Return of the XCOM War Logs – Part 2

After a good early run of missions, with only a handful of injuries, let’s see what the future holds for this brave band of misfits. Onwards to the battlefield!

The first task to fall on our laps is escorting a scientist out of a sticky situation after their lab came under attack. Time to send in Kerry, Rob (me!), Heather, and Dave for this likely perilous mission. Managing to reach the scientist with no trouble, we set about extracting them from the lab. As soon as I throw open the door, we’re confronted by a tall, thin guy in a suit, which we’ll obviously name a Thin Man. Heather makes mercifully short work of him, but he leaves behind a cloud of poisonous smoke that impedes our progress. Taking a different route, I seem to maintain my bad luck and trigger a group of Sectoids. Kerry and Dave lead the scientist down a safer path as Heather and I take on the Sectoids. Frustratingly, no route seems safe, as aliens appear wherever we go. I take a few hits and leave myself quite exposed, but Dave and Heather team up to save my ass from certain death. Whilst making a dash for the extraction point, we found ourselves pinned down by a Thin Man sniper who managed to tag Dave L a couple of times. Only Kerry’s high-quality sniping kept him from suffering death on his first mission, and freed everyone up for a dash to the extraction point. Mission complete! Dave L is promoted to Heavy!

XCOM Enemy Within
Dave looks pretty confident about this shot.

Our science team have finished researching Meld (remember that stuff?) and have determined that it can be used to genetically engineer our soldiers, or turn them into badass mechs. I’m sure you can guess what I’m leaning towards. During this time, we locate a UFO that has landed in Africa. Time to send in Heather, Stuart, Kerry, and Eugene.

No sooner had we touched down, than Stuart located a group of mechanical beasties that we’ve named Floaters (because they’re little shits). Kerry puts two down with some well-placed rifle shots, but finds herself quickly outmaneuvered requiring a swift rescue from Stuart. Locating the UFO, we’re quickly charged by a group of Sectoids, but Eugene, Kerry, and Stuart ruin their day before they even have a chance to fire on us. Nice work! It doesn’t take long for Heather to run into another squad, lead by an Outsider. Stuart takes some severe wounds, but the rest of the team rally around him to provide healing and cover before defeating the rest of the aliens. This is almost too easy!

XCOM Enemy Within
Kerry lines up a reaction shot, but doesn’t quite find the mark.

Next up: a trip to Liverpool for some alien abduction action! With Stuart injured, and this looking like a tough mission, we sent in some of our strongest soldiers, with Kerry, Heather, Eugene, and Dave heading into the fray. Running into a small group of Floaters caused no trouble whatsoever for our highly trained squad. The set of Thin Men, Sectoids, and some sort of invisible flying tentacle bastard (Called a Seeker apparently) though… Kerry and Dave manage to put down two threats, but it’s not enough to keep Eugene out of harm’s way. He takes some heavy fire but somehow stays upright. Never one to stay out of trouble, he bursts through a window to take revenge on the Thin Man that dared hurt him! Revenge, shotgun style! With the job done, everyone heads home, once again with no losses. Kerry earns the nickname ‘Xeno‘, whilst Heather will henceforth be known as ‘Doc‘.

XCOM Enemy Unknown.
This is what is always looks like when you arrive in Liverpool.

In an unusual turn-up, it seems that some human faction is attempting to capture a military convoy. Best send some of our alien killing warriors to deal with them! Rod, Rob (me!), and Emma S don their uniforms, whilst Paul finally gets his call-up! Let’s dance! Emma, our sniper, takes up position on the roof of a building and spots…aliens? but I thought we were shooting people! Whilst trying to gain a solid vantage point, Rod takes some minor damage, but quickly takes revenge on the Thin Man. Paul and I team up to put down the next Thin Man, clearing the local area. Pressing forward, Emma and Rod find a survivor from the attack. Making the decision to rush towards them, I take some serious wounds from a Thin Man hiding in a nearby bookshop, requiring a quick rescue by Paul. We attempt to take the survivor to an extraction point, but are jumped by more Thin Men. The survivor seems quite reluctant to come with us, requiring me to stay with him. This proved to be a poor move, as a well hidden Thin Man managed to land enough hits as I ran past, resulting in our first death. Why do the beautiful always go too soon?! Anyway, Paul covers our survivor after taking some wounds himself, whilst Emma clears up the remaining aliens with her pistol. We make our getaway, but at what cost?! Paul is promoted to Sniper.

XCOM Enemy Unknown
Who says snipers need rifles?

In exciting news, Dave has been confirmed as our first entrant in the ‘Become A Badass Mech/Human Hybrid’ scheme (name pending approval). I’m sure he will be most pleased with the results. Part man. Part machine. ALL DAVE!

It seems that the aliens are ramping up their attacks, going all in and trying to cause serious harm. Time to get serious and send in Kerry, Stuart, Josh, Pax, and Tim (making his squad debut). The team land and begin rescuing survivors, but Josh quickly locates a group of Floaters. Kerry and Pax take some injuries, then the real shit goes down. Cryssalids! These buggers move like lightning, hit like a truck, and can turn bodies into zombies. Sadly, after a missed shot, Kerry took a faceful of plasma pistol and won’t make it home. Pax got a little upset by this and started firing wildly, meaning more work for everyone else! Worse still, Stuart made a mad rush forward to rescue a group of civilians, only to be gunned down himself. This is going from bad to worse! The rest of the team put in the work, with Pax recovering from his panic attack to make a wild rush into enemy-held ground to take out a group of Floaters. In spite of significant XCOM and civilian casualties, we end the mission with a win, but it sure doesn’t feel like it is. Tim gets promoted to Heavy Weapons.

XCOM Enemy Unknown
Oh, Kerry. If only you’d landed this shot.

Time to bounce back! We’ve shot down a pretty big UFO, and it’s time to send Dave the Mech, Heather, Emma, Tim and Bobbilyann getting her call up to the big leagues. Whilst Emma takes some early damage, Bobbilyann gains her first kill, with a very low percentage shot! Dave quickly proves that turning into a death-bot was the best decision anyone could have made as he minces any alien that crosses his path. It turns out that most of the aliens died in the crash, and we were successful when Tim decides that killing the alien threat isn’t good enough and charges in to take one alive. A bit success that we needed! Bobbilyann is promoted to Support.

XCOM Enemy Unknown

We may have suffered losses, but capturing a live alien is a step in the right direction for our brave alien slayers! Perhaps we can continue this success next time!

Part 1 is here.

Current team

Kerry ‘Xeno’ C – Sniper – DECEASED (9 kills, 6 missions)

Rob C (me) – Assault – DECEASED (5 kills, 4 missions)

Heather ‘Doc’ D – Support

Josh P – Support

Stuart D – Heavy – DECEASED (5 kills, 4 missions)

Rod J – Heavy

Pax G – Assault

Emma S – Sniper

Eugene V – Assault

Dave LHeavy MEC

Tim P – Heavy

Paul C – Sniper

Bobbilyann C – Support

Ben S

Andrew L

7 thoughts on “Return of the XCOM War Logs – Part 2

  1. Hey man. After part 1, I had fun reading part 2 of your XCOM journey. I remember always prioritizing satellite coverage early in this game to acquire enough cash to build aircrafts and be able to secure the orbital network.

    Liked by 1 person

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