The XCOM War Logs – Part 8

Straight into an important mission here!  Well, it sounds important: we have to investigate some brain co-ordinates for reasons.  Tom, Kerry (“Hollywood”), Eugene (“Gunner”), Heather (“Boomstick”), Stuart (“Cyber”), and Faizan (“Beast”) get ready for brain hunting!  Tom gets to go into action with one of our sweet exo suits that comes with a free rocket launcher!  Order now for Christmas delivery!  Anyway, after an underwhelming landing on a roof, we move forward to find a group of aliens!  A shock, I know.  He gets us started with his new toy by blowing up most of the group of aliens whilst the rest of the team finish off the stragglers.  Good start!  Then the Chryssalids turn up.  Remember the zombie making spider monsters?  Well that start by trying to  infect Stuart (who is apparently immune to zombie viruses now) and Eugene and Faizan team up to take the first one down before any serious damage is done.  Turns out the bastards are hiding in the ground.  One leaps out to attack Heather but gets a sword straight to the face before it can cause any harm.  We find the alien brain co-ordinates.  Turns out it’s some sort of warp gate with an alien eye robot defending it.  Looks tough, but luckily we have enough ammunition to grind it down before it can get a shot off.  The mission is a success!

Here it is! It went down without too much trouble in the end thankfully.

We get the call to go and neutralise an alien!  The thought we’d been doing plenty of that, but we’re ordered to deal with a specific one.  Kerry (“Hollywood”), Rob (“Wildchild”), Paul (“Solo”), Richard, Caroline (“Sentinel”), and Nick (“Slider”) get their shooting on.  Very little shooting to start with as we sneak our way around.  Before long though, we come across a lot of aliens, including our target.  Rather than doing anything even close to sensible, Rob launches a grenade to kill the target straight away, but sets off all the other aliens at once.  Cue chaos, as the rest of the team pick off aliens as we madly dash for the evac ship.  Rob (deservedly) catches fire under an alien assault, whilst Kerry covers the rest of the team from her vantage point.  It’s not enough for Rob though, as his wounds mount and he eventually succumbs to them.  Rather than try to fight, the rest of the team get out of site as quickly as possible and make a run for it.  Nick gets out first, followed by Richard.  It looks pretty bad for the rest of the team though as they are blocked off from the evac point by some tough robots.  Paul tries to fight his way past a huge robot, but sadly does not make it out alive.  Caroline manages to charge past and escape but Kerry is cut off by an equally large number of soldiers and is also killed.  A successful mission, but at what cost!  Richard earns the nickname “Wolfman”

This one did not go so well. That huge mech utterly destroyed us.

There is little time to worry about the previous mission sadly, as we are immediately called to “liberate” some alien resources.  Andrew (“Terminator”), Bobbilyann (“Shooter”), Josh (“Outrider”), Emma (“Warden”), Leanne, and Tom bravely step into the fray.  Bobbilyann takes up a vantage point to cover the team as they move in on the cache of supplies, spotting a group of enemies in the process.  Josh picks off one of them to get the action started.  Leanne, Tom, and Andrew team up to put the rest of the squad away in spectacular fashion.  Of course, it wouldn’t be XCOM if things went smoothly, so we end up with a zombie swarm turning up.  The team thin the herd whilst Emma gathers up the alien caches as far as she possibly can.  Everyone gets a little happy with the grenades to keep the horde at bay, causing more zombies to take notice.  Emma manages to acquire a lot of the aliens supplies for us, but finds herself somewhat alone when confronted by alien forces.  Luckily, they are pre-occupied with the zombies, giving her a slim chance to escape whilst Tom and Leanne run in to support.  In spite of this, Emma suffers some severe injuries.  If it weren’t for Bobbilyann and Andrew putting up some serious damage, she would likely have met the same fate as so many of our previous team members.  with that monster defeated, it’s time to head home.  Leanne earns the nickname “Solar” whilst Tom is now known as “Cougar”.

XCOM 2 Zombie party
Here come the locals…

We need to go and do a thing.  I didn’t bother reading this one, I just assumed it involved shooting aliens.  Harry (“Psy”), Pat (“Hat Trick”), Rhodri (“Papa Bear”), Andrew (“Terminator”), Stuart (“Cyber”), and Josh (“Outrider”) head out to do just that.  Turns out we have to go and find a data vault or something.  A slow move forward to begin with was a mistake as it turns out it’s on a timer before it explodes!  Best get a wiggle on then.  Andrew seems to have picked up a trait of randomly firing on enemies that he sees.  This revealed our position and caused all hell to break loose.  Rhodri and Harry found themselves in good positions to take down a mech whilst Josh was quite exposed forcing him to fall back before opening fire and instantly putting down a significant threat.  Taking the rest out was pretty light work and things are going well.  Then the big guns roll out in the form of a Gatekeeper (the big eye thing from earlier).  Andrew takes a huge kicking from it but somehow stays upright.  Stuart makes his move on the target and hacks it successfully, leaving us to clean out the rest of the enemies.  Pat provides cover from on high, picking off threats, whilst the rest of the team works to take down the Gatekeeper.  With concentrated fire, we finally put it down with only minor injuries to Stuart  Job done!

Harry looks to take out a mech at close range.

One of our contacts gets in touch to ask us to rescue a survivor from some event or other.  There’ll be zombies in the area, so we send Heather (“Boomstick”), Tim (“Big Money”), Faizan (“Beast”), Leanne (“Solar”), Bobbilyann (“Shooter”), and Karl (“Lightning”) off for some target practice.  Things start horribly with Bobbilyann alerting the enemy to our location as she heads straight for the VIP.  Karl moves up to rescue her whilst the rest of the team deal with a Sectopod.  In spite of the early setback, Bobbilyann carries on towards the VIP as the team hold back the zombie horde that obviously turned up.  Tim does a top job of mowing down the zombies as we move the VIP towards the evac point, whilst Faizan empies his whole magazine trying to hold of the horde chasing us.  Other than a couple of minor cuts and bruises, we make it out pretty unscathed.  An easy job in all!

Heather has an ability that lets her take a free sword swing at anyone that enters melee range. Obviously she gets the best sword and monsters anyone that gets close.

The final few missions approach.  This will all be over by Christmas.  In a good way.  With any luck no one else will get killed by my carelessness…

The team as it stands:

Heather “Boomstick” – Ranger (Bond: Stuart)

Rob “Wildchild” – Grenadier *DECEASED* 12 missions/35 kills

Stuart “Cyber” – Specialist (Bond: Heather)

Kerry “Hollywood” – Sniper *DECEASED* 15 missions/36 kills

Andrew “Terminator” – Ranger (Bond: Bobbilyann)

Rhodri “Papa Bear” – Grenedier

Emma “Warden” – Specialist (Bond: Josh)

Lorna “Ice” – Ranger

Pat “Hat Trick” – Sniper

Danny “Boom Boom” – Genadier (Bond: Tiago)

Karl “Lightning” – Specialist

Eugene “Gunner” – Grenedier

Catherine “Longshot” – Sharpshooter

Josh “Outrider” – Reaper (Bond: Emma)

Bobbilyann “Shooter” – Sniper (Bond: Andrew)

Tiago “Mox” – Skirmisher (Bond: Danny) *DECEASED* – 3 missions/14 kills

Caroline “Sentinel” – Specialist

Paul “Solo”– Ranger *DECEASED* 7 missions/17 kills

Saf “Witch” – Templar *DECEASED* – 2 missions/2 kills

Dave “Ether” – Templar *DECEASED* – 5 missions/12 kills

Ben – Sharpshooter *DECEASED* – 3 missions/11 kills

Nick “Slider” – Specialist

Richard “Wolfman” – Ranger

Leanne “Solar” – Specialist

Tom “Cougar” – Ranger

Faizan “Beast” – Marauder

Harry “Psy” – Templar

Tim “Big Money” – Grenadier

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