Question of the Month – Resolve

So there’s this blogger named Kim from Later Levels who poses a monthly question.  I haven’t responded to any of them before due to never having time.  But I seem to have some today and I’ve decided to answer!  And steal the banner image (sorry Kim, I hope you don’t mind).  Exciting times, I know.

Anyway, the question is “Which video game character is most likely to stick to their resolution, and what would it be?

Is your resolution to become MASSIVELY SHREDDED?

This is much harder than I thought it would be.  I immediately decided on a character from a series I have never played: Kratos.  He’s got a lot of resolve hasn’t he?  Full of determination to keep on going, murdering all and sundry until he achieves his goal.  But then I thought “What if his New Year’s resolution is about not killing things?” and changed my mind.

What I need is someone who has resolve for whatever is placed in from of them.  This discounts most game characters, as many of them are one trick ponies (that trick mostly being killing).  And that’s when it struck me:

Mario. Look, I know it’s the easy answer but just becuase it’s easy doesn’t mean it’s wrong!

The guy will turn his hand to pretty much anything that is placed in front of him.  I genuinely can’t think of anyone else who is more suited to folling through on a resolution.


16 thoughts on “Question of the Month – Resolve

  1. I think if Kratos made a resolution the guy would stick to it. He’s just super intense and passionate about what he does, which granted is mostly killing but I think if it were like, eat more veggies, he’d still be ace at it.

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      1. He’d probably just kill whomever it was that pissed him off and continue on with his determined quest to eat those veggies. 🙂

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  2. You’ve definitely got a point there! After all, Mario got his Doctor’s degree and we all know how tough that is! Then to also become a Pro Baseball player and Professional Teacher? That’s dedication!

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  3. I’ve seen this question and I’m trying to think of a good answer to it, too, but I just can’t settle on anyone. Of course I’m going through the Final Fantasy series, because…well it’s me. I can think of people who would keep it, but I can’t think of what the resolution is, or it’s something I can’t mention because it might draw undo attention lol. I’m hoping I can think of something before the deadline.

    Kratos pretty much killed off all the gods didn’t he? Yeah, not someone I’d bet against in the Resolution poll. You have any plans to play the new game? I might need to find an LP of that to watch. Looks amazing.

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      1. This is another one I’d watch. It’s visually stunning and like all morally grey characters of course he has a tragic back story hehe. One of the best things about this time is that even if I don’t want to play a game (or dole out the money for it) I can almost always find someone willing to stream or LP it.

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    1. It’s one of those series that has never interested me, in spite of liking that genre rather a lot. I’m not sure if it’s the setting, the story, or Kratos as a character, but something puts me off playing it.


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