The Video Game World Cup.

Well Shoot the Rookie has come up with a rather good idea: The Video Game World Cup!  You might have noticed that there’s the World Cup going on right now, in which teams representing nations around the world come together to play football (proper football).  Shoot the Rookie has found that there’s an extra slot for another team though, and who better to enter an international competition than a team filled with video game characters?  No one I tell you!  Bloggers have been invited to make suggestions for players in different positions for this all star team, and I’ve decided to throw my suggestion into the ring (I’m mixing sports metaphors!) and here it is.



So there’s a concept in football (proper football) called “park the bus”.  The idea is that, when defending, you have as much defence as possible to block any shot on the goal.  This concept very much informed my decision when it came to choosing a goalkeeper.  Why have loads of defence when you can simply have a goalkeeper that no one could ever get past?  Introducing:

Wyzen – Asura’s Wrath

I don’t see anyone getting a cheeky toe-poke past this fella.

Some say that goalkeepers need to be agile.  I’ve gone against this concept and gone for an absolutely massive bastard that would simply be an impenetrable barrier.  Wyzen is literally the size of a planet.  His middle finger alone is enough to create a giant crater in the Earth and would probably be enough to prevent any footballs (PROPER footballs) from ending up in the net.  Admittedly, there’s a good chance that there wouldn’t be any room in the stadium for other players.  And that’s assuming there was a stadium left after he’d poked his pinky in place, but this is my pick and I guarantee that Team Video Game would come away with a clean sheet with this monster blocking the goal.

Having said that, if the opposing team fielded Asura, there could be a few problems.  These two have a messy history.

I don’t care how many arms you have, it’s all about the feet in (proper) football!

Who would you field in the Video Game World Cup?  Why not join in and field your own players in the hopes of winning the trophy?  I’d love to see who Whyzen will be playing with.


3 thoughts on “The Video Game World Cup.

  1. Excellent choice! I’m looking forward to Jose Mourinho signing him for next season and using the words ‘absolutely massive bastard’ on a regular basis. Thank you again for taking part, Wyzen is definitely a safe (and GIANT) pair of hands!

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