Return of the XCOM War Logs – Part 4

After a fairly good mission taking down a battleship, it’s time to see what the next missions hold! Before that though, it seems a group of alien sympathisers, calling themselves EXALT, are disrupting XCOM’s efforts. Our sponsor has asked that we…deal with them. Leanne has been sent on a covert mission to locate one of their cells.

With that done, it’s time to head to Germany to stop some alien abductions! Dave (aka ‘Chip’), Lorna (aka ‘Spectre’), Rod (aka ‘Mack’), Andrew, and Caroline (in her first appearance) head out to deal with the threat! Chip finds a couple of Floaters that need a good killing, Caroline does a great job of taking one out as it moved into the open but caused a group of Mutons to come running to support. Mack and Chip team up to take down one of them whilst Andrew covers them with a smoke grenade. Annoyingly, he becomes a target himself and suffers fatal plasma burns. Another death! Caroline and Spectre work together to take down the guilty party. A group of Thin Men arrive to try and make things difficult. Chip takes the brunt of the damage, but Spectre doesn’t do much better. Chip can handle it though (thanks to the self-repair nanobots we installed on him) and manages to fend off the threat. With that done, it’s time to head home. Caroline is promoted to Support. Why is everyone support?!

XCOM Enemy Within
Apparently, it’s Good if 1 person dies.

We’ve shot down a big UFO. I’m expecting this to go badly, but we send Dave (aka ‘Chip’), Mecha-Ben, Rod (aka Mack), Catherine, and Paul to deal with it! Early threats include a few Floaters, who pin down Catherine, injuring her in the process. Paul comes to the rescue and allows her to take out the remaining one. Another group turns up, but Mack and Ben make very quick work of two of them. A third one retreats, only to be picked off by Catherine. After skulking around the ship for some time, we get ambushed by another gang of Floaters. These aliens seem to lack variety. Mack and Chip suffer some wounds, but the threat doesn’t last long.  And that’s it! I suppose most of the aliens died in the crash. Paul earns the nickname ‘Vampire’.

XCOM Enemy Within
All the fires make this mission look far more dramatic than it is.

We get news that Leanne has found the EXALT cell and requires extraction! She’s under immediate threat, so we send in a full squad to get her out. Dave-Bot (aka ‘Chip’), Paul (aka ‘Vampire’), Rod (aka ‘Mack’), Caroline, Catherine, and Claire to the rescue! The team quickly come across a group of EXALT troops whilst Leanne, with only a laser pistol and her wits, quietly tries to make it to the rest of the group. Claire grenades a car, causing it to explode, taking out an enemy soldier. She proves to be quite the killing machine, as she takes down another one as he makes an ill-advised run at Chip. He and Catherine team up to take out another as Leanne creeps towards the area we’ve locked down. Chip does a great job of taking out an enemy unit’s cover, allowing Leanne (of all people) to sneak around and put one of them down. Claire deftly defends Caroline as an EXALT trooper tries to flank her whilst Mack and Vampire combine rockets and rifles to put another two out of action. Little did Catherine realise that there was an EXALT rocket soldier lurking nearby. The soldier himself wasn’t as much of a threat as the car that he blew up, taking Catherine with it. More deaths! The blast also hurt Chip, but his robot body survived it, but only just. The team makes a hasty retreat to the dropship, with Leanne taking some fire herself. She makes it to the extraction point, but the rest of the group have a long way to go. Claire continues her absurd killing streak as she defends the team’s retreat. Mack and Caroline keep the heavily wounded Chip alive as he deals with the last few EXALT. That was tough, but the mission ended with a victory. Claire is promoted to Sniper, because we obviously don’t need any Assault.

XCOM Enemy Within
Catherine looks confident here. If only she knew…

After all that, the survivors deserve a break with a holiday to Canada! By holiday, I obviously mean a trip to an alien abduction location. With so many injuries, we switch up the squad. Lorna (aka ‘Spectre’), Heather (aka ‘Doc’), Ben (in our newest MEC suit), Pax, Rod (aka ‘Mack’), and Rich, making his debut. A group of Mutons show up first, resulting in Ben exposing them through his newly fitted grenade launcher. They’re wounded, but need some more shooting! Pax puts down one, but another manages to take a few shots at Ben before Doc can deliver a lethal injection…OF PLASMA! As in she shot him with a plasma rifle, my medical knowledge is quite limited. Pax tries to take out the last one, but misses the mark and blows the side off a nearby building, causing more Mutons to come running. Spectre quickly shows that our new laser sniper rifles are more than enough to deal with any threat by headshotting one as Mack takes out another. The remaining one falls back, but only as far as Rich, who stops it in its tracks. Seekers are the next threat, meaning the team needs to stick together to defend one another. A pair of Sectoids join the party, with one in a mech suit! Mack decides the best way to handle this is to blow up everything to cause as much damage as possible. It takes out the two Sectoids, but the mech still stands. Of course, we have our own death-bot in the form of Ben. He and Rich work together to put the finishing touches to the skirmish. Those Seekers are still nearby though, revealing themselves in an attempt to take down Rich. Ben was close enough to demolish both of them though. Mission complete and Rich is promoted to (thank god) Assault!

XCOM Enemy Within
That Mechtoid down there was less of a problem that I expected.

Looks like EXALT have been up to some mischief requiring another covert op. This time Josh goes on location to find out what’s going on.

We shoot down a UFO, so we’d best send Dave-Machine (aka ‘Chip’), Tim, Paul (aka ‘Vampire’), Heather (aka ‘Doc’), Pax, and Tom on his first trip out. After a whole lot of walking around, we finally come across a small group of Sectoids. Pax takes some plasma fire whilst Chip puts down a Muton from a group that decides to join the party. Pax takes some revenge whilst Vampire takes down another Muton from maximum range. Tim and Doc put in some teamwork to take out the final Muton before a pair of Floaters fly into the fray! Tom puts one down whilst Doc deals with the other. Tim takes some fire but manages to put down the final enemy for the win. He earns the nickname ‘Richter’, which is badass. Pax earns the nickname ‘Wolverine’ which is even more badass. Tom is promoted to…Support. Because everyone has to be Support.

XCOM Enemy Within
This looks pretty dramatic.

Josh (aka ‘Smokes’) has got in touch to let us know that he requires extraction from his covert op. Sounds like he’s in deep water, so we send in the professionals! Ben-bot, Rod (aka ‘Mack’), Leanne, Heather (aka ‘Doc’), Lorna (aka ‘Spectre’), and Rich suit up for the battle! Turns out Smokes has set up some coms arrays that we need to protect as data is collected. Spectre starts off the show with a swift sniper shot to an enemy’s face. Ben puts a grenade into the region of one of them to clear out a small team of troopers who were already trying to prevent our data collection. Good lad! Mack keeps the explosives game going by putting a rocket into another group, allowing the rest of the team to clean up some of a large group. Spectre does a great job of keeping reinforcements at bay as Ben moves in to secure our coms array for now. Leanne moves up and picks off some of the survivors. Things are going well enough right now! We manage to hold off a significant push by EXALT, leaving us time to reload before any more arrive. One more group of five opponents arrive for the team to take down. Mack and Smokes work together to put one down, whilst Spectre puts a further one to sleep. Doc and Ben take out a further two by getting right in their faces before Rich rolls in to finish the job. Nice work here! Ben earns the nickname ‘Data’.

XCOM Enemy Within
I don’t think EXALT knew what hit them.

After studying some of the recovered alien tech, we find that there’s an underground alien base on Earth! We’re going to need a crack team for this. Dave the Machine (aka ‘Chip’), Heather (aka ‘Doc’), Rod (aka ‘Mack’), Lorna (aka ‘Spectre’), Pax (aka ‘Wolverine’), and Josh (aka ‘Smokes’) are ready to venture into the unknown! We throw open (can you throw open energy doors?) the first door and find a couple of tiny drone things. Reckon we’ll take these out. The two Seekers could be a problem mind. Chip nukes the first drone, with Smokes quickly handling the second. Doc and Mack take down the first Seeker, but the other is still unaccounted for as a Cryssalid and its buddies roll in to join the fun. Doc finds herself crowded as Smokes tries to put one down, but only grazes it. Thankfully, Mack loads up a rocket and takes one down, allowing Doc to clean up. Forgot about that other Seeker didn’t I! Spectre finds herself caught up by one, but Mack rescues her before any real harm can be done. The next chamber seems pretty quiet until Chip stumbles upon a Cyberdisc and a pack of drones. Doc and Specter take down a drone each, with Chip failing to land his shot on a third. He and Wolverine take some heavy fire from the Cyberdisc but remain upright for now. Specter and Smokes deal with the remaining drones, leaving only the dangerous Cyberdisc. We pile the fire on it, but it lasts long enough to put a grenade in Wolverine’s direction. He remains alive though, by some miracle! Smokes administers some first aid, whilst Doc finishes off our enemy.

XCOM Enemy Within
Wolverine targets the Cyberdisc. He misses if you were wondering…

We come across a group of Mutons as we press forward, with Wolverine more exposed than he should be. Once Chip puts a grenade amongst them, he manages to find enough cover to take one out as Mack defeats another. Chip is able to race past them (thank god for robo-legs) to flank the remaining enemy, killing him with a classic railgun shot to the face. Moving into the next room (perhaps the final one) we find a pair of Sectoids and a Mectoid. Mack and Wolverine deal with the two Sectoids, before a group of Floaters join the fun. The group deftly take down the floaters, causing the Mechtoid to fall back. Chip looks a bit worse for all the damage he’s taken, but he pursues coming face to face with a Sectoid Commander! The combination of this and the Mectoid prove dangerous, but he manages to get in a position to take out the Commander first. Wolverine finishes off the Mectoid, and we can finally all head home!

XCOM Enemy Within
They had it coming.

Before we finish up for the week, we’ve entered Spectre for genetic enhancement. She’ll have super strong legs that allow her to jump up buildings! See you next time!

Part 3 can be found here.

Current team

Kerry ‘Xeno’ C – Sniper – DECEASED (9 kills, 6 missions)

Rob C (me) – Assault – DECEASED (5 kills, 4 missions)

Heather ‘Doc’ D – Support

Josh ‘Smokes’ P – Support

Stuart D – Heavy – DECEASED (5 kills, 4 missions)

Rod ‘Mack’ J – Heavy

Pax ‘Wolverine’ G – Assault

Emma S – Sniper – DECEASED (6 kills, 5 missions)

Eugene V – Assault – DECEASED (9 kills, 5 missions)

Dave ‘Chip’ LHeavy MEC

Tim ‘Richter’ P – Heavy

Paul ‘Vampire’ C – Sniper

Bobbilyann C – Support – DECEASED (3 kills, 2 missions)

Ben ‘Data’ SSupport MEC

Andrew L – Support – DECEASED (4 kills, 3 missions)

Lorna ‘Spectre’ B – Sniper

Claire R – Sniper

Rich H – Assault

Tom G – Support

Leanne B – Support

Reuben R

Nick S

Catherine V – Support DECEASED (7 kills, 3 missions)

Caroline G – Support

5 thoughts on “Return of the XCOM War Logs – Part 4

  1. Another great write up for XCOM War Logs!

    I remember a playthrough of mine using support class.

    I would sometimes end up screwing everything because of misusing their ability to field smoke grenades.

    A well played game results to useless medikits.

    They are useful though when taking damage from a formidable foe.

    And there are perks that allow fire suppression or overwatching bonus.

    I found them not much of a help.

    Their use depends on the situation.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. They don’t specialise enough in terms of combat compared to other classes, but that 3-use medkit can be a god send on longer missions. Frankly though, I’d just take 6- Mecs if I could get enough Meld for it!


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