancing.  Just to add to the fun, our friendly Chosen hunter turns up.  I’m sure we’ll have no trouble having put him down a couple of times already.  He forces us out of cover multiple times, but Caroline manages to get close to the workstation, only for a zombie horde to block her path.  This one is getting messy.  Leanne and Tom put down countless zombies to allow Caroline to successfully hack the workstation, now to clear out the area.  Tom finds himself taking some serious damage but is covered by Catherine from a rooftop.  Love those snipers!  Sadly they couldn’t protect Caroline, who was captured (but not killed!) by the Chosen hunter.  We will get her back!  Tom gets promoted to Ranger whilst Leanne gets promoted to Specialist.

Leanne takes a few pot shots at an alien over long range.

The current team:

Heather “Boomstick” – Ranger (Bond: Stuart)

Rob “Wildchild” – Grenadier

Stuart “Cyber” – Specialist (Bond: Heather)

Kerry “Hollywood” – Sniper

Andrew “Terminator” – Ranger (Bond: Bobbilyann)

Rhodri “Papa Bear” – Grenedier

Emma “Warden” – Specialist (Bond: Josh)

Lorna “Ice” – Ranger

Pat “Hat Trick” – Sniper

Danny “Boom Boom” – Genadier (Bond: Tiago)

Karl “Lightning” – Specialist

Eugene “Gunner” – Grenedier

Catherine “Longshot” – Sharpshooter

Josh “Outrider” – Reaper (Bond: Emma)

Bobbilyann “Shooter” – Sniper (Bond: Andrew)

Tiago “Mox” – Skirmisher (Bond: Danny) *DECEASED* – 3 missions/14 kills

Caroline “Sentinel” – Specialist

Paul  “Solo”– Ranger

Saf “Witch” – Templar *DECEASED* – 2 missions/2 kills

Dave “Ether” – Templar

Ben – Sharpshooter

Nick – Specialist

Rich – Sharpshooter

Leanne – Specialist

Tom – Ranger

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