I’m Rob, and Here’s What I’ve Been Playing – 04/03/18

Well, the charity marathon was a success!  Over £400 raised by a whole host of beautiful people as my eyes gradually tried to escape from my head in protest over the incoming deluge of colours.  It was pretty great though.  Anyway, a sane person may be off games for a little while afterwards.  I was not, and I played a few things.


I started the remake/rerelease/remaster/whatever they’re calling it of Shadow of the Colossus during said marathon, and I finished it during the week.  It was pretty great, but the final colossus annoyed me a little bit.  Still, it was a hell of a game and I kind of want to go and have a go at a few of the time trials for fun.  Just not the final one or the sand snake one.  They can sod off.


I started on last month’s Xbox Games with Gold offering: Shadow Warrior.  Also a remake which tells me a lot about the current state of gaming.  Anyway, it’s ok.  It hasn’t grabbed me to the point of wanting to play it, but equally it hasn’t put me off the the extent I want to quit.  It feels like the definition of average to me, although I can see that it’s actually really quite good, just not for me.  The sword is fun to use though.


I finished Q.U.B.E. fairly quickly and had a fairly good time with it.  The puzzles were satisfying to solve, and just on the right side of difficult so that you feel smart for solving them without being so easy you finish it in no time.  That said, there were some physics puzzles that were annoying.  They’re the sort where you know what the solution is, but you need to various objects to do what you want them to.  Those were a little frustrating, but I did enjoy playing it, and the story had a good element of mystery to it.  I also played Q.U.B.E. 2, but I can’t say anything about that yet because of embargo shenanigans.  Suffice to say, it is a game.  Let’s move on.

It looks so simple. Doesn’t it?

Managed to get started on Mario + Rabbids this week, but I’ve only played around 20 minutes so far so there’s very little I can say.  At any rate, it seems like fun but it has XCOM to live up to, so good luck plumber and rabbit…monster…things.

Past Cure also got played.  You may have seen a little about this around the internet (and especially one Twitter), most of which hasn’t been terribly flattering.  It’s not great by any stretch, but that is very disappointing as you can see that the developers genuinely wanted to make something good.  There were some really interesting parts of the game, in particular the nightmare sections, but the story was convoluted and the gameplay was fairly bland.  The cutscene animations are mostly gorgeous which seems to be where the bulk of the budget went.  A pity, and I hope the developers don’t give up and try to make something with a smaller scale.

Past Cure
Past Cure has a pretty interesting world at times.

In hindsight, I seem to have played a surprising amount in the past week and a bit!  Go me!  What about you though?  Have you had anything good on the cards?  Or something terrible?  Let me know and I’ll add it to my never ending “to play” list!

17 thoughts on “I’m Rob, and Here’s What I’ve Been Playing – 04/03/18

  1. Past Cure sounds very interesting but if it’s bad then I guess it’s a pass for me. I’ve had my share of actual bad games in which they still give me nightmares, lol.

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    1. It’s hugely overpriced for what it is sadly. There’s some potential there, but the developers clearly bit off more than they could chew. If they aim smaller scale next time they may be able to pull something off.

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  2. I liked QUBE when I reviewed it, but not enough to have any interest in the sequel. Curious to hear what you think of Rabbids after a handful of hours. I liked it, but the exploration only gave concept art stuff so the battles were the only draw… and doing more than 2 or 3 per day was mentally exhausting lol.

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  3. I’ve been a Dynasty Warriors 9 marathon since it released last month. I’m 80 hours in and still haven’t completed the game with all of my favorite characters yet. I want to play Fatal Bullet, but I don’t have a computer chair at the moment so I’ve been sticking with games that I can play easily with a controller instead of games that require a mouse and keyboard. I’ve also been playing Dragon Quest Builders and Ever Oasis. I’m not crazy about either game so I don’t play them much.

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  4. Shadow of the Colossus is a solid game that manages to be better than 90% of the art games it inspired. In fact, to celebrate its remake’s release, it shall be the next game I will talk about, so I’ll be sure to expand my thoughts then.

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  5. QUBE seems pretty cool, and I could probably use a palette cleanser from all the racing games I’ve been playing recently so, I might have to hunt that down. On my side, I’ve been playing a lot of Burnout as I revisit the series before the Paradise remaster. I’ve also been slowly making some progress in Monster Hunter and Xenoblade Chronicles.

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      1. It’s funny about QUBE because it is $2.50 this week on Xbox One as part of their Deals With Gold so, I don’t have much excuse to not give it a try now.

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  6. I’m on that list of people who kicked Past Cure’s butt in a review. Shadow Warrior is fun, Shadow Warrior 2 even more so. Always remember this silly line from SW2 when Lo Wang is explaining the “Way of Wang,” as it were something philosophical. “The Way of Wang is long and hard, and ribbed for her pleasure.” It’s a stupid comment but it’s so stupid it made me laugh, especially because of how sincere the guy sounds

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    1. I’m not sure I’m going to finish Shadow Warrior. It’s fairly fun and, as you said, it’s got a good sense of humour, but it’s just not grabbing me. The weapons aren’t all that fun to use and I’m finding the movement a bit more floaty than I’d like. I’ll go back to it some time next week and give it one more go.

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      1. I do remember that SW1’s levels got to me later on, particularly on their length. SW2 on the other hand has bunches of smaller maps with objectives, so it’s easier to take. it’s also a lot more versatile in terms of weapons, skills, and so on

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