Gameblast 19 is Go!

Hot on the heels of Later Levels‘ great success with Gameblast 19, it’s my turn to join the fun. It may be a little after the fact, but I will once again be taking part in the Gameblast event, in which gamers play for 24-hours straight to raise money for a wonderful charity in the … More Gameblast 19 is Go!

Return of the XCOM War Logs – Part 7

Faizan (aka ‘Mustang’) phones us back almost immediately! Seems he needs collecting sooner than we thought. With all the injuries in our previous mission, we need to bring in some new recruits. Dave (aka ‘Chip’), Lorna (aka ‘Spectre’),  Reuben, Tim (aka ‘Richter’), Saf, and Andrew get ready for action. We need to protect our uplinks again, and Chip … More Return of the XCOM War Logs – Part 7