Return of the XCOM War Logs – Part 8

Early start today, as an alien abduction call comes in. We’re always ready though, especially Emma, Ben (aka ‘Data’), Leanne (aka ‘Angel’), Claire (aka ‘Demon’), Karl, and Caroline (aka ‘Voodoo’). Angel finds a couple of cute Seekers who get all shy. I’m sure they’ll be hugging someone soon. In a change of pace, one decloaks and fires on Data! Everyone rushes to his aid, yet no one hits the target. Angel presses forward to handle the threat. The other suffers a similar fate when it tries to spend some quality time with Karl. After a lot of walking around Data finds a Mectoid and a Sectoid Commander hanging out on a street corner. Data’s proximity mine handles the latter before a group of Mutons and a Berzerker turn up. Karl expertly handles the Mectoid to free Demon up to take a better sniping position. The newly arrived enemies put some serious hurt on Data, but it’ll take more than that to finish him off. Demon shows one of them what happens when they mess with us, then Emma kicks down two doors to get in the Berzerker’s face before shooting it off. I thought that would be the end of it, but then three Mutons arrive to mess out day up. They grenade Demon’s cover, leaving her exposed before one finishes her off with the plasma blast. Emma takes out the Muton in question, whilst Karl handles another. Emma suffers a few plasma burns herself, but stays upright before she takes out the final threat. Home time. Karl earns the nickname ‘Crash’.

XCOM Enemy Within
That Seeker didn’t expect this.

After test upon test, failure upon failure, we finally find soldiers with psionic abilities! Saf and Caroline (aka ‘Voodoo’) will be our first psychic soldiers! They’ll need to train in the field, but this may be the breakthrough we need! Meanwhile, EXALT cause us some more trouble, so Rich (aka ‘Caper’) heads out to see what the deal is.

We hear of another supply ship landing somewhere in the US this time, so we send in a pretty solid team to handle it. Caroline (aka ‘Voodoo’), Ben (aka ‘Data’), Paul (aka ‘Vampire’), Leanne (aka ‘Angel’), Tim (aka ‘Richter’), and Faizan (aka ‘Mustang’) head into battle. Mustang gets stuck in and heads for a command room, finding a Cyberdisc and two Drones. Voodoo takes out a drone, Richter handles another, whilst Data and Vampire demonish the Cyberdisc. A solid start! Data moves forward into an absolute shitstorm, encountering two Seekers, a Sectoid Commander, and a Mectoid without any support! The team rush forward to help, and Vampire takes some heavy damage for his troubles. He and Data team up again to handle the Commander, whilst Voodoo uses her brain powers to weaken the Mectoid. The rest of the squad team up to finish it off. Voodoo then gets a visit from a Seeker, requiring a rescue from Vampire. The final Seeker arrives and gets destroyed by everyone at once!

XCOM Enemy Within
Mustang evades enemy fire whilst on the run.

Heavy Floaters are next, followed by a Cyberdisc and its Drones. Data gets a beating here, but fights on all the same. Vampire spectacularly one-shots the Cyberdisc whilst Mustang takes down a Heavy Floater. Voodoo brain-attacks the other Floater before Angel finishes it off. Data finishes our turn by taking down both Drones personally. Angel then runs into a god-damned Sectopod! Oh, and a Drone. The Drone is not much of a problem (as Voodoo destroys it instantly), but that Sectopod could be a huge issue. Vampire takes a shot to temporarily disable its primary weapon, buying us some time. Some Muton Elites decide that we don’t deserve time, and roll in to join the fight. Voodoo hits the brain attack on one of them before Data finishes it. He and Angel both take a faceful of hurt though, as the Sectopod unleashes hell. Mustang, having taken the longest route possible, manages to flank the other Muton to take it down, whilst Vampire maintains the pressure on the Sectopod. After a colossal tussle, Mustang manages to get the final shot to put the Sectopod down. We take the chance to rearm and heal before moving to what looks like the final area. Great. an Elite Muton and an Ethereal. Vampire knows where the biggest threat lies and puts the Ethereal down with a classic headshot. The Muton attempts to take cover, but nothing can protect it from Voodoo’s power! Mission complete!

XCOM Enemy Within
That Sectopod caused some serious damage

Rich (aka ‘Caper’) fancies a trip back home after his covert op, so Saf, Dave (aka ‘Chip’), Caroline (aka ‘Voodoo’), Tim (aka ‘Richter’), Faizan (aka ‘Mustang’), and Leanne (aka ‘Angel’) roll in. Chip drops a proximity mine on the first group of EXALT soldiers he sees as Caper tries to rejoin the team, hacking relays as he goes. Saf and Voodoo join psychic forces to melt the brain of one enemy whilst Mustang takes out another by more conventional means. A shotgun. To the face. You get the idea. Caper finds himself flanked by three enemies, but they’re no match for Richter’s blaster launcher. They shouldn’t have grouped together like that. EXALT seem to be holding back, so Caper takes to chance to have the last relay before heading for evac. Chip smashes a sniper with his particle cannon, as Voodoo uses her brain powers on another enemy. That’s one dangerous brain. Angel works with Saf to take out a threat as Voodoo destroys another with her mind! A few more enemies drop in on our way to the extraction point, but they prove to be useless beyond belief. Mustang, Richter, and Angel all add one to their kill count before we finally make it back to head home. A flawless victory!

XCOM Enemy Within
Voodoo’s brain powers in action!

It seems that Voodoo is now powerful enough as a psychic to send us into the final battle with the aliens. Much as I’d like to set things in motion, our soldiers aren’t quite strong enough to take on that task. A couple more missions are in order.

After a whole lot of waiting, a UFO lands, so we’ll send…well the same squad as last time actually. Seekers turn up first, as you might expect, followed by a Mectoid and its Sectoid Commander buddy! And then three Muton Elites. This is getting crowded. Saf brain zaps a Muton, weakening it before Chip and Mustang take out the Mectoid. Saf gets to hang out with a Seeker for a little whilst before Voodoo makes the save. Meanwhile, Angel gets the crap shot out of her by a Muton, just barely surviving. Richter sends in a blaster launcher round (classic Richter) taking out on, before Angel takes her revenge on the second and Mustang wipes out the third. Cue an Ethereal and two Muton Elite guards joining the fray. Chip heads into the UFO to take out the Sectoid Commander before Voodoo demonstrates the full extent of her powers and mind controls one of the Elites! She sends it out to scout ahead, finding the other Elite and Ethereal. Chip takes out the Elite before the final Seeker arrives to give Voodoo a hug. She’s tough though and maintains mind control as Mustang comes to make the save. The Muton becomes out MVP by taking out the Ethereal before Richter finally disposes of our temporary ally to send us home.

XCOM Enemy Within
That Mectoid had a bad day.

Some alien abductions next! Small changes to the squad, with Caroline (aka ‘Voodoo’), Ben (aka ‘Data’), Saf, Nick (aka ‘Devil Dog’), Rich (aka ‘Caper’) and Tim (aka ‘Richter’) taking the stage! Two Mectoids! Three Sectoids! This got busy quickly! Data’s proximity mine makes short work of one of each. I just noticed that I forgot to properly equip Devil Dog. Hopefully he won’t die. Anyway! Voodoo mind controls the other Mectoid to give us a sweet mind slave. Mectoid Mind Slave (I’ll call him Billy) finds another Mectoid and Sectoid pairing before destroying a pair of Sectoids. Good Billy! Saf brain blasts a Sectoid and Caper (with Data) take out another Mectoid. Then more Mectoids and Sectoids turn up. Those aliens lack variety today. Saf kills one of the latter with her brain (letting out a maniacal cackle as she does so whilst Devil Dog safely dispatches the other Sectoid. Voodoo’s mind control of Billy ends, and he takes revenge by shooting the hell out of Saf. She gets back up and returns fire, taking him out! Data finishes the day with a robo-punch to a Mectoid’s face. Nice work!

XCOM Enemy Within
Voodoo does some serious damage to a wall…

EXALT pop up one more time. This time we send Emma in to disrupt their fun! Maybe we’ll hear back from her soon. In fact she calls in straight away! Saf, Caroline (aka ‘Voodoo’), Dave (aka ‘Chip’)Rich (aka ‘Caper’ and fully equipped this time!), Karl (aka ‘Crash’), and Leanne (aka ‘Angel’) go to collect her. Looks like we’re protecting our com arrays again, and EXALT go straight for it. Saf puts one to bed immediately, with Caper handling another, but he comes across another three soldiers that join the fun. The put a smoke grenade in the mix to make our job harder. Saf and Caper are absolute killers today though and take out another two regardless. Chip does a solid job of taking out two more himself. More turn up, but Karl and Angel are more than a match for them. Yet more enemies! Yet more kills courtesy of Chip, Voodoo, and Caper. This is getting too easy. Emma tours the battlefield, taking potshots with her pistol and disrupts EXALT by hacking their coms. Maybe that’s why they’ve not even landed a hit on us! The last few EXALT arrive, but they’re quickly destroyed so we head home.

XCOM Enemy Within
Emma opens fire in the midst of an explosion!

Considering how easy that was, it looks like it may be time for us to head to the final battle. Bring it on aliens!

Part 7 here.

Current team

Kerry ‘Xeno’ C – Sniper – DECEASED (9 kills, 6 missions)

Rob C (me) – Assault – DECEASED (5 kills, 4 missions)

Heather ‘Doc’ D – Support – DECEASED (44 kills, 20 missions)

Josh ‘Smokes’ P – Support – DECEASED (15 kills, 8 missions)

Stuart D – Heavy – DECEASED (5 kills, 4 missions)

Rod ‘Mack’ J – Heavy – DECEASED (30 kills, 13 missions)

Pax ‘Wolverine’ G – Assault – DECEASED (10 kills, 8 missions)

Emma S – Sniper – DECEASED (6 kills, 5 missions)

Eugene V – Assault – DECEASED (9 kills, 5 missions)

Dave ‘Chip’ LHeavy MEC

Tim ‘Richter’ P – Heavy

Paul ‘Vampire’ C – Sniper

Bobbilyann C – Support – DECEASED (3 kills, 2 missions)

Ben ‘Data’ SSupport MEC

Andrew L – Support – DECEASED (4 kills, 3 missions)

Lorna ‘Spectre’ B – Sniper

Claire ‘Demon’ R – Sniper – DECEASED (15 kills, 9 missions)

Rich ‘Caper’ H – Assault

Tom ‘Combo’ G – Support – DECEASED (10 kills, 7 missions)

Leanne ‘Angel’ B – Support

Reuben R – Heavy

Nick ‘Devil Dog’ S – Assault

Catherine V – Support DECEASED (7 kills, 3 missions)

Caroline ‘Voodoo’ G – Support – PSI

Faizan ‘Mustang’ R – Assault

Karl ‘Crash’ P – Heavy

Saf C – Sniper – PSI

Andrew R – Support

Emma B – Assault


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