May’s Game Releases Aren’t Really Grabbing Me

In terms of video game releases, there always used to be something of a Summer lull. All the big games would come out around Christmas, the ones that didn’t want to compete with the big hitters would come out early into the next year, and then very little until Autumn comes around. Less so these days. There tend to be big games coming out all the time these days, but the upcoming batch of releases aren’t really grabbing my attention. Here are a few that I might take a look at though.

Rage 2

I enjoyed playing the co-op in the original Rage (even though my wife doesn’t remember playing it!) but this feature seems to be missing from the sequel. I still like the look of it, but I’m not in any particular rush to play it. I like that it has a brighter colour scheme and more energetic than the fairly drab initial release, but I don’t think that’s enough to get my money. I’ll wait and see what the reviews are like and have a think about it.

A Plague Tale: Innocence

Innocence A Plague Tale
It sure does look atmospheric!

The aesthetic of this is really quite fantastic – dark, grim, and utterly wretched which makes a great deal of sense considering this alternate history France has been overrun by swarms of rats that will devour anything they can get near. How do you defend yourself? You don’t! Your characters, Amicia and Hugo, must find a way to survive this horrifying world, using light to keep the creatures at bay. I like the sound of this one, but I worry that it might be a little too slow for my liking. I have no problem with stealth mechanics, so long as they work well. Again, I’ll be looking at reviews for this, but I’m more likely to grab this than Rage 2.

Team Sonic Racing

The Sonic & All-Stars kart racing games were great! Certainly on par with Mario Kart (for me anyway) but they didn’t seem to get the same level of attention. No matter, because here comes Team Sonic Racing. It has co-op now! But it doesn’t have the characters, tracks, or transforming vehicles that made the previous racer (Transformed) unique. I don’t think I’m in the market for another kart racer, but I’ll keep an open mind.

Pathologic 2

This should be something I’m all over. A creepy, atmospheric, story-driven horror game! I didn’t really get on with the original though, so this hasn’t really caught my attention beyond the fact that I like a good horror game. Maybe if it’s a little less obtuse than Pathologic I’ll give it a go.

Layers of Fear 2

Layers of Fear 2
I am so ready.



I loved Layers of Fear, in spite of its foibles. It was a great horror game that managed to play with your surroundings in ways that I hadn’t seen before. If the sequel even comes close to the original then I’m going to be very happy. I’ll be devouring this the second I get my hands on it.

Well, at least one thing that I’m pretty up for. There are a few other releases this month, but I’m really not grabbed by any of those either! Is there anything coming out in the next few weeks that has you excited? Should I be excited for them too?

19 thoughts on “May’s Game Releases Aren’t Really Grabbing Me

  1. Yeah I don’t have anything on my radar to pick up til Mario Maker 2 comes out in June. That one should be pretty awesome, but otherwise it’s been a slow month for me. Sonic Racing should be cool but I’ll probably be picking that one up around Christmas or something. It’s been good for making progress on the backlog though

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  2. Probably be busy playing Rage 2 all month. Honestly, I’ll be thrilled to have a break on big new releases for a few months after that. Hard to even catch my breath with all the stuff out the last few months.

    And man Layers of Fear 2 must have some terrible marketing, I didn’t even know it was in production yet much less coming out in a few weeks.

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  3. I am just finishing up Resident Evil 2 (finally), so I am looking forward to something new to play. Definitely interested in Rage 2 and the new Total War, but I might also go back and play Sekiro or DMCV. I am sort of interested in Team Sonic Racing. I loved the games that came before it (especially Transformed), but a lot of that was due to the Sega fan service. Restricting the game to just Sonic greatly tempers my interest.

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    1. DMCV was great and certainly one of the most enjoyable games this year so far. I’m very much with you on Team Sonic Racing. I loved all the bizarre stuff in Transformed that related to other Sega games.


  4. Rage was pretty fun to play. I don’t remember much from it though. Same for Layers of Fear, although the occasional horror game is quite fun! As for looking forward to a game – Ghost Recon Breakpoint looks interesting!

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    1. I lost interest in the Ghost Recon games when they stopped being like the original ones. I loved those slow paced, super serious sim games when I was younger. With that said, I may actually enjoy these ones as they have a bit more pace to them.

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  5. Same. I’ve been playing through RAGE 2 and Innocence: A Plague’s whatever the title is, good games I guess but I haven’t had the time to dig into either as I’ve been swamped with IRL Stuff which caused my writing time to dip.

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      1. I’m maybe 4 hours in. It’s pretty solid, I really like the historical background the game is set in; can’t think of any game that is set that far back unless its the OG Assassin’s Creed. ( Really want a game that expands on the Crusades and all of that cool history.) , I like it. It’s very stealthy, reminds me a lot of the original Stealth games in where if you were caught you would have restart the whole level again.

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      2. I was always a big fan of historical games. It all started with Medal of Honor: Allied Assault, really, I remember my dad picked the game up for me ( This was when Medal of Honor was still T for Teen.) after school and I quickly rushed home to install it on the family PC. That’s where, really, my love for history-based games began. I do miss those days, greater historical accuracy across the board and all that. Innonence reminds me of that.

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      3. I hope to have my First Impressions up by Wednesday so I guess stay on the look out for that. It’s pretty solid although the sister / brother thing ( the TLOU effect I call it.) is kind of cliche but I guess its because of how many times I’ve already seen that kind of plot device throughout different games.

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  6. How dare you leave Imposter Nintendogs off the list! (Please be good.)

    I agree for the most part. Very underwhelming month especially if you’re not a Nintendo person.

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