New Console – New Games!

It’s always exciting to get a new console. So many possibilities, so many games, and whether you’ve picked it up at launch or bought it years down the line, you always have that first game you bring home with it. Whilst this is becoming less common with the growth in digital gaming, every system you have had, or will ever have had a first game. So I got to thinking about what the first game I played on each of my consoles was.

A lot of consoles I got as a youngster came a fair bit after they had been released, so the games below are often ones that arrived long after the console launched. I’ve also not included PC for various reasons, not least of which is that we had a few over the years. No handhelds either, as I can’t seem to recall when I got them! At any rate, let’s see how my gaming developed over the years.

NES – Super Mario Bros.

My first console! I received this as a 7th birthday present. I remember this well as I noticed it said something like “Ages 8+” somewhere which made me feel super grown up for being underage. Kids, eh? Anyway, this came bundled with Super Mario Bros. as my first ever console game, and I’ve never looked back.

Mario Bros.
Admit it, you can hear the music right now…

What can be said about this game that already been said hundreds of times already? From the now iconic graphics to the perfect placed first enemies and blocks that teach you everything you need to know about the game, this is the game that made Mario recognisable. Yes, there had been games featuring Jumpman himself before, but this set the formula for the series. I remember playing this pretty much every chance I got. I finished it more than a few times, and I remember coming across the warp zones and feeling clever for using them (whether or not I found them myself or I heard it on the playground, I don’t know). The fact that you can still play and enjoy this game is a testament to the excellent design of an absolute classic.

Mega Drive – Streets of Rage 2 (I think)

I’m not certain on this one. I thought it may have been Sonic 2 or 3, but my sister suggested it might have been Streets of Rage 2. I went with her thought, as if it’s wrong I can claim it’s someone else’s fault. I’ve mentioned in the past that I like the Streets of Rage series rather a lot, and this is the game that kickstarted that. I didn’t play the original game, which my wife insists is better, until many years later thanks to one of the various Mega Drive collections that did the rounds.

Streets of Rage
Picking this game meant I could recycle screenshot!

Being another classic, there’s not a huge amount I can say here. My sister and I played this to death. It felt just the right difficulty at the time, and there was plenty of variety in the game. Four quite different characters, lots of different enemies and locations, and the weapons were a lot of fun to play with. I’m very excited for Streets of Rage 4 to finally arrive after all these years of waiting.

PlayStation – Smackdown!

I bought a very cheap second-hand PlayStation from a work colleague specifically for this game having played it at a friend’s house a few times. At the time, I wasn’t really into wrestling, but Smackdown really opened my eyes to another form of entertainment. This was like a fighting game, but with so many more characters and ways to fight a match. Weapons! Victory conditions! Special moves! 4-player action! It was tremendous fun.

PS1 Smackdown
It was a bit different compared to the more slow-paced No Mercy on N64.

Whilst I get a Playstation fairly late in its life, I picked up quite a few games for it, including Time Crisis along with the G-Con light gun, but Smackdown was a game I’d come back to more than a few times. It’s a shame the WWE wrestling games seem to lack the ‘fun’ factor that these early versions seemed to have.

N64 – Pokemon Stadium

Now, Pokemon Stadium isn’t necessarily what I might have picked for my first game for this system (although it was great fun), but there’s a reason why we ended up with it. We got an N64 for Christmas one year, sometime after the console had been released. It was still a popular purchase at the time of year though, so our dad struggled to get one, but get one he did! It was a Pikachu N64. One with the yellow rodent with glowing red cheeks.

Pokemon stadium battles
Whilst the battles were fun, the mini-games were played a lot. Some of them were certainly on par with Mario Party.

Unsurprisingly, Pokemon Stadium was bundled in with it, and we had a fair bit of fun playing the battles and mini-games. If I’m honest, I probably didn’t get as much out of it as I could, but I did eventually get an adaptor that let you connect the Gameboy Pokemon game to Pokemon Stadium and play it through the TV which was pretty neat. It wasn’t a patch on WWF No Mercy though.

Dreamcast – Soul Calibur

This was a Christmas present, and I remember playing a hell of a lot of the demo disc that came with it (why I never ended up buying Ready 2 Rumble I’ll never know). But the game that came with it was Soul Calibur and by god did I play a lot of it! I never played the previous game (in fact, I hadn’t even heard of it at the time) but I was more than happy to be given this to play.

Soul Calibur
Mitsurugi is my boy!

There was so much content and an incredibly varied cast of characters that weren’t simple palette swaps like so many other fighters. I remember spending a fair bit of time on Christmas day playing this and then leaving it running overnight because I didn’t have a VMU to save my game. I went and got one first thing boxing day to save everything and carry on my adventure. I really should try Soul Calibur VI at some point.

PlayStation 2 – The Bouncer

I bought this one from Dixons in town. Now, I remember buying a PlayStation 2, but I don’t really remember why I went The Bouncer as my first game. Maybe it was the (for the time) pretty impressive visuals combined with the fact I like beat ’em up games. Regardless of the reason, I took it home.

The Bouncer
There’s a lot of motion blur, but it actually doesn’t look bad for its age.

It was, as I recall, fine. Other than being quite pretty, nothing really stood out with it. It was a 3D brawler featuring the titular bouncer (who doesn’t look like any bouncer I’ve ever seen) and a couple of allies punching people because reasons. Each character had their own story, though the whole game was incredibly short. I forget the stories themselves but remember there was a 4-player competitive mode which was nice. Honestly, this is one of the most forgettable ‘first games’ I’ve played.

Gamecube – Super Smash Bros. Melee

This is another one I don’t remember buying, but I do remember playing Smash to death! I’m pretty sure it was the first game I picked up for the Gamecube, but I’m not 100%. Anyway, Super Smash Bros. Melee is one of those games that you don’t forget once you’ve played it. 25 characters! Tons of single-player content! Trophies! There’s a reason this one is still popular.

Smash Bros
Marth is my boy! Because Mitsurugi isn’t in this…

The local play on this was fantastic and easy to pick up and play, but taking on a skilled opponent showed just how much depth there was. For the single player, there was a lot to do as well, with an adventure mode, the All-Star Battle, and more to allow you to unlock more characters. It’s great stuff. Honestly, writing this has me pretty excited for Super Smash Bros. Ultimate.

Xbox 360 – Madden NFL 06

God bless my dad. When it came to Christmas presents he would really go out of his way to get us what we asked for. The year the Xbox 360 came out, he managed to find one in spite of it being one of the more popular purchases that year. Apparently, games were also a bit thin on the ground where he managed to find the system, but he picked me up Madden NFL 06 for me.

Madden NFL
Honestly, this could be pretty much any NFL game from the time.

I hadn’t played an NFL game since the Mega Drive (I think), but this was around the time the NFL was becoming a bit more popular in the UK so it was pretty cool to have. I enjoyed it well enough for an annualised sports game and was quite glad to have the online options available too. Still, I don’t think this was the game to show off what the machine could do. Sadly, we had a break in a couple of months after getting it, and the console was stolen. I bought a replacement about a year later with Dead Rising as my new first game, which was really quite impressive at the time.

PlayStation 3 – Heavy Rain

It’s unusual for me to buy a second-hand console (in fact I think this is the only time I ever have) but I was very interested in playing Heavy Rain so I looked for the cheapest way to go about doing that. There are plenty of excellent PS3 exclusives, but this is the one that caught my eye as being something quite so different when compared to most other games out there, especially when it came to console gaming.

Heavy Rain
I love a good murder mystery. There were a few elements of the story that were undercooked though.

In spite of its flaws, I really enjoyed it (my wife enjoyed watching too for that matter) thanks to its bonkers story and almost Saw-esque moments. Multiple paths, main characters that can and will die, and the feeling that your decisions matter more than make up for the occasionally wonky writing. In spite of loving Heavy Rain, I only ever played it through once, because the ending I saw was my ending, and going back to get a different one somehow feels wrong to me. I wonder if anyone else does that.

Wii – Wii Sports

Is this a cop-out? Yes. Yes, it is! I actually got this console free with a mobile phone contract (I was due a new one anyway). I can’t remember what game I bought first, but the first game I played on it was, of course, Wii Sports. Regardless of the tech not being quite perfect, it was a hell of a lot of fun.

Wii Sports
I wasn’t a huge fan of the tennis as I felt the controls weren’t as precise. It could have just me being terrible.

I played a ton of the boxing for some reason, but bowling was the most popular choice. In fact, it’s one of the few times I’ve seen my mother-in-law play video games. It’s a testament to the accessibility of the system that pretty much anyone could play and have fun. Plus, it’s one of the last times I recall that a basic version of a console came bundled with a proper game. I miss those days.

Xbox One – Killer Instinct

I was torn between this and Forza Motorsport 5, as both came with the console (I was given a code to get the full season 1 roster), but I played Killer Instinct first so I’ll go with that. The Xbox One was, I think, the first console I got on launch day. I spent the evening setting it up and managed to play almost nothing before I needed to get some sleep. Work in the morning and all that. Thankfully, Killer Instinct is a fighting game and you can spend 10 minutes dipping into it easily.

Killer Instinct.
It really is very detailed.

I really enjoyed this. I never really got on with the original arcade game, finding it far too hard to get anywhere thanks to the combo/combo breaker system. This version is much more accessible though. With a (very good) tutorial, an arcade mode, and the standard suite of online options, it seems like there isn’t a huge amount to play with. But it’s free to play, you can pay for characters piecemeal or as a full set, and more content was released (mostly free) over the next couple of years. I had a lot of fun playing this, and when you get it right it looks very impressive.

PlayStation 4 – Until Dawn

Oh, look! Another Sony console that I bought pretty much to play only a couple of games. I don’t know why I keep doing that, but so be it. As an aside, I’m pretty happy with a lot of the PS4 exclusives, so I’m more than a little glad I picked this up. I bought this alongside the very impressive looking Until Dawn as I have a bit of a thing for those narrative driven adventure games.

Until Dawn Wendigo
It’s good to see that Smegol is still getting work.

I loved playing Until Dawn. The teen slasher vibe, the multiple endings, the graphic deaths. This was a great interactive horror movie that was made for horror movie fans. You know when you watch a horror movie and yell at the screen because the characters are doing the stupidest thing? Well if you follow your advice in this game, you’ll probably do alright. Apparently, the team behind this are working on a similar game in an episodic style which I’m very much looking forward to.

Nintendo Switch – Super Mario Odyssey

I couldn’t resist Super Mario Odyssey. The fact that the Switch has so many great games and fantastic ports (Diablo 3 on the go? Yes please!) came second to the fact that there was a glorious looking Mario game to play. I wasn’t a huge fan of Super Mario Galaxy, but Odyssey was wonderful from start to finish.

Super Mario Odyssey logo
There are still more costumes being released for this!

The fact that there were so many moons to find meant that even playing for a few minutes meant I could find something I hadn’t seen before. Even now, my 5-year-old likes to play it from time to time and finds moons without any help. Whilst some complain of a short main story, or there being too many moons to find, I found this to be a great experience that had me smiling from start to finish.

So how about you? I’m genuinely interested in what games other people started with. Whilst I’m sure I’m not the first person to write a post about this, I’d love to read other peoples’ first games. Let me know below, or write a post yourself and send me a link to it!

47 thoughts on “New Console – New Games!

  1. The first game I played on my PS4 was Final Fantasy 15, the first game I played on my Switch was Super Mario Odyssey, the first game I played on my Wii U was The Legend of Zelda: Wind Waker HD, the first game I played on my Vita was Final Fantasy 10 HD (which I still need to finish), and the first game I played on my Nintendo 3DS was Pokemon Y (which I also still need to finish).

    I also had a Game Boy Color and Game Boy Advance when I was really little but I don’t remember my first games for those.

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    1. I had to discount handhelds as I couldn’t remember what I’d played on them either. I think Monster Hunter was my first 3DS one but I’m not sure.

      Those are some good first games to go for! You’ve not picked up a first game you’ve been disappointed with then?

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      1. No I’ve always loved them, but when I get games I tend to get ones I know I’ll like! Plus I’ve never gotten a console at launch, I usually wait until there’s been a few games released on the console I know I’ll love before buying.

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      2. Great titles for every console! I also played Until Dawn on PlayStation 4 but it wasn’t the first game though. I also heard that the Switch will have a mini version. I’m excited to see what my first game will be there.

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  2. Hard to remember some of the earlier ones, but here’s my list. These are the first games I *played* rather than *owned* because in some cases, with my brother working on games magazines, I had the opportunity to borrow consoles before I had my own ones.

    Atari 8-bit: No idea. Probably one of the cartridge games we had – Pac-Man, Defender, Space Invaders, Star Raiders and suchlike. Or perhaps First Steps with The Mr. Men.

    Atari ST: Likewise no idea. We already had so much software by the time I was really aware of computers that I can’t possibly pin down what the first one would be.

    Mega Drive: Never owned my own one, but the first game I played on it would have probably been Golden Axe, I think.

    SNES: Super Mario World, Darius

    PlayStation: Ridge Racer, Tekken, Raiden Project

    N64: GoldenEye

    Dreamcast: Soul Calibur

    PS2: Orphen – Scion of Sorcery, TimeSplitters

    Xbox: Halo

    Gamecube: Super Monkey Ball

    GBA: Super Mario Advance

    Xbox 360: Geometry Wars 2

    PlayStation 3: Ghostbusters

    Wii: Wii Sports (obviously)

    Nintendo DS: Phoenix Wright – Ace Attorney

    PSP: Untold Legends – Brotherhood of the Blade

    3DS: Not actually sure. Luigi’s Mansion 2, I think.

    Vita: Lumines

    PS4: Omega Quintet

    PSVR: Summer Lesson – Hikari Miyamoto

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    1. Soul Calibur too! Great choice. It surprises me how often launch titles tend to be pretty weak, but the Dreamcast definitely had a couple of good ones. You’ve got some really cool ones there, including ones I’m not familiar with (Orphan?) as well as some stone cold classics.


  3. Liked your list, good to see some love for Smackdown!

    I’m tempted to write my own version of this, but my tired brain is struggling to remember my own name never mind what games I played first!

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  4. I responded on Twitter to this, but due to the Twitter limit I couldn’t go into detail like I wanted to. I’m planning a response to this by writing my own post about it :). I loved Pokemon Stadium when I was a kid. I remember how impressed I was with the graphics at the time. It was the best looking Pokemon game at the time. Man technology has come a long way since then hasn’t it?

    I also really enjoyed Odyssey, but I only played through the main story and collected enough moons that were required for me to move on. Once I beat it I moved on and never played it again. My kids love it though. I prefer 3D World if I’m to be completely honest.

    This is a really neat idea and I’ve never heard of a few of the games you mentioned here :).

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    1. I haven’t tried 3D World, but 3D Land on 3DS was fun enough.

      What I did like about Odyssey was that there were a lot more moons unlocked after the end of the game. It was neat to go back and unlock some new challenges, even if I didn’t bother doing a lot of them.

      I look forward to reading your post when it comes up! I’m sure a lot of people will have tons of games I won’t have heard of.

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  5. Woooooh! Yeah! The Bouncer… Was a pretty forgettable game… Which is disappointing because the concept (Streets of Rage style 3D beat’em’up RPG … Thing) was pretty cool. Interesting fact though, it’s responsible for my gamer tag which is (Or was) typically Dogstreet , the name of the street of the bar that the bouncer… Erm… Bounced for. Over the years I’ve encountered it being taken many times, so in my frustration one evening I switched it to Hundstrasse (a rough German translation).

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  6. I liked The Bouncer, it may be because it was the game I bought with the console but I had fun with it and weirdly have had an urge to replay it.

    Anyway, here is my list:

    Atari 2600: Pac-Man (not a good version)
    Commodore 64 – Battle Through Time
    NES: Super Mario Bros.
    TurboGrafx 16 – TV Sports Football
    Genesis – NHL Hockey
    SNES – The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past
    PSX – Resident Evil: Director’s Cut
    N64 – Mario Kart 64
    PS2 – The Bouncer
    Dreamcast – Resident Evil: Code Veronica
    GameCube – Resident Evil Zero
    Xbox 360 – Gears of War
    PS3 – Heavenly Sword
    Wii – Wii Sports
    PS4 – Killzone: Shadowfall
    XB1 – Ryse: Son of Rome
    Switch – The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild

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  7. That’s a cool article! 🙂 My first console was the PlayStation One. My favourite game on this system was Final Fantasy VII. I loved its storyline and the characters were awesome.

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  8. Omg I love this idea so much! It was a real trip down memory lane and you really got some good damn games in there!

    First games are so hard to remember, so I may have to go with earliest memories. N64 is obviously Super Mario 64! The Wii was also Wii sports, but I also think we got Super Paper Mario around the same time. DS is a wierd one of Star Wars: Revenge Of The Sith (it was surprisingly really fun.) And BOTH PS2 and Xbox 360 were Guitar Hero 2 because I was incredibly addicted to that game

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    1. I still don’t think I should have picked Wii Sports because you HAD to have it, but I really can’t remember what I bought first! It’s really going to bug me! I was hooked on the GH/RB games too. It’s a sad fact that the instruments are still sat in the attic now after all those years of fun.

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  9. I came over here from LaterLevels’ blog party 🙂

    What a great idea for a post! The Streets of Rage games were great.

    You’ve inspired me to write my own post on that now (I shall duly link back to yours). I haven’t owned loads of consoles so I might have to throw in some handhelds, and maybe include Steam! But I will be starting from DOS, which gives me kudos 😉 (haha, ku-DOS)

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  10. What a fun post! This seems like something fun to do… though I’m struggling to differentiate between 1st games I ever played on a system vs. 1st games I ever owned and played, you know? For instance, I know the 1st game I ever played on the PlayStation 1 was Jet Moto, but the 1st game I ever owned was Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater. This may be a post I end up stealing… I mean, borrowing! 😉

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