The XCOM War Logs – Part 4

Our first job is to take out an alien facility that is fueling their plans for DESTROYING HUMANITY!  So fairly high stakes.  Danny (our newest Grenadier), Andrew (“Terminator”) with his bond mate Bobbilyann (“Shooter”), Josh (“Outrider”) with his bond mate Emma (“Warden”), and Stuart (“Cyber”) roll out ready to work.  Of course, a Chosen turns up to defend the place.  Our favourite hunter causes some early problems as Stuart is apparently obsessed with killing it and goes off plan to chase him down.  This leaves other soldiers more vulnerable, resulting in Bobbilyann suffering some serious wounds.  She remains standing though!  He more than makes up for it though, by managing to force it to fall back…for now.  Andrew goes on an absolute killing spree, clearing out most of the outpost with little trouble, allowing the rest of the team to set explosives to level the building and escape.

Oh I’m sure he’s pretty friendly when you get to know him.

Up next is a rescue of a friendly scientist.  We send Stuart (“Cyber”), Paul (“Solo”), Rhodri (“Papa Bear”), Kerry (“Hollywood”), Emma (“Warden”), and Karl into the region.  Considering this was meant to be a prison, there is next to nothing in terms of defence.  We freed the scientist, and that’s when the snake monsters turned up (sentences you never thought you’d say…).  One snagged Rhodri and gave him a big, big hug, needing Emma to blast him free before he finished it off.  Paul almost suffers the same fate, but Rhodri mimics Emma by rescuing him.  Cue a mad dash for extraction to get everyone out in one piece whilst Karl (earning the nickname “Lightning”) covers the retreat.

Rhodri smashing down doors and kicking ass.

A concerned human let’s us know about some sort of device that may be of interest to us, so Stuart (“Cyber”), Josh (“Outrider”), Dave (“Ether”), Bobbilyann (“Shooter”), Andrew (“Terminator”), and Rhodri (“Papa Bear) head on out to take a look.  I reckon there might be some of those gosh darn aliens around.  Into the sewers we go (for some reason) and meet only mild competition again.  We have recently invested in more powerful weapons so they pose only a limited problem.  The aliens never stood a chance against an insanely overpowered team.

Bobbilyann doesn’t need a rifle for dealing with aliens.

Josh, Stuart, and Andrew head out to finally find a way for us to deal with that damn Chosen assassin.  Covert missions forever!

Emma (“Warden”), Heather (“Boomstick”), Bobbilyann (“Shooter”), Catherine, Eugene (“Gunner”), and Lorna head on over to rescue some civilians from the local wildlife.  By which I mean aliens.  It seems that the civilians are actually quite well armed, as they manage to put down most of the aliens without much help from us.  What a waste of time!  A couple of scrapes was the worst of our problems.

Me launching some grenades. Just like my day job really.

Our covert team return, allowing us to attack the Chosen assassin and deal with her once and for all.  We send in a crack team, including Kerry (“Hollywood”), Rob (“Wildchild” still), Andrew (“Terminator”), Stuart (“Cyber”), Dave (“Ether”), and Caroline.  Early on, Rob suffers the effects of mind control and finds himself in a spot of bother.  Thankfully Kerry puts a stop to this by kiling the alien responsible.  Dave tries to get into fist fights with giant alien brutes and finds they’re even tougher than they look.  He takes some early hits.  Caroline gets attacked repeatedly, taking some major injuries, but survives the early exchanges.  Stuart patches her up to keep up our momentum.  As we advance, we come across crysalids.  Literally the worst thing in the world.  Spider-alien monsters that lay eggs inside their still living victims, turning them into zombies.  Whilst we manage to put them down, Andrew becomes infected by their poison.  We finally confront the assassin and use Stuart‘s ability to reveal hidden enemies to gain an advantage.  Kerry takes this chance and put’s them down only to find that they have a nearby device that can revive them.  We madly rush to take it out before the assassin can return.  Against all the odds, we succeed in spite of everyone being within moments of dying (other than Kerry who was hiding at the back!) and make it back in one piece.  Caroline earns the nickname “Sentinel” for her successes.

Kerry kills an alien lobster monster. It had it coming.

The current team:

Heather “Boomstick” – Ranger (Bond: Stuart)

Rob “Wildchild” – Grenadier

Stuart “Cyber” – Specialist (Bond: Heather)

Kerry “Hollywood” – Sniper

Andrew “Terminator” – Ranger (Bond: Bobbilyann)

Rhodri “Papa Bear” – Grenedier

Emma “Warden” – Specialist (Bond: Josh)

Lorna – Ranger

Pat – Sniper

Danny – Genadier

Karl “Lightning” – Specialist

Eugene “Gunner” – Grenedier

Catherine – Sharpshooter

Josh “Outrider” – Reaper (Bond: Emma)

Bobbilyann “Shooter” – Sniper (Bond: Andrew)

Tiago “Mox” – Skirmisher

Caroline “Sentinel” – Specialist

Paul – Ranger

Saf “Witch” – Templar *DECEASED* – 2 missions/2 kills

Dave “Ether” – Templar

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