My Top 10 Most Played Games on Steam.

Ah, Steam.  You used to be great, but now you’re filled with crap.  It becomes harder and harder to find games that are actually good in amongst the 20+ games a day that are released onto the store.  Still, over the years I’ve picked up some games that I’ve genuinely enjoyed and put a lot of time into.  So here are those games that I’ve spent the most time on over the years.  It may not seem like a lot to some people, but I’ve never really been one to put 100+ hours into games (well, apart from World of Warcraft).

I played a lot of this. But it’s not on Steam so it doesn’t count.

Oh, and try not to judge me too harshly for some of them,

10: BattleTech (36 hours)

Oh yes, the game I only got a few weeks ago after Kickstarting it in 2015.  I’ve managed to put a day-and-a-half into it during the campaign over the course of three weeks, which is a lot for me.  BattleTech is one of those games that I was constantly looking forward to playing more.  I’d find my mind wandering to what adjustments I could make to increase heat efficiency, or to allow a heavier mech to heavy greater mobility.  The fact that it had a solid campaign with the option to take randomly generated contracts to earn more money and salvage meant there was a lot of content if you wanted it.

Only the biggest, stompiest robots will do.

There’s so much depth too!  I spent a lot of that 36 hours tinkering with Battlemechs in the ‘mech bay, trying to find a way to get an extra laser onto a Battlemaster, or to protect the vulnerable Gauss Rifle on my Highlander with additional armour.  If I’m honest, I did need to replay one or two missions after catastrophic failures, but those added hours were enjoyable all the same.

9: Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 – Multiplayer (40 hours)

Honestly, this one surprised me.  I remember playing a fair bit of this at the time (I picked it up on sale) but I had no idea I’d reached 40 hours.  I know the Call of Duty series gets a lot of stick, but the multiplayer suite tends to be very solid and easy to get into.  Sure, you can get destroyed by 13-year-olds who all claim to have spent the night with various members of your family, but you can also drop in for a couple of quick games and have a bit of fun.  It’s easy to get into, fairly well polished, and unlike more recent entries, doesn’t have too many complex systems to get to grips with.

Call of Duty Black Ops 2

Whilst I may not remember spending all this time playing it, I do remember enjoying the games I did play.  I’ll never claim to be good, but I will say that those who claim that Call of Duty‘s multiplayer is terrible are spouting hyperbole.  It may not be great, but it’s pretty damn solid, with depth if you want it, and simplicity if you need it.

8: Civilization V (42 hours)

This one also surprised me, but for the opposite reason.  How have I not spent longer playing Civ V?  A standard game of this can easily take 10s of hours.  I’ve played it through a few times, but I often set the game speed to quick, meaning technologies come around faster and games are far shorter.  To be honest though, if I had set the game length to epic, then 42 hours would probably be the duration of a single game.

Civilization 5
I’m not saying I always go for a domination victory, but you should probably worry about my war machine.

If you’re not aware, Civ is all about leading a civilization through the ages with the aim of world domination, scientific discovery, cultural superiority, amongst others.  Games take a long time as you move from living in tiny villages all the way to sprawling cities as you develop your technology down a path to your intended method of victory.  With so many different nations to play as, a number of different map types, and different numbers of enemies (amongst many other variables), there are a ton of different ways to play this game.  I theory you could never get bored of it if light 4X games are your cup of tea.

7: Darkest Dungeon (45 hours)

If you counted the time spent on the Xbox and Switch (yes, I triple dipped on this one!) versions as well, this would be near on 100 hours if not more.  I love the Lovecraftian horror, I love the gothic visuals, I love the challenging gameplay,  Having to beat the same boss multiple times is a bit irritating, and there is something of a grind when you lose a powerful character, but other than that I’m a huge fan of this.

Darkest Dungeon
I rather like the Bounty Hunter. He does a lot of head smashing for me.

Starting at the hamlet outside your family estate, you’ll dive into the halls within and the tunnels below to uncover the horrors your ancestor released on the world.  The ragtag bunch of warriors you hire become more powerful as you invest time and money into them, but there’s always the risk of them being driven mad by the horrors they encounter.  I really liked the stress mechanic as it made you think more carefully about the actions you take and gave you another meter to manage over the usual health bar.  There’s a ton to like about this, and it’s very easy to pour a lot of time into it.

6: Team Fortress 2 (47 hours)

I haven’t played this for quite a long time, but there was a while during which I’d keep coming back to the crazy colourful multiplayer shooter.  I started to fall out of love with it once all the different weapons and items started cropping up.  Whilst there wasn’t an all powerful weapon that would dominate opponents, having to spend time studying which weapons and items would have what effect isn’t what I wanted from Team Fortress 2.  I just wanted the fun.

I love the art style.

Whent it didn’t have all that extra complexity though, it was tremendous.  I couldn’t get enough of it, and “just one more game” was cemented in my head for a long time.  The presentation helped a lot, but the well balanced gameplay and the fact that every class felt different and had something to offer kept it constantly fresh.  I’d happily keep going back for another round of capture the intelligence.

5: CS:GO (49 hours)

For a lot of people, 49 hours is a paltry length of time for a game of this stature.  It should be noted though, that I started playing this around the time of 1.4 (I think), so perhaps 49 hours isn’t a real representation of the time I’ve spent playing this.  At any rate, I don’t think there’s anyone who plays PC games who doesn’t know what Counterstrike is.  An incredibly serious competitive online FPS where people go so deep as to analyse bullet spray patterns.  I’m terrible at it.

Counter Strike Global Operations
Anyone who has played Counterstrike knows what that gun is…

But it’s very compelling.  Every game has the potential to be different to the last, and every time you play you genuinely feel as though you’re improving.  It’s just a shame that it’s become a haven for weapon skin farming.  The plus side about this version is that you don’t really need to worry about being super serious about it.  There are quick game modes to just have a bit of fun, and the casual playlist is always a good option without having to set aside a full hour to play it.

4: Clicker Heroes (56 hours)

Look, just don’t judge me for this.  Clicker Heroes is my gulti pleasure game.  At least it was until I finally concluded that I wasn’t really doing anything.  The high hours on this is down to the fact that I would just leave the game running.

Clicker Heroes
Oh, just 5 more minutes to beat the next “boss”…

If you aren’t aware, Clicker Heroes is an idle game.  In this instance, you click on monsters to kill them and earn money which can be spent on additional characters to fight for you.  You literally leave the game to play itself.  So yes, I’m a little ashamed of this one.

3: XCOM 2 (69 hours)

I do like me some XCOM 2.  69 hours is the result of 2 campaigns so far, andI’ll happily go back for a third later on this year.  Honestly, if I could get away with awarding this game Game of the Year every year, I would.  Serious turn based combat in which every action matters, and mistakes can result in the loss of even your most powerful soldiers.  This is coupled with an overworld of sorts, in which you need to develop new weapons and decide how to take on the aliens for maximum impact with minimum loss.

XCOM 2 final cutscene
That’s a lot of bloom…

And it’s hard.  Even on the easiest setting it can be a stiff challenge at various points during the game.  Thankfully, there are plenty of in game options and mods that allow you to tailor the game’s challenge level to suit you.  Taking a group of soldiers (named after your friends of course) into a covert mission, setting up the perfect ambush, before taking out a squad of aliens is incredibly satisfying.  Of course, you may not have noticed that other squad just behind a nearby building who come running once you start opening fire.  I hope you’re adaptable.

2: Borderlands 2 (81 hours)

This is another one that really is much longer due to having finished it one PC and on XBox seperately.  The thing with Borderlands is that I find it a terrible grind at times.  There are certain sections of the game(s) in which the enemies are insane bullet sponges, making some parts take far longer than necessary.  But still I wanted to carry on.  Sure the humour was great at times, but I’ll be honest.  It was all about the guns!

Borderlands 2
My character of choice. Why would I not want a giant deathbot as a buddy?

There’s just so much loot!  Every encounter has a good chance of you finding an exciting new gun.  Around every corner is another chest that may contain a hugely powerful weapon.  Every enemy explodes in a shower of loot giving you plenty of chance to discover something new.  Plus you have multiple characters with plenty of different builds to keep things interesting.  And then there’s that most important of features (for me) in an FPS: split screen co-op!  Lovely.

1: XCOM: Enemy Unknown/Within (132 hours)

If this surprises you in any way, welcome!  You’ve clearly not been here very often and deserve to know the truth: XCOM is the best game series.  As reboots go, this is pretty impressive, as it took everything from the original games and streamlined them.  It was a case of cut out the fluff and maintain the soul of the classics.

XCOM enemy unknown
I hate these things.

I suspect the only reason I’ve spent longer on this version than the sequel is because it’s been out longer meaning I’ve gone through the campaign 3 or 4 times (plus I’ve tinkered with the Long War mod that expands the game even more).  The Enemy Within expansion added a lot more options for your soldiers, as well as a situation in which the aliens launch a counter offensive against your base which can be pretty tense when you don’t know when it’s coming.  The follow up is (in my opinion) superior, but this is still an absolute belter.

Sunless Sea
I really need to check out Sunless Skies sometime.

Some near misses include One Finger Death Punch which I played for a surprising amount of time considering how simplistic it is.  Sunless Sea which could really go on forever, and Danganronpa should also get a mention as they took up a lot of time when I played them.  What have you played most on Steam?  I bet you’ve spent a lot longer on some of yours than I have on mine!

38 thoughts on “My Top 10 Most Played Games on Steam.

  1. My most played has to be Geometry Dash. I am addicted to it even if I’m just not too good at it. Other than that, it would be Ahnayro: The Dream World and The Black Watchmen which are two great Alternate Reality games but the length is because of all the research that needs to be done to decipher the puzzles and such.

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    1. I’m not familiar with Geometry Dash, but Black Watchmen is something I had on my wish list for a while but dropped simply because I doubted I’d be able to put the time into it! It does look pretty cool!


      1. I haven’t put nearly as much time as other people have since I’m still in Season 1 but its expanded into a huge alternate reality with Ahnayro and now NITE Team 4 is coming out soon. So its pretty impressive. Its nice because the missions are really pick up and put down easily. So I sometimes go on for months without jumping in. Its a pretty great game, I highly recommend it 🙂

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  2. My most played games on Steam? I can only think of a few since I don’t have a laptop right now.

    1. Skyrim – 1,000 hours
    2. Warframe – 600 hours
    3. Dark Souls 3 – 300

    That’s honestly all I can think of. The Witcher 3 is one of my most played games of all time but I completed that on GoG and Xbox One.

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      1. I’ve completed Dark Souls III about 45 times. I have 13 characters and I’ve completed the game multiple times with each one.

        And Skyrim is my favorite game of all time. That’s not including my PS3 and Switch hours 🙂

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    1. 300 is pretty incredible considering how long it’s been out. I personally quite like that indie games don’t require a huge amount of time. I like my games short and sweet.

      Having said that I must be over the 30 hour mark in Hyrule Warriors.


  3. In total, I’ve spent 732 hours with Sunless Sea and the Zubmariner add-on, and I still have to get all possible endings and achievements. Now I don’t even know what to think about myself.
    Other long-runners on my Steam list: Fallout NV (353 h), Fallout 4 (283 h), Verdun (156 h), War Thunder (75 h), and Volgarr the Viking (60 h). To be sincere, I’ve grown tired of time-consuming RPGs and prefer games with less content now, but I still have to finish both Fallout games so the numbers will get even higher.

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    1. Super open ended games like Sunless Sea seem like a great way to pour in a lot of time. There’s a lot to see and do and they add new content from time to time (I loved the Christmas one). Have you played Sunless Skies?

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      1. Sure, I bought Skies immediately after the release. If you liked the prequel, you’ll like it too. The game is still in Early Access phase but they fix bugs and add new content on a regular basis. In a few words, the gameplay is quite similar to Sunless Sea, but the setting is different (and even more scary), combat and trade mechanics have changed, visual art has been greatly improved and the soundtrack is solid like in the previous game. I wouldn’t recommend to buy it now unless you’re an absolute fan, but I’m sure it will be a great game when they finish it.

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  4. I own XCom at least twice over, thanks to PS+ and Steam sales, but I’ve always been a bit scared to start it. For some reason I have the impression that you can get into a no-win state that requires starting the game over from scratch, but that may have been the old DOS game?

    My top 5 probably aren’t that weird but I expect a few eyebrows raised at #4:

    Skyrim @ 222 hours – I got just a little hooked and had to get all the achievements.
    Dark Souls 3 @ 111 hours – a couple of playthroughs and going back for the DLC as released really added up.
    Dark Souls: PTDE @ 70 hours (another 65 on the remaster on PS4)
    Blades of Time @ 52 hours (the best multiplayer game nobody played in multiplayer)
    Dark Souls 2 @ 51 hours (and another 60 on the Scholar edition on PS4)

    Kind of a theme here I guess. 🙂

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    1. It’s probably possible to get into a position where you’re “stuck”, but you’d probably see it coming a fair way off. Plus you can always play on a lower difficulty!

      Blades of Time. I think I recognise the name but that’s about it!


  5. Oh dear. A subject I’ve jokingly dreaded looking into!

    Top 5
    Secret World Legends – 535 Hours
    Final Fantasy XIV – 231 Hours
    Left 4 Dead 2 – 135 hours
    Elder Scrolls: Skyrim – 64 hours
    Stardew Valley – 62 hours

    I’m *positive* SWL has some idle time in there but that’s probably not too far off. Cripes…

    Loving your list, though- it reminds me that I really need to get on playing through XCom and XCom 2 soon!

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  6. Some solid choices! I actually don’t do a lot of PC gaming, so my PC gaming stats from Steam aren’t entirely representative of how much gaming I actually do — but PlayStation doesn’t track time. (Switch does, however, so I can admire how much of my life has been lost to Xenoblade Chronicles 2 and Hyrule Warriors.)

    My Steam list is as follows:

    1. RPG Maker MV (124 hours)
    2. The Witcher 3: (95 hours)
    3. Grand Theft Auto V (95 hours) — this one surprises me as I don’t even like the game that much, haha
    4. Manga Maker ComiPo! (95 hours)
    5. TyranoBuilder (94 hours)
    6. TrackMania United (48 hours)
    7. Recettear (48 hours)
    8. Star Trek Online (48 hours)
    9. The Witcher (42 hours)
    10. Dungeon Defenders (41 hours)

    If I had FFXIV on Steam the top of this list would look a little different! But… well, apparently I use Steam more for being creative than actually playing games. 🙂

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  7. One of my annoyances with Steam is that it only tracks playtime when you are online. My number 1 is TF2 at over 90 hours, while my number 2 is Fallout 4 at over 60. But there was a period of my life when I had only intermittent net connection, and I used offline mode a lot. My Fallout New Vegas and Fallout 3 save files are both over 100 hours, but this was unfortunately never caught by Steam due to playing them offline.

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    1. I have that problem, but I think the games I played without Internet were pretty short so I doubt they’d have changed much here. It can’t be hard for Steam to record the times whilst offline though!


  8. I’ve hit Civ V up for a few hundred hours. Always wanted to try Darkest Dungeon. I agree Xcom is amazing both 1 and 2. Great arrive. My top 3 steam games are.
    Eve Online – 840 hrs
    Ark survival evolved – 270 hrs
    Cities Skylines – 222 hrs

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  9. CS is my fave game to play on PC. There’s nothing quite like trying to defuse that bomb on de_dust before the enemy wins. I have about 69 hours into CS: GO, I prefer CS: Source much more than CS: Go but I think Source is dead. The number one I play most of the time on PC is either Day of Defeat: Source or Battlefield 1.

    I remember I got absorbed into Borderlands 2 back in 2012, I think that was one of my most played games of last generation. Here are my top 5:

    1) Day of Defeat: Source
    2) The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim
    3) Fallout: New Vegas
    4) Call of Duty: World at War
    5) CS: Go

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