On the Third Day of Blogmas…

On the third day of Blogmas, the gamers asked of me, 10 reasons I’d play a game.

Day three of Blogmas and I’m still keeping up! Athena and her team of bloggers have written all sorts of fun posts so far, and I highly recommend you take a look! So today is all about reasons why I’d play a game. Let’s get started!

As an aside, I’m away right now, so I’m writing this on my phone! Sorry if the formatting seems a little off.

1. It’s a Souls-like

I’m a bit of a fan of Dark Souls, if you weren’t already aware. So anything in that sort of ball park is going to interest me. I know this sounds a little one note, but I really enjoy the rewarding gameplay, and challenging bosses. I liked The Surge, enjoyed Shrouded In Sanity, and I’m having fun with Ashen. Some work in different ways, but they all have that basis in the modern classic series.

2. It might subvert expectations

Pony Island

This is a tricky one, but anything that hints at there being something in the game that will eventually flip it on its head really grabs me. I’m thinking of Pony Island, Doki Doki Literature Club, and even The Stanley Parable. I like to be surprised when things descend into a madness I didn’t expect. It’s hard to know ahead of time without spoilers though.

3, It’s by a crazy developer

Similar to above, if a game is made by someone who has done some insane things with their games in the last, I’ll be interested. Swery65 is a great example with Deadly Premonition and D4, so I’m very interested in The Good Life. Then there’s Suda51 with his ludicrous action games and Ed McMillen with his bonkers meta-gaming. All fun stuff.

4. It’s by Platinum Games

I haven’t played everything by Platinum, but I’ve played most. As a developer they’ve created far more hits than misses, and I tend to trust them with my money. Bring on Bayonetta 3!

5. It’s a local co-op FPS


My wife really enjoys playing local co-op FPS games, and I really enjoy playing video games with my wife. She doesn’t like that many local co-op games, but FPS (or TPS) games really get her attention. Sadly these are dying out, but I reckon you’ll have guaranteed sales from gaming couples who don’t want to buy a second console and TV to play together!

6. A unique art style

I won’t play a game just because of this, but a really interesting art style will get me very interested in a game. Something that stands out from the crowd is a good thing, so something like Gris or Ashen get more attention from me than the next military shooter.

7. It’s a sequel

I know, I know. Squeals are everywhere and may lead to a reduction in creativity (something I’d refute considering all the creative titles currently emerging). However, if a game is a follow-up to something I really enjoyed, I’ll probably play it.

8. A good story

I’m someone who is very much into walking simulators. I see little wrong with a game that places a huge focus on narrative, assuming there is enough gameplay to make it a game. Things like Edith Finch and Firewatch are excellent as there’s a good story and things to do as you travel through it. Games like Virginia have a story but the player might as well not be there as it’s more like a movie.

9. Hype

I hate to admit it, but I can get sucked into the hype of a game. It won’t always happen – games that don’t interest me won’t suddenly have me playing them. However, if it’s something I have a passing interest in, or it’s something that’s well presented upon announcement, then the hype machine will draw me closer and closer to playing the game on release. Curse my weak-willed nature!

10. I feel like it

A bit of a cop-out to finish, but I’ll play a game simply because I feel like it. I tend to play pretty much any genre, so if I fancy playing something, for whatever reason, then I will.

That’s day three in the books! How about you? What draws you into playing a specific game?

9 thoughts on “On the Third Day of Blogmas…

  1. I do have to remark that video game creators seem to be a bit more skillful at subverting expectations than filmmakers (especially as of late), so I can see why you’d pick up a game because of that. I think the problem is that filmmakers try to subvert expectations in the same way one would get all of the questions on a true/false quiz wrong to deliberately fail – it’s being non-conformist on the terms of the standard they’re trying to subvert (though I’d say the works of Jonathan Blow, Braid and The Witness, are a good example of that in video games). Meanwhile, when game creators make a subversive experience, you can safely assume that all bets are off because the creators seem to know what aspects and trends to defy.

    Also, I play games based off of hype – not because I buy into it, but because I want to see if it lives up to said hype.

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    1. Films have the problems of trailers to contend with, and often the ‘twist’ (for want of a better term) is hinted at or given away in them. Games seem to avoid that for the most part, which is a brave thing as people may be a little disappointed with what they get.

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  2. Totally with you on Platinum. Like you said, I haven’t played all their games either but because of the quality and style of most of their games I’ll always seriously consider purchasing any new ones they release. Can’t wait for Bayonetta 3!

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