The XCOM War Logs – Part 7

Well, we start of with some serious business!  Emma and Josh improve their bond.  Yep.  Thrilling stuff right there.

But then!  Aliens attack a civilian target, forcing Nick, Dave (“Ether”), Karl (“Lightning”), Eugene (“Gunner”), Kerry (“Hollywood”), and Paul (“Solo”) into action!  Cryssalids are the first thing we run into.  They have too many legs, so Nick proceeds to try to shoot them off.  He misses of course and needs Paul to bail him out.  The problem with cryssalids is that they’re bloody fast and can infect people to turn into them.  Before long we end up with a large horde to deal with.  Dave uses his psychic knives to clear a path, allowing Paul to rescue some civilians…who turn out to be shape shifting flesh monsters.  Going from bad to worse here!  This time Nick rescues Paul before any real damage can be done.  Kerry makes a number of VERY long range shots to try to keep the team in this, but the numbers are overwhelming.  Civilians are mutated left, right, and centre, whilst Dave suffers some severe wounds and sadly succumbs to the poison inflicted upon him whilst rescuing the few survivors.  If not for him it likely would have been a lot worse for the team.  As it stands, Karl and Eugene suffered some severe wounds, but everyone else made it out unscathed.  Nick earned the nickname “Slider”…

Paul woke this friendly looking chap up.

No rest though!  In spite of our losses, we head straight to an alien facility to slow down their weapons development.  How?  By shooting aliens of course!  Ben, Nick (“Slider”), Heather (“Boomstick”), Kerry (“Hollywood”), Rob (“Wildchild”), and Rhodri (“Papa Bear”) head out to do just that.  It starts badly, with a run into a group of mutons with an alien in a diving suit (reasons!) leaving Ben in a lonely position.  Diving suit man destroys the tower Ben was hiding in, leaving him just clinging on to life.  Concentrated fire put down this enemy, but not before Heather was spotted by a group of alien soldiers.  Sadly, one decided to finish off Ben before Nick could get to him to heal him up.  Another death!  Pushing forward, we come across a fairly solid defence for the facility.  Kerry and Rhodri team up to put down the biggest threats, allowing us to plant the charges to destroy the facility.

Ben facing down the diving suit alien. It did not end well.

And now for a crucial mission.  You may remember that Caroline (“Sentinel”) was abducted.  Well, Stuart (“Cyber”), Heather (“Boomstick”), and Josh (“Outrider”) have found where she is being kept and are heading in to rescue her!  A very gradual sneak along the sides of the compound means we avoid any contact with enemies.  With such a small team, we can’t risk an all out gun fight here.  Unfortunately the cells were well guarded and there was no way to avoid a fight.  Heather was spotted by a guard on patrol and we were forced to break cover.  Stuart took a quick shot to avoid any immediate damage to the team.  Heather manages to hack the door and drags Caroline out whilst Josh provides cover.  The facility is on full alert now and we have an enemy drop ship on the way in.  With Josh out of ammo and Heather unable to fight back, we make a hasty retreat towards the evac point as Stuart holds back the aliensas best he can.  The mission ends in success, which is a surprise considering our recent luck!

The time has now come!  The final Chosen (the hunter) has been found and we’re going to go and murder his face off.  He’s had it coming to be fair.  I’m expecting this to be a disaster, but we send in Josh (“Outrider”), Emma (“Warden”), Andrew (“Terminator”), Danny (“Boom Boom”), Bobbilyann (“Shooter), and Lorna (“Ice”) anyway.  Everyone is kitted out with our best equipment (including Emma in our first exo-suit) so our first battle goes by with little trouble.  The second encounter looks a bit nastier, as an overly aggressive Lorna exposes us to a group of well armoured foes.  She takes some early wounds as we try to drive them back.  Danny goes grenade crazy and removes all the cover the aliens have, allowing the rest of the team to pick them off at their leisure.  Hopefully we won’t need that sweet boom-fruit later on.  Then there are the cryssalids.  Remembe them?  Time to murder more of them!  Lorna and Andrew put them down whilst Emma provides healing support.  And now, it’s time for the showdown.  We pile into the magic transporter gate and prepare for shooty action!  Progressing through the chamber reveals absolutely no opposition; it has that “it’s too quiet” feeling to it.  Then, the hunter appears and it’s show time.  Josh goes mental and empties an entire magazine into him, putting him down long enough to allow us to start taking down the hunter’s magic regeneration thing.  SCIENCE!  All it takes is a shot from each team member and it goes down, signalling victory!  Much easier than I expected, and now the Chosen are no more.

Danny puts down a mech. Through a wall.

Due to death and injury, our next mission is sent out with rookies and 3 (count ’em!) snipers.  Leanne, Pat (“Hat Trick”), Kerry (“Hollywood”), Richard and, Catherine (“Longshot”) head into battle.  A battle that turns into a huge mess of zombies.  Catherine kicks us off with some fancy shootin’, but things get very messy, very quickly with a big shoot out in an abandoned building.  Alien soldiers, our troops, and zombies in a three-way murder party.  Richard has a tough time of it and he acts as zombie catnip, before the giant stompy robots show up to make things harder still.  Massive amounts of concentrated fire bring it down, but not before it can demolish Pat’s cover, leaving her dangerously exposed.  She suffers critical wounds and begins to bleed out.  Thankfully the rest of the team clear out the surviving zombies and get her to the evac ship in time.  Mission complete!

Low ammo, enemies everywhere, and a giant killer robot about to arrive. Things could be going better.

The team as it stands:

Heather “Boomstick” – Ranger (Bond: Stuart)

Rob “Wildchild” – Grenadier

Stuart “Cyber” – Specialist (Bond: Heather)

Kerry “Hollywood” – Sniper

Andrew “Terminator” – Ranger (Bond: Bobbilyann)

Rhodri “Papa Bear” – Grenedier

Emma “Warden” – Specialist (Bond: Josh)

Lorna “Ice” – Ranger

Pat “Hat Trick” – Sniper

Danny “Boom Boom” – Genadier (Bond: Tiago)

Karl “Lightning” – Specialist

Eugene “Gunner” – Grenedier

Catherine “Longshot” – Sharpshooter

Josh “Outrider” – Reaper (Bond: Emma)

Bobbilyann “Shooter” – Sniper (Bond: Andrew)

Tiago “Mox” – Skirmisher (Bond: Danny) *DECEASED* – 3 missions/14 kills

Caroline “Sentinel” – Specialist

Paul “Solo”– Ranger

Saf “Witch” – Templar *DECEASED* – 2 missions/2 kills

Dave “Ether” – Templar *DECEASED* – 5 missions/12 kills

Ben – Sharpshooter *DECEASED* – 3 missions/11 kills

Nick “Slider” – Specialist

Rich – Ranger

Leanne – Specialist

Tom – Ranger

Faizan “Beast” – Marauder

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