Return of the XCOM War Logs – Finale

This is it! We’re heading to the alien temple ship to face them one last time. We have to send in only our most powerful soldiers. Tim (aka ‘Richter’), Ben (aka ‘Data’), Dave (aka ‘Chip’), Lorna (aka ‘Spectre’), and Rich (aka ‘Caper’) make up the bulk of the team, with Caroline (aka ‘Voodoo’) acting as our chosen psionic champion! Let’s do it!

XCOM Enemy Within
Squad Goals!

2 MECs, a Support, an Assault, a Heavy, and a Sniper means we’re pretty tough and well rounded. Voodoo starts us off by finding a group of cute little Sectoids for us to shoot at, and Data and Chip do exactly that, killing one each with ease. Obviously, we draw the attention of some other threats. Two Cyberdiscs and their Drones drift in menacingly. Things go well. Spectre destroys a Cyberdisc and its accompanying Drone in a single shot, and Chip does the same (although he requires two attacks – no lucky crits for him). Voodoo clears out the last Sectoid with a brain-blast to the…well brain.

The next chamber contains a big old pile of Floaters. Spectre finds herself badly flanked, but Voodoo’s mind power is enough to protect her from the onslaught. Caper and Data handle another group to allow Richter to get into the room to lay the smack down on one more. Cryssalids show up to make things harder, but we should be more than a match for them. Spectre’s newly upgraded rifle makes short work of two of them, followed by Caper’s successful shotgun blast to another. We take the opportunity to reload and then advance.

XCOM Enemy Within
Mec vs. Cyberdisc. Mec wins. Fatality!

A room full of Thin Men! Haven’t tangled with them for a while. Caper blows the first one to pieces and Voodoo brains a second. Using her brain. The final one flees just as Mutons turn up to support. Richter and Chip kill one off before it can do any harm, but then a Berzerker rolls in! Considering how well we’ve done so far, I’m expecting little trouble. Data gets a flamethrower out to hurt (and panic) a pair of Mutons, leading to Caper shotgunning one of them. Some damage starts coming in, with both Chip and Voodoo getting wounded by the Mutons. Voodoo is key to mission success, so we work hard to keep her alive, taking out her attacker quickly. Some smart proximity mine placement from Chip makes short work of the Berzerker, just as Data rounds a corner to handle the last Thin Man. Looks like this area is clear!

Oh good. Sectopods! Plural. So this could be a mess. Richter and Chip take some serious harm from those death rays, but Spectre makes sure there won’t be as many to worry about next round with a solid headshot. With continued pressure, the team pulls together to bring down the second one, which causes some Muton Elites to pile into the room. Looks like we’re getting to the aliens! Voodoo takes another round of plasma fire, but keeps on moving thanks to those brain powers! The distraction allows Spectre to finish off one of the Mutons. Annoyingly, Caper ends up with some plasma burns too, but it doesn’t take much for everyone to take down the final Muton Elite. Before moving on, Voodoo applies some first aid to keep everyone alive, or at least close to alive.

XCOM Enemy Within
That Muton suffered some serious flanking damage.

We enter what must be the final chamber. Three (aka ‘a lot’) Ethereals and a pair of Muton Elites threaten to scupper our plans! Everyone piles in and takes up position to puttake them down. It seems that Voodoo is more than a match for these threats. She throws down a psionic storm that immediately kills the two Mutons! Wish I’d used that earlier. Of the Ethereals, it appears that one of them is calling the shots, so it starts receiving shots! It attempts to Mind Control Spectre. It succeeds, but her gene mods cause some feedback damage. Voodoo then takes up position to cause further harm. The two other Ethereals unleash their own psionic storms, causing catastrophic damage to Data. He survives, just, and attempts to return fire, missing the mark. Richter does what he does best and throws a rocket into the mix to bring the chief Ethereal close to death, allowing Caper put push forward one last time to shotgun it in the face, securing our victory!

Before we can celebrate though, the alien ship begins to fall apart around us! The drive core starts to collapse, leading to a black hole that would consume the Earth unless someone does something quick! Voodoo realise that she’s the only one with the power to protect the planet, and uses her ultra brain ability to fling the rest of the team out of the chamber towards the evac craft, and single-handedly moves the ship out of range of the Earth before detonating the fuel supply, destroying the threat once and for all. Victory is achieved thanks to her sacrifice!

XCOM Enemy Within
Voodoo knows what to do.

Thank you for reading this series. I always enjoy a good run on XCOM, even though I never seem to make it out alive. We’ve lost more soldiers than usual, but victory has been secured once more.

Part 8 can be found here.

Final team

Kerry ‘Xeno’ C – Sniper – DECEASED (9 kills, 6 missions)

Rob C (me) – Assault – DECEASED (5 kills, 4 missions)

Heather ‘Doc’ D – Support – DECEASED (44 kills, 20 missions)

Josh ‘Smokes’ P – Support – DECEASED (15 kills, 8 missions)

Stuart D – Heavy – DECEASED (5 kills, 4 missions)

Rod ‘Mack’ J – Heavy – DECEASED (30 kills, 13 missions)

Pax ‘Wolverine’ G – Assault – DECEASED (10 kills, 8 missions)

Emma S – Sniper – DECEASED (6 kills, 5 missions)

Eugene V – Assault – DECEASED (9 kills, 5 missions)

Dave ‘Chip’ LHeavy MEC

Tim ‘Richter’ P – Heavy

Paul ‘Vampire’ C – Sniper

Bobbilyann C – Support – DECEASED (3 kills, 2 missions)

Ben ‘Data’ SSupport MEC

Andrew L – Support – DECEASED (4 kills, 3 missions)

Lorna ‘Spectre’ B – Sniper

Claire ‘Demon’ R – Sniper – DECEASED (15 kills, 9 missions)

Rich ‘Caper’ H – Assault

Tom ‘Combo’ G – Support – DECEASED (10 kills, 7 missions)

Leanne ‘Angel’ B – Support

Reuben R – Heavy

Nick ‘Devil Dog’ S – Assault

Catherine V – Support DECEASED (7 kills, 3 missions)

Caroline ‘Voodoo’ G – Support – PSI

Faizan ‘Mustang’ R – Assault

Karl ‘Crash’ P – Heavy

Saf C – Sniper – PSI

Andrew R – Support

Emma B – Assault

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