On the Seventh Day of Blogmas…

On the seventh day of Blogmas, the gamers asked of me, six game and blog resolutions.

It’s the seventh day, of you hadn’t noticed from the previous two times I wrote ‘seventh’. Athena keeps the pace going, and I’m tagging along with the next part of the twelve days of Blogmas, with a post that’s a bit more on time. Today is all about resolutions seeing as it’s New Year’s Day! Let’s get going!

1. Don’t worry about the backlog

Similar to last year, I’m not going to worry that much about my backlog. I’m going to use it as something I can dip into when I haven’t got something I want to play right away. It’s a good thing to have plenty to fall back on!

2. Give up on more games

‘Giving up more’ sounds like a silly resolution, but it links into my previous answer. If a game isn’t clicking with me, I intend to give up on it. I’d rather lose the money I spent on it than the time I’d waste playing something I’m simply not enjoying.

3. Try to play online more

I’m not a huge fan of online gaming, but I’ll dip into it here and there. I wouldn’t mind doing a bit more of it with friends and other members of the blogging community. I find online gaming a touch intimidating these days as I lack the time to learn a game compared to the good old days, but I shouldn’t let that stop me.

4. Replay more

I’d like to take more opportunities to replay games I’ve enjoyed before. I tend to get so blinkered with the new releases that I forget about the ones I had actual fun playing. It wouldn’t be back to rectify that.

5. Avoid the Steam sale

Honestly, Steam has a sale every 8 weeks these days. I shouldn’t rush to buy something during it only to leave it in the backlog. There’ll be another sale. I’ll wait.

6. Stop blogging being a chore

I’ve not missed a single Sunday in nearly three years of blogging. It’s starting to feel like a slog here and there, so maybe it’s time for a break. Perhaps even an extended one. I’m not getting the same enjoyment from this that I used to, so I’m thinking about taking a step back and having fun gaming again. I’m not sure yet, but we’ll see.

That are your gaming resolutions for 2019?

8 thoughts on “On the Seventh Day of Blogmas…

  1. Wholeheartedly agree with number 2. I used to try and finish every book, film and game I started even if it was painful. Since then I’ve got a bit older and wiser (one hopes) and come to the conclusion that’s just silly. Why waste time just for ‘completion’? Switch to something you enjoy – you only live once!

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    1. 6 is a difficult one. I want to write but I don’t want to write because I’ve made myself do it. I think I need to find more interesting topics for me to write about. I enjoy writing top 5s, but I want to write reviews too. Reviews get very few views for me though, so they feel quite disheartening. I’m coming up on3 years soon, so it might be time for me to take stock.

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  2. Those are definitely all great gaming resolutions! The one that resonates with me the most is the idea of giving up on games that you aren’t enjoying. Sometimes I’ll try to force myself to make it to the end of a game so I can give it a review, but if you’re going to spend 10+ hours on a game just for that then it’s not worth it. Now I’m fine with reviewing a game even if I couldn’t make it to the end. It got to a point where I wouldn’t look forward to playing the title so I don’t want that to happen at all in 2019!

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    1. For reviews I prefer to finish them, in case there’s something at the end that makes a significant difference. Having said that, I certainly don’t have to review everything, and if a game is outright terrible I doubt the final couple of hours will change that for me.

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  3. 1 and 2 are things I seriously need to work on. And a break does wonders for the blogger’s soul! Never be afraid to take one if ya need it 🙂

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