I’m Rob, and Here’s What I’ve Been Playing – 13/4/18

Damn, that 10K took it out of me what with it being so bloody hot and all.  Spent the next day feeling a bit rough.  But I made it through!  I know, I know, you were worried for a moment there, but you’ll be pleased to know that I’m 100% alright.  Alright enough to write about some video games, and especially those I’ve been playing.

Mario + Rabbids: Kingdom Battle

I feel like I’ve been playing this forever, mainly because I dip in and out of it when I fancy a couple of levels.  It’s really nice to have an XCOM style game that has that pick up and play feel to it, rather than having to remember what your current main objectives are, what threats need eliminating, and who you shout spend your resources on.  Don’t get me wrong, I love that stuff, but sometimes it’s nice to just have the tactical side without having to think about the overall strategy.

Mario + Rabbids
I’m going to miss Rabbid Peach

Anyway.  I finished it!  I finally defeated the great evil and all that.  The final mission was a little tame compared to the one that came before it, but it was a satisfying game throughout for the most part.  I’ve dipped into a couple of the challenge missions but that’s about it.  I’ll probably touch on it here and there, but I think I’m very much done with it for now.  Good stuff here!



Speaking of games with an XCOM style, I’ve been playing a ton of BATTLETECH.  I played quite a lot of the MechWarrior games when I was younger, particularly MechWarrior 2: Mercenaries, and MechWarrior 3.  They were mech simulation games, with lots of different ways to load out your stompy death robot, and plenty of depth to the controls.  It reminded me of TIE Fighter, but stompier.  I also had a little dabble in MechCommander, which was set in the same universe but as an RTS game.  It was pretty hard but quite satisfying to play.  It was a series I really enjoyed, but it disappeared for a long time, so it turning up on Kickstarter as a turn based strategy game had me instantly throwing money at it.

Mmmm. Love them stompy robots.

I’m not familiar with the original tabletop game, but I am familiar with turn based strategy games with an “overworld” and perma-death for characters.  I’ve put in around 20 hours in the past week which is quite a lot for me.  I love the battles, I love playing with all the mechs I remember, and I love that every move matters.  I don’t love the story, but I’m not in it for that.  I’m in it for big stompy robots stomping on other big stompy robots!  And I love it right now, brutal difficulty and all.

Project Nimbus

Project Nimbus
Plenty of stompy robot action here too. Although there tends to be more flying than stomping.

Speaking of games with giant robots, I played Project Nimbus on PS4 for Big Boss Battle.  It kind of feels like Zone of the Enders but a little undercooked.  It certainly looks pretty when it’s in action though!  If you keep an eye on bigbossbattle.com you might see my review of it crop up.

Death Road to Canada

Death Road to Canada
I can get pretty crowded if you’re not careful.

Speaking of Big Boss Battle, I wrote about this for the lovely folks over there, who kindly furnished me with a review copy for Switch.  It previously appeared on PC, but having it in portable form is utterly perfect for a game like this.  You travel from America to Canada in the style of The Oregan Trail, fighting off the zombie hordes to gather supplies as you do.  It’s fun, it’s hard, and it’s got a great sense of humour.  Have a read in the link above for a better break down of it.

Player Unknown’s BattleGrounds

Speaking of dying a lot, I’ve been playing some more PUBG on and off.  I don’t know why I like playing this.  I’m terrible at it, but for some reason I keep coming back to it.  I’m not even sure if I’m having fun!  I don’t understand what’s so compelling about it.  Maybe it’s because the games are fairly quick for the most part (for me anyway).  Whatever it is, I keep coming back to it for a few games here and there.

Player Unknown's Battlegrounds
Pew pew pew!

I did have a pretty obnoxious game in which I found about 20 different backpacks and no weapons at all.  I suppose that random element is pretty enjoyable.  Perhaps it’s the same reason loot boxes are addictive: you never know what you’ll get, and maybe this time will be the one where you get everything you need and claim victory.

Donkey Kong Country: Tropical Freeze

Speaking of…I can’t think of one for this.  So here’s a confession: this is my first DKC game.  I haven’t played any of the previous entries, but I kept on hearing good things about this and picked it up yesterday.  I’ve played the first couple of levels and…it’s ok I suppose.  Maybe it picks up later on, but after the (very brief) time I’ve spent with it, it hasn’t really grabbed me.  I’ll keep playing away at it here and there though.

It’s been an eventful few week at IPTG Tower (yes, I live in a tower now), and yet I still managed to squeeze in plenty of game.  What have you played?  Plenty of Donkey Kong I bet!  Tell me about it, and have yourself a great week.  Thanks for stopping by!

17 thoughts on “I’m Rob, and Here’s What I’ve Been Playing – 13/4/18

  1. I play lots of PUBG as well, I’m not brilliant at it at all either 😛 It is just, it is hard to master, and there is always something to achieve. When you kill someone in the game it feels like you are the master of the universe.

    I do play Sea of Thieves, however it is kinda boring when you are solo. Brilliant game, awesome graphics, but you need company. Whistle if you need a mate on the deck.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. “It reminded me of TIE Fighter, but stompier” – the best advertising line in history of video games.
    Let’s say that someone has never played any Mechwarrior game. Which part would you recommend to play first, just to “jump” into the series?

    Liked by 1 person

    1. In terms of the sim games, 4 was certainly the most user friendly, but they’re all pretty outdated by today’s standards. Battletech is pretty great and does plenty to ease you in though, but it’s a bit slow for the first few hours.

      Liked by 1 person

    1. I loved Everspace! Are you playing on normal? It’s incredibly difficult and I dropped down to easy simply to allow me to start progressing. I got to the final sector a couple of time once I did that!


  3. Way to string each game together up until the end and wow, you’ve been busy. I’ve been playing Fortnite and Super Mega Baseball 2 while ignoring God of War for some reason.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I thought that too, but there are some stages that are incredibly hard unless you have the right characters. Having said that, Rabbid Peach stayed with me throughout as she felt like the best healer.


  4. I’ve been playing Mario + Rabbids, too. It’s more challenging than I’d thought it would be even with the “easy” mode in the beginning of battles. I almost didn’t make it through the first mid-boss (the piranha plant) with only the Rabbid Princess alive. I got Luigi though, and I’m enjoying it, which is really all that’s important!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Surprisingly I found the early bosses to be far harder than the later ones simply because I had fewer character options. Bringing the right party into the fight really makes a difference, so I occasionally looked up the best team composition if I was struggling. Glad you’re having a good time with it!

      Liked by 1 person

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