Dark Souls III

I did it!  I finally finished it!  30 hours of punishing gameplay later and I finally…saved the world?  I think I did.  My guy sat down by a bonfire after beating the final boss at any rate.  The Souls games (and Bloodborne for that matter) are notorious for having obscure stories that you have to … More Dark Souls III

The Overwatch Beta

If you remember from my Rainbow Six: Siege write up, multiplayer shooters are something I enjoy but am utterly dreadful at.  So, I went into the Overwatch beta expecting to be terrible but have fun at the same time.  I was half right.  You see, with Rainbow Six there were different characters, but at the … More The Overwatch Beta

Rocket League

Rocket powered cars playing football.  If that sentence doesn’t excite you then this may not be the place for you.  Now, I may be a little late to the party in writing this, but the hoops game mode (rocket powered cars playing BASKETBALL) has just been released and so it seems like the perfect time … More Rocket League