Return of the XCOM War Logs – Part 3

Let’s get this (shit)show on the road! First on the list is a member of the Triad that wants to share something with us. Guess we’d best send in Robo-Dave, Tim, Josh, Paul, and the rookie Ben. It’s the only way to be sure.

It seems that we need to extract the chap in question, so obviously a bunch of Thin Men are sent to stop us. Paul, Ben, and Josh team up to put them down with no fuss whatsoever. Things are going well, but we see a Cryssalid in the distance, and those things can make a right mess of any situation. We advance nonetheless! As it happens, the little sod causes us no trouble at all as Dave saunters up to it and literally robo-punches it through a wall. Why isn’t everyone a robot?! That was pretty much it! Next to no work needed. Paul is rapidly becoming my new favourite sniper, Josh earned the nickname ‘Smokes’, and Ben has been promoted to support.

XCOM Enemy within
So gritty…

Let’s move on. To Mexico! Where there are alien abductions afoot. The only people capable of handling this are Heather (aka Doc), Eugene, Emma, Mecha-Dave, and Andrew, who makes his main roster debut! Let’s do this! We’re met with a few Sectoids and Floaters, but some carefully targeted fire puts them down with no trouble. Andrew and Emma make short work of another set of Floaters, but ‘Doc’ and Eugene seem to lack good fortune as they keep missing the mark against some Sectoids. And then the Seekers turn up. Invisible squids don’t make things any easier. Heather gets accosted by one, requiring a swift rescue by Andrew. Dave takes the decision to wipe out a large group of aliens by blowing up a car, not realising that Eugene was on the other side of the wall. He suffers some serious harm.  ‘Doc’ is on hand to administer first-aid, but it isn’t enough, as he’s flanked by a Sectoid and sadly becomes out latest victim. Emma takes out the perpetrator, and the survivors head home. Dave earns the nickname ‘Chip’. Andrew is promoted to Support.

XCOM Enemy Within
Doc needs to work on her aim.

After a fairly quiet few days, we find out about alien abductions in India. Those aliens and their abductions eh? Time to send in the crack team of Dave-Bot, Emma, Pax, Bobbilyann, and Tim. It doesn’t take long for Pax to run into a group of Seekers, which are always a delight. One tried to get the jump on him, but the entire team reacted and blew the crap out of it before it knew what was going on. Nice! The Thin Man that tried to take on Dave was also quickly minced. Emma finds herself in a spot of bother as a Seeker appears and immediately tries to choke her to death, but Bobbilyann quickly comes to the rescue with one of our new laser rifles. And then, Mutons turned up. These armoured gits can tear a team to pieces given a chance. The set about trying to dismantle Dave when he’s low on ammo. Worse, a couple of Floaters decide to join the party. Tim makes an insane run to successfully take a Muton alive, whilst Pax and Dave put down the last Muton. Sadly, a Floater flanks Emma, and she doesn’t make it out alive after some serious plasma burns. Bobbilyann panics and sprints into the open, only to be taken out by the same Floater. This is getting ridiculous. After an absurd amount of work, Dave finally manages to put the last Floater down, and we head home with a slightly smaller team.

XCOM Enemy Unknown
These two were a pain in the arse.

We’ll do better with this latest job, rescuing a UN delegate from an alien attack. Heather (aka ‘Doc’), Ben, Rod, Paul, and newcomer Lorna takes to the floor! Rod makes first contact, confronting a pair of Thin Men as we progress towards our target. Doc puts one down, whilst Lorna takes out another as it rushes towards Rod. Doc and Paul take out another pair. So far so good. Rod makes it to our target but finds himself with another group of Thin Men with high ground. Doc provides smoke cover whilst Rod and our man make a retreat back to the Skyranger. Lorna fires wildly into any Thin Man that cross her path to protect the team as they fall back. In spite of some stiff opposition, everyone makes it back alive, and Lorna is promoted to Sniper. I’d have preferred it if she were an Assault class, but not all bad!

XCOM Enemy Within

Considering how well Dave has been doing, Ben has been entered for robo-augmentation. That’s right, double robot action!

A UFO turns up, so obviously we shoot it down and ask questions later. The questions mostly involve how much we should shoot aliens in the face. Thankfully Lorna, Josh (aka ‘Smokes’), Rod, Andrew, and Claire have the answers! There don’t appear to be many survivors. Andrew comes across an Outsider but immediately blows it to pieces. Next up are a couple of Sectoids that Andrew and Rod put down before they had a chance to move. Smokes gets into some serious trouble when he finds himself alone confronting a pair of Mutons. He takes critical wounds, leaving us a very short time to rescue him. Rod uses his rocket launcher to flush the Mutons out of cover, allowing Lorna to snipe one from long range. Claire makes a mad rush to Smokes to keep him alive, whilst Rod and Lorna team up one more time to take out the last aliens. That was a close one!

XCOM Enemy Within
This is what a spaceship looks like!

So apparently there’s an alien spaceship heading into our atmosphere and we need to set up some technological whatsit to divert it. To the Skyranger! Only Heather (aka ‘Doc’), Dave-Tron (aka ‘Chip’), Pax, Lorna, and Catherine (making her debut) have the know-how for this sort of job! So my first thoughts are “Shit, this is a time-limited mission”. Better get a move on. Turns out we’re putting transponders on a train. Doc blows the side off it as she takes out a Thin Man, but apparently that isn’t an issue. Chip takes some fire whilst Pax lays out the first transponder. A few Mutons turn up to join the party, and we’re running short on time. Lorna covers from the high ground as the rest of the team advance. Chip tanks a huge amount of fire to cover Doc and Catherine as they put down the remaining Thin Men. More Mutons show up and give Doc a bit of a kicking. She and Chip hold them off as Pax places the last transponder and makes a dash for the train’s drive system. Whilst it wasn’t the easiest job, everyone seems to have come out pretty well from this! Catherine is promoted to Support. Still not enough Assault soldiers annoyingly.

XCOM Enemy Within
Lorna lines up for a headshot.

With the transponder thingies in place, we’re now able at assault an alien battleship! That sounds exciting, so we’d best send Dave-Droid (aka ‘Chip’), Lorna, Heather (aka ‘Doc’), Rod, and Leanne (her first appearance). Apparently we need to disable or destroy the ship’s power conduits. As much fun as blowing them up sounds, disabling them will leave more alien tech in tact for us to take home. Chip and Doc clear the way for the team to deal with the first one. Disabling it causes a few Thin Men and Sectoids turn up, but Lorna and Leanne make short work of them. Approaching the second one, Lorna and Doc take the high ground to clear another path. Chip suffers some scratched paintwork as he heads towards the conduit, but the resistance is minor. A Cryssalid turns up because of course it does. Some concentrated fire puts it down with little trouble, thankfully. Leanne attracts the attention of some aliens but is swiftly defended by Chip, who minces the lot of them.

XCOM Enemy Within
How hard can this be?

Throwing open a door, Doc finds a tiny UFO with MASSIVE DEATH RAYS! It’s called a Cyberdisc, and it needs a good killing. Doc and Chip blow it to pieces, with the explosion destroying the next conduit which is pretty cool. Rod pushes forward and manages to dodge a barrage of fire to take out another alien on the way to the next conduit. Two to go! Some Mutons turn up, which is a worry considering how much of a threat they’ve been recently. Doc takes some damage, but she shrugs it off to take the high ground for more cover fire. Leanne finishes off the last of the defenders with Rod only for more to turn up. They really don’t want us on this ship. Thankfully, we’re more than a match for them, and we take down the final conduits and claim the ship for our own! Good work squad! Lorna earns the nickname ‘Spectre’, Rod earns the nickname ‘Mack’, and Leanne is promoted to Support. Another Support soldier eh?

XCOM Enemy Within
Those aliens don’t stand a chance.

In spite of some losses, we seem to have made some significant progress. Battleships destroyed, cities saved, and VIPs rescued. Hopefully, these successes will lead to advanced weapons and armour to protect the rest of the team. Bring it on aliens!

Part 2 can be found here.

Current team

Kerry ‘Xeno’ C – Sniper – DECEASED (9 kills, 6 missions)

Rob C (me) – Assault – DECEASED (5 kills, 4 missions)

Heather ‘Doc’ D – Support

Josh ‘Smokes’ P – Support

Stuart D – Heavy – DECEASED (5 kills, 4 missions)

Rod ‘Mack’ J – Heavy

Pax G – Assault

Emma S – Sniper – DECEASED (6 kills, 5 missions)

Eugene V – Assault – DECEASED (9 kills, 5 missions)

Dave ‘Chip’ LHeavy MEC

Tim P – Heavy

Paul C – Sniper

Bobbilyann C – Support – DECEASED (3 kills, 2 missions)

Ben SSupport MEC

Andrew L – Support

Lorna ‘Spectre’ B – Sniper

Claire R

Rich H

Tom G

Leanne B – Support

Reuben R

Nick S

Catherine V – Support

Caroline G

5 thoughts on “Return of the XCOM War Logs – Part 3

  1. Nice. As enjoyable as Part 1 and 2. I love assaults as much as snipers. I think Paul and Lorna need squadsight. They’d be more deadly in long range. Yeah, Lorna would have made a nice assault, especially the shotgun one. Shotgun assaults have unlockable abilities capable of blasting hoards of enemies.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Squadsight is an absolute must for snipers. Couple it with a scope and they tend to dominate most missions. As the game goes on, I tend to move away from shotguns simply because it becomes harder and harder to close the distance with enemies. I tend to run with plasma rifles by that stage.

      Liked by 1 person

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