5 Games to Play Whilst Drunk

Recently I received the suggestion to do a list of 5 games to play whilst drunk!  I do enjoy the odd glass (bottle) of whisky, so gaming whilst drunk may have been something I’ve done in the past.  Generally it’s more fun to do this with other players, but that doesn’t mean these are only multiplayer games!  It’s often just as much fun to wacth someone fumble around in a single player game.  So here we have five games that are great fun to play after a few beers, bourbons, or Bacardis!  Try not to mix them.

Yep.  That lot should do the job.

Oh, and be aware of some potentially coarse language ahead.

Mario Party

Alright, so there are a ton of Mario Party games, and as far as I’m concerned you can pick pretty much any of them for this.  The simplicity of the main game board crossed with the basic rules for the mini games mean you can play with little trouble after a few pints.  The fact that the bulk of the game feels random regardless of what you do means that any inebriation is unlikely to hold you back from your seemingly predetermined result.

Win all the games you want, you’ll only claim overall victory if the random dice rolls favour you!

The mini games are mostly fun in all situations, and you’ll probably have a great time with everyone involved.  That’s assuming no one rages over the bullshit dice rolls that will invariably decide the final victor.

Jackbox Party Pack

Ok, so this is a bit of a cop-out as there are 20 games (including sequels) by this point, but it’s very hard to choose just one!  Yes, there are a few that are weaker, such as Survive the Internet and Tee K. O. but there are so many that work well after a beer or three that I couldn’t narrow it down.  Whether you want to type in funny answers in Fibbage or Quiplash, or draw terrible pictures in Drawful or Bidiots, you’re bound to find something fun.  And seeing as it’s all controlled via your phone, even those opposed to games will be able to join in and have a good time.

Just a sample of the high class pictures you can create…

The great thing is that the games are pretty much as funny and/or crude as you want them to be seeing as you input the answers yourselves.  Want to keep it clean?  Assuming everyone agrees then that’s easy enough.  Want to be a smutbag?  Feel free to draw a bunch of dicks!  Sober or otherwise, assuming you can see your phone screen, you’re sure to have fun.



So long as you’re not utterly sloshed, Overcooked may well be a good choice with a few drinks.  The controls are easy, as is the premise!  Cook food to order co-operatively!  How hard can it possibly be?  Well very as it turns out, as the kitchens tend to be on pirate ships (the cooking stations slide around) or in haunted houses (it’s so dark!) meaning things are far more difficult.

Overcooked Rat
Everything seems so calm…THEN THE FIRES START!

The thing here is that you’ll probably do just as badly when drunk as you would when sober, simply because co-ordinating four chefs whilst an earthquake causes half the kitchen to become impossible to get to is difficult regardless of your sobriety.  The fact their’s a dedicated “swear” button to yell at someone to get out of your way is an added bonus.  Although you’ll probably be doing that in real life anyway.

Layers of Fear

This is more of a subjective one, and it’s a lot of fun to watch someone else play whilst they’re drunk.  This is inspired by a Gameblast stream from a couple of years ago, in which a friend who visited drank a bottle of wine and decided to try her hand at this horror game.  Those of you who don’t know, Layers of Fear uses a “grab and move” style of control.  So to open something, you look at the handle, press a button to grab it, then move back or forward to open the drawer/door/chest.  Suffice to say, getting a drunk perosn to comprehend that caused a few laughs.

Layers of Fear Art Work
Well aren’t you just lovely…

Beyond that though, playing a horror game when drunk is a pretty bizarre experience.  Things tend to feel silly rather than frightening in my experience, especially when the atmosphere is meant to be unsettling and creepy rather than utterly terrifying.  Sections in which crayon drawings on walls come to life just feel comical.  If you haven’t played a horror game after a few beers, give it a go!

Any half decent fighting game from the past few years

No way I’m narrowing this down!  Pick a fighting game, drink too much, hit buttons and watch cool stuff happen.  For the most part, modern fighting games are great for this as a lot of them have options for auto-combos that look impressive regardless of your skill level.  So if you get a group of friends together after a few drinks, you can expect an explosion of awesome looking attacks.

Marvel vs Capcom Infinite
Smashing buttons until something awesome happens!

Obviously when you win it was down to pure skill, whereas a defeat was down to bullshit button bashing.  Dragonball FighterZ is great here as literally everything looks bonkers, with teleports, flying kicks, and energy blasts flying out if you even look at the controller.  Who needs skill when you can get drunk and smash some buttons?

Some other mentions here (and there were so many options).  Buzz: The Music Quiz is a lot of fun assuming you’ve got enough of your faculties to remember some obscure musical knowledge.  The inclusion of a big red button to hit when you know the answer is a stroke of genius.  Rocket League (now a regular fixture here) is great in local play when the drinks are flowing so long as you don’t expect to score any goals.  And then there’s the classic Wii Sports.  Simple controls, fun games, and accessible enjoyment!

Yep. That’s what humans look like…

What are your go-to games if you’re having a few glasses?  I’m sure there are more than a few local play games you have on standby.  Or are there ones you find enjoyable on your own after a whisky or two?  Tell me about them so I can play them too.  *hic*

10 thoughts on “5 Games to Play Whilst Drunk

  1. I have a game that I like to play when I’m drunk… Skyrim. Not only because I love the game, but also because when I get back on it the next day I’ll be like: Where am I? Why am I here? What did I do? WHAT HAPPENED.
    And then retracing what I had done, whilst my boyfriend laughs at me for a good 5 minutes ahaha

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  2. Awesome list! Totally agree about fighting games, they are great when drunk. I find that drinking levels the playing field a bit too as I’m not generally that great at them.
    My favourite game to play drunk though is Guitar Hero. One or two beers makes me better, and by the time I’ve had 4 or 5 I don’t really care anymore and it’s just fun to rock out!

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