Gameblast 19 is Go!

Hot on the heels of Later Levels‘ great success with Gameblast 19, it’s my turn to join the fun. It may be a little after the fact, but I will once again be taking part in the Gameblast event, in which gamers play for 24-hours straight to raise money for a wonderful charity in the form of Special Effect! They create controllers and control schemes to allow people who are not able to use readily available equipment to play games. It’s something that I’m very on board with, as I feel that everyone should be able to play.

Civic Doodle

Last year we broke £400 which was far more than I expected, and I wouldn’t dream of beating that again, so I’ve gone a little below it. Having said that, any money given to charity is money well spent, and every penny people are willing to give is a penny more than they would have had! Reaching last year’s figure was only possible because of wonderful, kind, generous people like you. If you’re willing to support this charity (and support my melting my eyes for it), then please click this link and donate what you can. Everything helps! And then, if you’d like to join the fun, please head to my Twitch channel on March 16th from 7AM to see what’s going on.

Hidden Agenda
Hidden Agenda wasn’t much of a hit sadly. There’ll be better options this time!

Last year we had online games (including my first ever efforts in PUBG), classics like Shadow of the Colossus, terrible games like Dungeon Punks, and evidence of how horrible my friends are when they join in later on for games of Fibbage and Quiplash on the Jackbox Party Packs. Whilst I can’t be certain of what we’ll play this year (Jackbox is a certainty), I can be sure we’ll have a lot of fun. Maybe I’ll end up on Apex Legends, which I’m dreadful at. Or possibly a late night horror game. If you have any suggestions, feel free to let me know! For now though, I’ll thank you for your time, and your generosity! See you on the day!

7 thoughts on “Gameblast 19 is Go!

  1. Good luck! These 24-hour marathons are an ordeal to get through, but great fun with it. I’ve done Extra Life a couple of times, but I’ll try and get in on this one next year so I can benefit something a little closer to home.

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